Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Producer On Cross Cultural Dragon Ball Development

By Spencer . July 28, 2010 . 5:42pm


Ryo Mito, the producer of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, keeps fans, fans from all parts of the world in mind, when developing the Dragon Ball fighting games. What fans in each region want differs and that’s something he is aware of. The topic came up when I brought your questions during a meeting with Mito-san.


What makes Raging Blast 2 the definitive Dragon Ball fighting game?


Ryo Mito, Producer: The characters are going to be a big point because it’s always exciting for Dragon Ball fans to figure out who is in the game.


Can you tell us one unannounced character?


I’d love to, but I can’t. I’m sorry!


Is the GT saga covered in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2?


No. It goes up the Majin Buu saga, but there are characters from other Dragon Ball side stories.


Since the Dragon Ball series is a completed story how do you keep it fresh?


Of course the story itself is finished, but we can take elements from the Dragon Ball series and put them into new games. And adding things fans want and are looking forward to in the new games.


What do you think fans want?


New stories and new characters.




How do you come up with original side stories for the games?


We look at what the fans want from all the different regions Japan, the US, and Europe. Then including those elements into the story in a fashion that’s along the same lines as Dragon Ball, something that fans wouldn’t look at and think that’s weird. We try to create stories that would add to Dragon Ball, realistic scenarios that Dragon Ball fans may imagine.


Speaking of the different regions, what do you believe the Japanese fans want compared to the North America fans?


GT is popular with fans overseas. In Japan, it’s not as popular. With Japanese fans they like to relive the Dragon Ball story since its such a long and iconic story. What if scenarios and GT are popular for fans in US and Europe, I think that’s what they want to see.


I think you’re right about GT! A lot of my readers asked about the GT series. When do you think we’ll see a the GT characters in a HD game?


If the fans are that interested in it, it’s possible.


What about an all Dragon Ball GT game?


Just a GT game might be difficult due to the popularity in Japan. If the fans are really that interested in GT and it looks that way to the developers and producers, sure anything is possible.


With fighting games are back on the rise, are there any elements that inspired you from the recent wave for the Dragon Ball games?


There are a lot of areas we can consider a reference point for us to use. Where we differ is we try to make the Dragon Ball games as close to what you would see in the story, but experiencing it as a game or interactive medium. We want the battles to be Dragon Ball-esque.




That’s interesting because Burst Limit felt more like a traditional fighting game. Do you think you’ll go back in that direction?


It’s up to the fans too. If people like regular fighting games, we’ll try to take on what the fans want.


Some of my readers felt Dragon Ball: Raging Blast was unbalanced when it came to rush combos. Did you fix this in Raging Blast 2 and how do you balance the Dragon Ball games?


The engine has been revamped a bit and changed it so its a tighter fighting game. We also spent a lot of time working on the camera. That was a big issue a lot of people mentioned with Raging Blast.


Can you elaborate on the camera retuning?


We changed how the camera views the actions in the battle scenes so the game appears more cinematic. Sometimes when you play Raging Blast [1] you run into areas where the camera goes into a weird position. We worked on this so the camera positions itself so you can see the characters on screen.




Speaking of the characters the graphic style looks different. It’s less cel-shaded.


We tried to make the characters look a little bit more realistic. As we move forward with the games, technology gets better and that’s one of the reasons why we changed it.


Are there any characters that you wish you could have added to a Dragon Ball fighting game that you haven’t been able to add before?


With Raging Blast 2, I think we put in all of the characters we can for Dragon Ball maniacs. We are considering GT characters for the next one too.


Who is your favorite character then?




One of the readers on Siliconera thought of an idea of a create-your-own-character. What do you think about this?


I think it’s kind of a Western thing. Japanese fans like the character the way they are. Yeah, maybe…


What do you think about Kinect and PlayStation Move. Would you make a Dragon Ball game where fans can do the Kahmahma motion?


It’s something we’ll take into consideration after we see how the Kinect and Move are received after launch. Then we’ll see if its something that fits into the Dragon Ball games.


What about the 3DS?


Of course [a Dragon Ball game] is possible.


What about the Wii then? We haven’t seen any Dragon Ball games on the Wii for awhile.


Wii… we have no plans for the Wii.




The Dragon Ball characters have been used in so many different game genres. Fighting, RPG, side-scrolling. Is there a particular genre you’d like to tackle?


I’m looking forward to online where you can play with a lot of characters. Maybe an action-adventure game.


Crossovers are all the rage. Which franchise would you like to see the Dragon Ball characters fight?


[Looks over to the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 booth.] This isn’t an answer, but we do get a lot of questions and comments about a crossover with the Naruto series.


Would you like to make one?


[Laughs.] If the chance presents itself, it would be something cool to look into. But there aren’t any concrete plans.

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  • Is it just me, or did he basically do everything short of standing up to shout “We’re TRYING to forget GT EVER HAPPENED! Please!” during this interview?

    I guess GT is actually bigger in America than Japan?

    • cowcow

      GT ws pretty much hated everywhere but the characters (SS4 Goku, Uubu, Super 17, SS4 Gogeta) were cool.

  • Eddie

    I wasn’t really a fan of gt. I’m usually alone on that one. But then again my favorite is Dragon Ball. I’m usually alone on that one to lol.

    • MrRobbyM

      DragonBall was my favorite too. It has a lot more charm to it and the fights aren’t twenty episodes of “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHGGGGGRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

      • Eddie

        lmao I agree.

      • Aoshi00

        The condensed Kai series is pretty nice though, more like Toriyama’s manga, no dragging/fillers at all. Still, nothing beats Kikuchi Shunsuke’s original background music.. My fav. char is Vegeta too :)

        I don’t really feel like playing the Madden DB fighting games anymore, thank god for the Dragon Box and original DB sets (plus Kai), it’s better to watch those to relive the memory, I’m watching the Piccolo Daimao arc now (which I haven’t seen since I was a kid). I’ve only seen very little of GT though, the beginning w/ Trunks, Goku, and Pan were pretty cute, but they made up all these crazy fan fiction, SS4, Golden monkey, baby, mustached Vegeta…

  • kupomogli

    That’s cool his favorite character is Vegeta. Mine is too.

    I also like what he mentioned about a Dragon Ball action/adventure. Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu’s Fury were both decent. I think they should try to make another console one, but this time try and make it not suck like DBZ Sagas. The reason I liked playing Legacy of Goku series and Buu’s Fury was because the games pretty much went through the entire DBZ saga in detail. It was like rewatching the series but not having to actually watch the series.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’d sure love another Burst Limit! It looked, and imo played better too.

    • urbanscholar

      I would too. He mentioned if the interest is there though. Well someone tell him that there is. I’m glad my question in its regards was asked

  • im sure hoping for a another dragon ball z game that’s an rpg sort of like budokai 3.

  • cowcow

    Damn it I like Dragon Ball and all but…talk about beating a dead horse. Why not make a game based on another series like Yu Yu Hausho or Saint Seiya? We never got the third SS game that finished the Hades Arc!

    • Aoshi00

      W/o the original Bronze saint cast, they might as well not make it, I think enough fans have been let down alrdy. I liked the 1st Seiya PS2 game okay, didn’t really like the 2nd one (one reason was Ichigo/Tidus voicing the titular Seiya of course). It would be a bit hard to make another Yu Yu Hakusho game now too, Sasaki Nozomu (Yusuke)’s voice has changed too much, his natural voice used to sound like Yusuke, but now it’s more like Mello in Death Note, very deep and low. It sounded like he was struggling in the PS2 games..If anything, they should make an RPG, like Ougon Densetsu 2 (there was a remake on Wonderswan..).. and I just want a DBZ RPG, not another fighting game. The 2D Yu Yu fighting games on SNES and Genesis were great, still have them. Hyper Dimension was still the best DB fighting game (regrettably I sold that one though….)

      • MrRobbyM

        There was Attack of the Saiyans on the DS. That was an alright game. Though I would like something better and on home consoles.

        • Aoshi00

          I know there were Harukanaru Densetsu and Attack of the Saiyans, both weren’t that great. But I’m talking about a console Dragonball game that is not a fighting game :(…

      • cowcow

        Lack of original seiyuu isn’t enough for me to not want a sequel to a game series. It’s a fighting game

        • Aoshi00

          Why not? To many fans who’ve watched the series for a long time for almostt wo decades, they associate the original voices w/ these main characters. Just like many people don’t really care about the new Doraemon or Kenshirou voice. To me it’s not just a fighting game. You think many people would like to hear Goku if she’s not voiced by Nozawa Masako? Thank god she’s still as energetic as ever even in her 70s. But not Shiryuu from Saint Seiya though, Kurumada had to go and replace the Bronze Saint cast for the Hades OVA, and regrettably he passed away a couple of years ago from cancer, so now the original cast is a distant dream. You know how many Saint Seiya fans have waited for Horikawa Ryo (Vegeta)’s Hades for the last 20 years and got disappointed, right, just a fighting game. And who are they selling these games to, yep, the fans.

          • cowcow

            Stoooooooop I dont care about seiyuus I just wanna play the game seiyuus come and go quit bieng a fanboy stoooooooop

            Oh and Aoshi00 if the game comes to the U.S guess what?? The character’s voice gets dubbed over anyway HELLO!

          • Aoshi00

            Yes, they should make the game just for you, that’d be profitable. You think a non-fan of the series would care about these fighting games they have never heard of? Anime games are by definition for the fans of the series, what were they saying up there in the interview? Care about seiyuu or not, Ichigo (Bleach) was an awful Seiya…

          • Aoshi00

            There are Saint Seiya fans in the US!? wow, news to me. Well, no Saint Seiya games have been brought over so far, the Sanctuary series by ADV wasn’t even finished, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an “Eng. dub”. The PS2 fighting games weren’t even good anyway, the first one just felt fresh because it was the first time we saw Saint Seiya in full 3D models, and it at least had the original seiyuu.No Hades PS3 game would ever been made, long time fans have lost all interest in the debacle. No fans would spend $70-80 getting a mediocre game w/ voices they don’t care for. The only thing the studios have moved on to is the new Lost Canvas OVA and the Myth Cloth figures are still selling for Bandai.

  • People, since this is the most japanese-like gaming news site I visit, I would like your opinion about the music in DBZ games.
    Back in the days, I watched DBZ in portuguese dub, but the OST was the original japanese, and was awesome. But in the games, the music is like those of the english dub version, wich is the worse thing I heard in my life.

    Is just me, or any of will miss the original OST in the games? I mean, the games ost are horrible, it doesn’t give any emotion while playing the game, I don’t know if in the JPN games they use the same ost of the Western versions, but it just sucks.

    I played some hacked version of the Tenkaichi 2 on the ps2 and it had the original OST of the anime, it was just great playing hearing this, I wish the dbz games of today had this.

    • Aoshi00

      Kikuchi Shunsuke’s original DB soundtrack was timeless. I like the new re-edited faster paced Kai (Ep 65 and Vegeta’s fighting no. 18), but the thing that I miss the most was the amazing soundtrack.. there are several good tracks in the new series, but nothing compared to the old one.

      • I agree completely, I could not continue to watch DBZ Kai, as the soundtrack doesn’t keep up with the original.

  • SeventhEvening

    I’d like to see a Crossover game like Battle Stadium D.O.N.
    DON was Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto, but it only had a few characters for each and was a bit like Power Stone or Super Smash. I’d like to see a more standard fighting game version of that with a bunch more characters. That would be really awesome.

  • RagingBlastFanBoy1

    We want a mode where we can destroy planets and if the mode goes online it would be cool for example me and 2 of my friends join with me on this mission we play together and destroy city’s and kill innocent people and we get points and higher rank if we do it. and also we should unlock some items through this mode.
    i want it to be similar to COD MW2’s Special Ops but with more player (it should be up to 4 players) and the characters that we can choose in this mode should be only (Androids – Saiyans – Frieza Soilders)
    if they put this mode then the game is going to kick ass!

  • RagingBlastFanBoy1

    We want a mode where we can destroy planets and if the mode goes online it would be cool for example me and 2 of my friends join with me on this mission we play together and destroy city’s and kill innocent people and we get points and higher rank if we do it. and also we should unlock some items through this mode.
    i want it to be similar to COD MW2’s Special Ops but with more player (it should be up to 4 players) and the characters that we can choose in this mode should be only (Androids – Saiyans – Frieza Soilders)
    if they put this mode then the game is going to kick ass!

  • i would like to see some super saiyan 5’s in a dragon ball game even though they are characters that don’t exist

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