BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale Screenshot Rush

By Spencer . July 26, 2010 . 5:51pm

Arc System Works’ super cute, super deformed take on BlazBlue is coming to DSiWare in North America. We don’t have a release date yet, but we do have a bunch of localized BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale screenshots care of Aksys.


Here’s a look at tiny Rachel and giant Noel.


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The game supports four players over local wireless. If Aksys sticks with the same pricing in Japan, BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale will cost 500 DSiWare points ($5).

  • Code

    rarr, only 20 screens featuring Tao!? Needs moar CAT PUNCH! Maann I can’t wait for Continuum Shift tomorrow, or rather Wednesday since Canada is being all slow again T_T’

    • Hey, nice, you’re Canadian.

      Yeahroo! :3

      I’m gonna be selling a bunch of my games off, lessee what I’ll get… it might just be BBCS! :D

    • Unless it’s a high profile one, games always take a day to hit store shelves outside the U.S. West Coast and other areas that can be reached by ground shipping in the same day. Tuesdays are usually just the shipping date.

      • Code

        Yep yep, after years of dealing with the one day rule, I’ve gotten use to it. I’m still just pleased that it’s coming out anywheres near my birthday >w<' @Day2Day: Word is with one of the patches coming up. Dunno if it’ll be the Makoto patch or possibly the one after it, Rachel will be [email protected] Smithee Bateman: Haha yep >w<!

    • Day2Day

      TTwTT I CAN wait for Continuum Shift, because poor Rachel (whose icon is adorable in SMBBR, I might add), is now bottom Tier. RIP, milady…


      • Kris

        Really? Heart=shattered. I need a new main…

  • I love the Blayzbloo universe, it’s so adorable! Now someone need to translate all those Bururaji episodes.

  • Kris

    I’ve been saving my DSi points for this one. Also, pickin’ up some BBCS tomorrow!

    • Me, too. Been holding on to my 500 pts. for months, so, yeah I hope that is the price for it. I think it was the June issue of Nintendo Power that featured BlayzBloo and said “if you’re reading this it’s probably out by now or at least soon”, so every Monday at 5am I look for the word on the net, but no dice. The last few Ware weeks have been sort of meh, so I would hope it come out by now to break the dry-spell.

      That’s another funny thing; I heard a couple people say that “BlahzBlue” is the correct pronunciation. Huh? I thought they were pulling my leg, but I don’t think they’re that dedicated after all this time…

      • Yeah, went to GameStop to pay it off as a preorder, and I cringed when the associate was all ‘BlahzBlue’. I kept referring to it as ‘-Blaze-Blue’ hoping he would pick-up on it. Then he said I was using the wrong pronunciation. I proceeded to walk out and ordered it online. XD

  • Kris

    Also, I hope that this game will finally get people pronouncing BlazBlue correctly. I’ve heard wayyy too many “BlahzBlue”s in the past year.

  • neocatzon

    I’m curious how Arakune would look like ?

  • joesz

    I’d like to see a sequel to dreammix tv world fighters…

  • masuto

    Only $5?! Why not?

  • Chow

    Totally looks like it’d play like Rakugaki Showtime. :)

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