• Kibbitz

    The shadow over our protagonist’s face always made me think he was some sort of criminal =P

    • https://twitter.com/#!/SplashdownTiger STiger

      He looks like a pretty smooth guy. Combined with him looking like a criminal… one might say… he’s a smooth criminal.

      • DanteJones

        So, those monsters have been hit and/or struck by a smooth criminal? Hmm..

        • Sakurazaki

          I hope they’re okay.

        • BraveWind

          xD Hahaha….This totally made my day!
          Badabom Badabem bem badabem bem badabem bem ba!

    • BraveWind

      I liked it to be honest, was there any other RPG doing this move?

      • Kibbitz

        Can’t think of any right now, actually. Most of the RPGs either have named protagonists or a game-view that doesn’t require our smooooooooooooooooth criminal! =P

        • BraveWind

          Ok Thanks for the answer though.

  • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

    rofl to the main’s char face xD

  • http://www.nisamerica.com NickyD

    I have a Pastel Chime PVC on my desk at work… if this seems like a fun little game, maybe I can import it… or something… I dunno… I need more RPGs!!

  • http://ofurotaimu.dreamwidth.org shirokiryuu

    Ugh. I haaattee shadowy protagonist faces. It’s the “Gary Stu”-est thing you could possibly do.

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