Another Century’s Episode: R Goes On-Rails

By Spencer . July 20, 2010 . 4:53pm

One of the new modes in Another Century’s Episode: R is chase mode. At four minutes in you can see running and flying sequences where the game shifts into an on-rails shooter.



Whoa, did you see that gigantic boss? Usually, you’re a giant in mecha games. That boss at the six minute mark was freaking huge.



Another Century’s Episode: R has mecha from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Full Metal Panic!, Macross Zero, Macross Frontier, and Super Robot Taisen Original Generations. The PlayStation 3 game comes out on August 19.


A giant robot handshake to Outcast for the tip. Thanks!

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  • chaosaxess

    Way to list the worst gundam in the game. Z, CCA, and Crossbone are way more worth mentioning!

    • This guys right actually.Death to the SEED universe!

      • Awesome meeting between OG characters and Crossbone ones ;D

  • heartless141

    waiiiitttt, no Nirvash in this game?! D: i was really looking forward to play hiim again.

    • xavier axol

      Hey heartless141, it seen that you know about this game a lot more than me, so I have few questions for you.
      1) has this game ever be released over seas
      2) how is the gameplay mechanics, it is like one of those gundam games
      3) do you think they will implement the playstation controller and lastly
      4) it is fun enough that would you recommend me buy this game

  • Guest

    Really not a fan of the plastic looking models. I was hoping the game would have shiny, glossy, metallic looking beasts. They look like toys. No really putting the PS3 to use. No Eureka seveN is also a huge let down. =/
    Good that they’re adding a lot of the Code Geass mechs. Hopefully Gaiwan end up a playable mech.

    • Oh man don’t ask for that. It’s not that really necessary, is it? I mean the ps2 ones were not the best in graphics but they had good gameplay, well made stages/missions and a lot of cool characters. Hell! if all the shiny looking-good mech models games were like that I would have a different opinion.

      Code Geass’s mech are ugly, hater gonna hate.

      • Guest

        The PS2 games looked good at the time though. This looks pretty dated like an early 360 game or something. It doesn’t look terrible but I’m just saying it kinda sucks because the mechs could look so much better.

        Haha you suck! Geass mechs are the best. That yellow one showed later in the trailer looked pretty badass though dunno what anime its from.

      • I agree with LOVEoo regarding the graphic quality. Although it doesn’t really break the game, but still.. T-T

        I still have hope for the graphic to be like the screenshots they released a couple of months ago. That made my heart jump

  • Kris

    Needs more heaven-piercing drills.

  • Did I just see Bonta-kun in the second video? I know he was in the SRW games that included FMP but to actually see him running around in this game is even more hilarious.

    • Exand

      Yes, Bonta-kun is listed as one of the characters in AC:R.

  • i thought i saw Karen from Code Geass and heard Lelouch

  • *girly squeal*

    When will Linebarrel be made into a playable mecha..

    And why do I have to kill Sara Nome again? Sobs…

  • cowcow

    yeah I think they coulda done better at the graphics but oh well. I do miss the 3D cel shaded pilot cut ins

  • Exand

    Already preordered and can’t wait for August when this comes out. Re-watched Code Geass a while back and I really want to try out the Knightmare Frames :D

    Too bad it’ll never see the light of day overseas so people will have to import (I don’t even think they released Asian versions of the previous 3 games).

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