Otomedius Excellent Won’t Be $60

By Spencer . July 22, 2010 . 11:23pm

imageDespite what Gamestop lists the game for, Otomedius Excellent isn’t $60. While a price point has not been announced, a representative from Konami said the gals shooter will be less than that.


Otomedius Excellent also uses a different engine than Otomedius Gorgeous, which was an arcade port. Excellent was built, with new stages, offline co-op, and an improved weapon system.


So, why is Konami bringing Otomedius Excellent to the States? “We wanted to do some fanservice,” Pearl Lu, Brand Manager, explained. “We wanted to get people excited in the Gradius kind of gameplay.”


Here’s another surprise about Otomedius Excellent – Koji Igarashi of Castlevania fame is working on it. And that’s why Kokoro Belmont is in the game.

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  • Nice, looks like it’s in the same vein as Deathsmiles? I’m glad games like this are getting brought over here. Should be download-only really, though.

    • Sort of, the gameplay style is more focused on reflexes rather than planning though – The Gradius series is more about getting out of the way of bullets addressed with your name on it, while the Cave style is more getting out of the way of a lot MORE bullets addressed to ‘whom it may concern’.

      I’m stuck with the JP release due to the fact I only have a Japanese 360, but I’m fine with that one…

      • Aoshi00

        I didn’t like the first Otomedius much, felt too slow after all the Cave danmaku, hope Excellent is more fun, love the Belmont!. I was about to say most US games are region free, then I just chk’ed P-A compatibility list, the US Deathsmiles is region locked, strange.. wonder if Excellent would be as well, mostly they aren’t.. Thanks for recommending Deathsmiles 2 X before, I finally got it and it turned out to be more fun than I thought, the 3D graphics doesn’t look too bad, the effects and bosses were quite cool actually (the cutscenes as well), also it takes up the whole screen, just kind of miss the 2D sprites.. It’s funny they associate so much achievement w/ the Tsukaima-race, they really want you to play those sadistic games lol, it’s kind of fun I guess, and I want to unlock the pics. The soundtrack’s really good too, I’m glad I got the LE. Unfortunately I didn’t get the DLC card w/ my order, and now I got this seller on ebay selling me one (for $15).. damn them for not including it in the game.. think the arranged music is worth it?

        • For most part, they’re different titles – A friend of mine likes the Gradius style gameplay, although he did get a few moments of ‘That shot was just cheap!’ when you simply couldn’t get out of the way.

          Well, either that, or he couldn’t handle the speed up boost beyond a certain point. One of the two. I’m not sure if there’s a lesson to be learnt there…

          For most part, I was about as apprehensive as you were, even more so, due to Deathsmiles 2’s lackluster arcade performance. I don’t blame you there. Sometimes a little leap of faith is required.

          And yes, the Tsukaima race is sadistic, but it’s strangely fun. It’s a cute laugh if nothing else, and when you’re annoyed at not dodging right, well…

          I think the alternate soundtracks are nice, but that’s because I got the option to flip between them and it didn’t cost me. I’m not sure if they’re worth 15 US to be honest… I guess I could make a video or two with both tracks and upload it somewhere?

          The US Deathsmiles is region locked -It irked me a bit, cause I was sort of hoping to grab it, particularly after I heard Aragest was not locked the same way. (Only cause I like tormenting Customs for the fun of it.)

          • Aoshi00

            I know they’re different styles of shooters, for some reason Otomedius just felt cheap and not as fun as Gradius or Parodius.. you’re not supposed to speed up your ship too much in some certain tight areas either, one little tilt you hit the wall. I think they got us w/ the background and music from the first game for the tsuikaima race, it just felt familiar, the game mechanic is really demented.. It’d be cool if you could upload some DLC samples, I only know of Joy to the World in the first stage. I think I might just get the DLC card for $15, since I got a pretty good deal from AmiAmi getting the LE for $73, sucks they didn’t have the card.. I don’t want to miss it later, it’s the idea of not being complete that bothers me, like the voices for the first game. You were right, it’s not even included in the US ver! So at least I feel better for not squandering $30 before for buying the card separately (again my fault for not pre-ordering in advance). The original soundtrack is pretty nice though, guess it’s not as detrimental as the characters being striped of their voices during the cutscenes.BTW, Lei is really cute :) but I still miss the more mature gothic style from the first game..

          • Aoshi00

            I bought the card, $15 which isn’t so bad.. I don’t think they would include it even if they release it in the US just like the voices before, so..

            I was trying to find on youtube if there’s any video w/ the DLC music, then found a video of this chain smoking bloke unboxing Deathsmiles 2, at the end he was looking at the “Btooom!” leaflet (Inoue Junya’s new manga, it’s kind of like the movie “Battle Royale”) and didn’t know what it was, thought it was a little funny :)


        • mirumu

          A lot of US games are region free as you say. For some reason though the ones I actually want to buy never are. Deathsmiles being a good case in point. My PAL 360 would get a lot more use if the games were all region free.

          *Crosses fingers for the US release of Otomedius Excellent*

          • You might get real lucky and score an NTSC-U/PAL release, but I’d be pessimistic. Konami is charging Japan full retail and it’s getting a near-simultaneous US/JP release, so they won’t leave it region-free…and they’ve got a publishing arm in Europe.

            (Though that second bit does have a silver lining.)

          • Aoshi00

            Originally I had a Jpn system, and back then there were a handful of US games that I remember were region locked, like Culdcept Saga, Infinitely Undiscovery, or Operation Darkness (not that they’re must play). Would be nice if they isn’t region lock so all of us could import and enjoy whatever we like as long as we pay for it.. the Belmont girl looks cute, reminds me of a Tanuki or something :)

    • Should be download-only really, though.I don’t understand this viewpoint. Sure, provide a download version; it’s what Games on Demand is intended for. But why restrict a release to download services when retail is not only possible, but viable?

      • malek86

        Because for some reason, people see shmups as some sort of low-value genre. Probably because they abuse the credits system. Eh.

        On the other hand, I do agree that old arcade ports should probably be limited to download services (unless they bundle many together, like for RFA), but not the new stuff.

        • The reason people view shooting games as low value now is because it took a huge break in the middle there in terms of relevance. Sure, Gradius came out every 2 years in some form or another for the past 25 years, but nobody cared between 1991 and 2005.

          Of course, the overall lack of change in game play over the past 25 years doesn’t help either, but at the same time, First Person shooters haven’t really changed all that much in 25 years either (besides getting extremely easier. Don’t believe me? Play Wolf3d on the hardest difficulty level.)

          Otomedius is doing well in Japan and thats great, Its fun and that’s great too, but you have to wonder what Konami is thinking. In a time when shooting games are in a global resurgence, Konami could have printed a game with all 5 Gradius games (In before Gradius Collection: on a real console or for Japan, in arcades) in the numbered series in HD and made a bazillion dollars. Instead we see Otomedius on brand new hardware with a touch screen, followed by two Xbox 360 games despite the overall lack of acceptance of the console in Japan. Although it goes to show how many people over there are playing Otomedius, Last I checked Otomedius Gorgeous was on the High-Score list for most money made selling downloadable content.

    • If this was download only I wouldn’t be willing to pay more than $10… as a retail release I’ll gladly pay $40+

  • Kris

    Ergh… Didn’t think Gorgeous was that great, but I’m still kind of excited for Excellent. I think I need a 360 in the future.

  • Justinzero

    I may actually have to dust my 360 off for this one.

    • Because Deathsmiles, Raiden 4 and Fighters Aces aren’t cutting it for you?

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Quote — So, why is Konami bringing Otomedius Excellent to the States? “We wanted to do some fanservice,” Pearl Lu, Brand Manager, explained. “We wanted to get people excited in the Gradius kind of gameplay.”

    Most most interesting response. Was talking to a friend the other day who was commenting on the recent increase in VERY targeted audience niche titles. Discussing it, we both considered that in a time of slowing sales, the group which would be the last to stop buying is the hobbyist.

    It is nice to see at least some industry types are aware of this, and that tossing red meat into our cages every so often is again of importance.

    • Scallion

      Yeah. It’s just good business. I imagine that’s how Atlus USA stayed afloat all these years: limited releases of niche titles with a lot of bonus content. That sort of stuff makes this consumer very happy.

      Almost as happy as thick-thighed Belmont ladies.

  • Pleeeeeeeeease don’t make this region locked Konami!

    Love Parodius and I love Mine Yoshizaki’s character designs and Bullet Hell shooters leave me cold (they go to all that trouble with the graphics then put in gameplay that ensures you’re rarely looking more than a few inches away from your craft).

  • Aoshi00

    It’d be cool if Konami threw in a soundtrack and faceplate. Though the US ones’ quality aren’t that good compared to the Jpn one, the print on the FF13 faceplate was blurry and the Deathsmiles felt tight when snapping onto the system, I thought I couldn’t take it off w/o breaking it in half (took me like 15 mins..)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I was expecting mine to break during installation. It definitely felt like something was a micromillimeter off somewhere.

      • Aoshi00

        Good to know it wasn’t not just mine, it’s kind of horrible they didn’t get the mold right. Actually the FF13 one also felt a little off, but not as bad as the Deathsmiles one. The Jpn ones feel really well made though, clear image, quality surface, and goes on and comes off easily (to be fair, they were bonuses that come w/ the systems, but still the US FF13 one was supposed to be as well..), the Magna Carta 2 / Infinite Undiscovery / Last Remnant faceplates are my most prized possessions, they look awesome on the systems.. I was so worried of damaging my 360 taking it off, the faceplate actually flew a couple of feet when I finally managed to pull it out, now back to the box it goes.

  • NeoTechni

    I just hope it supports the Hyper Stick Pro like the first one

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