Tales Of Graces F Heading To PlayStation 3

By Spencer . July 28, 2010 . 7:54am

togfJump magazine revealed Namco Bandai’s big Tales announcements. The first is a PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Graces called Tales of Graces F.


Tales of Graces F adds special moves, extra story scenes, and a new costume for Sophie to the 2009 Wii game.


Tales of Graces F is scheduled to come out later this year, during winter time.

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  • The tales series has no shame, I love it. Maybe they can actually bring this version over sea rofl.

    • I wouldn’t say the Tales series so much as Namco Bandai, but yeah, seriously. Though I feel guilty, I have to chuckle a little at how they keep using their early adopters as betatesters—first 360, now Wii. The analogy feels particularly pertinent this time given the Graces recall…But IMO, Graces PS3 hasn’t got a chance in hell of an overseas release.1.) Team Destiny.2.) Inomata character designs.3.) They aren’t willing to bring over Vesperia PS3, which has a huge chunk of the localization work done already—so what’re the chances that they’ll shell out for a completely new Tales?Of course they could always prove me wrong, but if that happens I might just track down one of those silly Junpei hats and eat it.

      • thebanditking

        I disagree with some of your points, yes # 1 and 2 are valid points but 3 is not. I actually think there is something else keeping Vesperia off PS3 in the West much like how Symphonia never saw a PS2 release over here (I would bet that MS partially paid for its localization and owns the rights to the script much like Nintendo does with Symphonia). At this point I don’t even know if I care about Vesperia on PS3. It stinks that the only version we have is the “incomplete” 360 release but the game is so old now I think its chances at retail are slim and that also is keeping it from a western release. Its fine as I own the 360 original and would be double dipping for Vesperia PS3, but with these announcements my attention is quickly turning to Graces F and the new titles getting released over here as one is brand new and Graces never saw release over here. Bamco make it happen, and I will try and pretend I don’t hate you.

        • goronyan

          No offense, but aren’t you putting too much hope on it?

        • lostinblue

          that doesn’t make sense; look at eternal sonata, 1 year timed exclusivity and it came over fast as hell (in a way Namco never does with their own properties) probably had Microsoft’s hand too.

          I doubt they compromised not to release a port of it, it’s more like… they’re stubborn as hell.

          If Tales of Graces, Team Destiny games and DS/PSP Tales titles weren’t in the same boat… You’d have a solid point, but as is seems like yet another Namco-bandai mischief.

        • My stony heart is touched by your shining optimism—your unyielding faith, however unfounded. For you, doggedly loyal Tales fan, I shed a tear of empathy…and awe. :*)

        • malek86

          Man, you Tales fans are too quick to forgive Namco. If it was me, I would have kicked them in the ground long ago.

          Good thing I don’t really care about the series… it looks like I’m saving myself a lot of pain :P

          • thebanditking

            Nah, I did say pretend. I still hate them and likely always will, I have hated them since the PS1 when even then their releases were dodgy. Its only recently that they have put the final nails in the coffin for me, it began with the real Tales of Destiny 2, then Tales of Rebirth, then Tekken 4 (sucked), then SoulCalibur 3, then no PS1 classics, then SoulCalibur 4(double suck!), no Tales of Rebirth on PSP, Tekken 6 (sucked again, its like they try to make bad games, lol) and now this mess. I would not even have Tales of Eternia on PSP if Namco EU did not localize it. Thats just the Namco half of it, don’t even get me started on Bandai and their lack of blu-ray anime releases.

          • lostinblue

            There was no Namco EU back then. The game was brought by Ubisoft; since the game didn’t have extra content (hence why sony us wouldn’t allow it to be released here) they just applied the PSone script to it and voilá.

  • malek86

    Well, now this is a surprise.

    Could it be they won’t localize TOG Wii because they want to port this one instead? Though this sounds a bit difficult to believe… but maybe they think the market for RPGs on the PS3 is more flourid than on the Wii, in the west I mean.

    • Well the original Graces was a bug ridden mess. Even with the “fix” they gave out later they left the bug when Asbel hit overlimit, he was a)invincible and b) he never lost the overlimit. Hopefully they’ve balanced that out with this port.

      • malek86

        Well, at least on the PS3 they could just patch any problem.

        On a side note, I wonder if Wii owners in japan are going to snap their (exchanged) discs in half.

      • Maybe his overlimit was intended to make him invincible? Though that’s certainly a game breaker if the effect never fades.

        • Someone told me about this during the DQIX Launch Event. I think it was more like his Hi-Ougi/Mystic Arte allowed him to be invincible. Something like you activate it, you’re supposed to lose overlimit afterwards but, then you hit overlimit again because of w/e the requirements for it are in the game. So basically you can spam his Mystic Arte over and over.

    • thebanditking

      Fine by me, I don’t mind if the Wii version of Graces never releases in the west, I would rather it be on PS3 even if just for the upgrade in presentation. Though with this announcement you can pretty much count the Wii release out in any western territory, as with the team working on the PS3 version there would be no one to work on fixing up the Wii release, which is still too buggy.

      • lostinblue

        I do mind. I would be utterly stupid, if they localize one and leave the other in the cold. The structure will be the same and the game should be out localized already anyway.

        Plus ToS2 sold pretty well for what it is, and there is probably a bigger userbase for Tales of outside Japan on Nintendo platforms than Sony ones. Tales of symphonia is still the tales game that did the biggest splash after all.

        • Oh please. The PS3 (and the two portables systems) is the place for Japanese RPG’s this generation. The Wii is not. I understand your Wii fanboyism makes this hurt, but let’s face the facts, shall we?

          • lostinblue

            Dragon Quext X, and others.

            And ToS2 sold well.

            If they have acess to that market, they should stick to it, not abandon it, if that’s what they’e doing (they probably aren’t, unless they’re stupid; but fact is, current line-up seems that way, it’s something they should avoid)

    • lostinblue

      That’s stupid when the Wii still has Dragon Quest X coming. Porting a game is fine, but they have themselves to blame for it not selling as much as they wanted from the get go. Bad timing and releasing right next to a enhanced port on PS3 no one had played (and acompanied by a feature film, that gave the impression *that* was the new main game, not Graces)

      • It’s funny. You’re normally all for games getting ported. Oh wait…this is getting ported TO the PS3 and not from it, so you don’t like it. I understand how it works.

        • lostinblue

          What part of “PORTING A GAME IS FINE” didn’t you understand? I’m NOT against the port. aprehensive against their strategy? YES, against a port… go rain in another parade mister.The post you’re replying even says:”Porting a game is fine”Is that being against when stating otherwise? LOL.Notice that I was replying to a post who said “maybe they think the market for RPGs on the PS3 is more flourid than on the Wii”You can argue all you want for leaving whatever behind, and I’m not willing to do the same so you’ll be talking alone when it comes to console wars, if you want to go that route; but my point: there’s big stuff coming out on the wii still. And Team Destiny could do their next title cross platform between the Wii and the PS3 for all I care; at most my point is: next PS3 game shouldn’t be announced now, and that ToG flunking was a failure of theirs, due to timing be it with their own releases and FFXIII; they have to learn that stuff so they don’t repeat it. (and announcing another ps3 tales at the same time might mean they’re still oblivous to it) what I’m against is leaving the Wii, if you will. Not for a port, cross release or whatever.In fact if this “port” makes it so that both of them come out outside japan, I’lll be thrilled.I dislike your post, there’s no button for it so I leave it in the post.

          • Oh no. You dislike my post. I am not sure I can go on. Your opinion means that much to me. lol

          • lostinblue

            I dislike the fact you insist on points that disregard what I’m really saying.

            Everyone here has platform preferences, yes; you and me, and I don’t attack you for being a pro-ps3 guy; but I wasn’t saying what I was due to them, as said above, I’m not against the port, so this is all besides the point.

            Now, there’s ports and ports, and let me argue that yet another port with enhanced content on PS3 might not be wise on the sense that, for now every game released on another platform will be expected on the PS3 one year from then, in a directors cut form, meaning they might be killing sales on other platforms by making this the norm (even if they’re obliged to, by sony’s extra’s policy). That might work against them, but other than that a port is a port, and YES, I’m not against it in anyway, and if this was coming out of japan I’d be at least happy for you guys, even if I think ours should come too. (I don’t see how is this hypocrite)

            If you want to go on with one liners… go on, but I ask you to not misinterpret what I’m saying when I’m trying to make a point, or try to take credibility from what I’m defending with petty points.

  • they also announce tales of the world radiant mythology 3 for psp and an untitled one for ps3 as well

    • goronyan

      you mean Tales of Unitia?

      • tales of unitia was just another name for tales of graces,

  • superdry

    Yay? I feel like these announcement are teases. I’m slowly giving up hope on Bamco USA to bring any more Tales titles to the US.

    I still wonder if Tales of VS would ever be released here in the US….

    • Give how the PSP market is here, thats leading to a definite no.

  • zangetsukakashi

    nice nice nice.. finally, a tales game on the ps3 that we could play.man that’s awesome. can’t wait for it.. i wish vesperia localized comes out too

    • thebanditking

      I would honestly would not care if Namco skips Vesperia if they bring both of these PS3 tales games over. Makes sense to me, I’m sure most PS3 owners would prefer two new games (Graces would be new to the west) over a port of an old one.

      • cowcow

        Why cant Bandai just make a Godzillla or Ultraman game for PS3

  • goronyan

    wich means the game released for wii was their beta version?

    • malek86

      Well, if we say that TOV360 was a beta, since it had less content than the PS3 version, but it worked… then TOG Wii, which has less content and is full of bugs, could probably qualify as an Alpha?

      • No, alphas are usually unfinished. ToG Wii is a finished product, yet full of bugs. So, still a beta.

      • thebanditking

        in reply to your other post:
        Oh I agree completely, the nature of the “deals” is questionable but the end result works just fine for me. I agree with asking Sony for these as well, it worked for Yakuza…..

        • malek86

          That would work for me too. But I’m afraid there’s not much demand for this stuff. MS did it because they wanted to grow in the japanese market, while Sony doesn’t really need to. And Yakuza is apparently much more successful than Tales right now…

  • zangetsukakashi

    oh man i really hope they won’t do like vesperia and make us wait for it’s localization.

    • Localization? What localization? Bamco did localizations?

      • Supposedly at Sakuracon 2010 Troy Baker said Namco Bandai asked him to record voices for the PS3 version.

        • I talked to Mr. Baker at Sakuracon. He said they did ask him to record the new voices, but they stopped at midway for an unknown reason. He never found out why either.

  • Interface23

    Yea, I feel Namco are giant trolls that like to mess with us. “Oh RPG fanbase, we know you loves you some Tales of…., BUT TOO BAD”

  • At least PS3 = region free, so if all the overseas Tales fans really want to play it they can import easily. I’m sure there will be FAQs and guides for non-Japanese readers.

    • malek86

      The Wii can be easily made region free, so I don’t think that’s a problem.

      • Sure, it’s less of a problem than…say, the 360. But I assure you there were people who considered importing ToG and didn’t because they don’t want to mess with homebrew.

        (…Funny how that actually worked out well for them this time, given the recall mess.)

  • Interface23

    Also I feel that the series may have a better chance if we had our own super lobbyist like Yakuza had ThePatrick & DragonofDojima

  • Nei_chan

    if you are porting it anyway, at least port it to both platforms -_-

    • It costs too much. Even if Tales Studio is rolling out a new game and a port now, they’re still under financial strain. Depending on how well the brand new title does, that could be their swan song as a semi-independent studio.

      • Nei_chan

        ports are meant to expand the fanbase, even niche games like Cross Edge or Agarest War often make their way to such non existent console as xbox in Japan, the lack of x360 version of Graces can only mean that this title will never leave Japan
        And i dont see a problem, swan song? they make Tales games for like what? more than twenty years now right? their titles never were really succesfull, Vesperia and Symphonia aside, and apparently they are okay with this seeing their politics…

        • fisico

          These announcements are for the Tales 15th anniversary, and the Tales Studio isn’t even 10 years old.

          • Nei_chan

            meh, you are right, since i always thought of Tales as one of the classic rpg series i assumed it would be a little older, i guess its not…but as for Tales Studio i checked and it says it exists from 1986 but it had different name in the past and was renamed a few years ago

          • fisico

            Previously they were known as the Wolf Team and you can say it’s practically the same as Tales Studio, but all the original staff left to fund Tri-Ace right before the release of Tales of Phantasia


    What does the “F” stand for?

    Tales of Graces F(ix) the bugs in the game maybe?

    • deltazero

      hopefully it doesn’t stand for F(ailure) to come to US, again lol

  • Saw. This. Coming.

    • I didn’t, so this makes me really happy 8D

  • lostinblue

    I’ll say what I said in the other post:

    Kinda stupid that namco still doesn’t understand that what probably killed Graces sales in japan was two things; the fact it was released close to FFXIII and the fact it was less than 3 months away from their own new tales of port no one purchased the first time around… Tales of Vesperia PS3.

    That’s overcrowding. And now… they’re doing it again. A port and a new game… And no support for other platforms other than PS3.

    This is a step back. and further proof they trully don’t get it.

    If they have a new PS3 tales coming, they shouldn’t have said so now.

    • malek86

      I don’t see the problem. TOG PS3 is apparently slated for winter, while we still have no info whatsoever about the other game, which probably means it won’t be released before summer 2011 at the very least.

      • lostinblue

        knowing them… I’m betting on Q4 this year. Q1/Q2 2010 at mostI also think discontinuing aparent support/line-up for Nintendo platforms for a hole year is foolish. since they’re porting they could keep in mind (and say) they can cross platform those from now on; and reach a bigger demographic on launch. Then again the biggest nintendo-specific demographic they’re loosing is probably outside japan, and they don’t seem to have that into account at all. Namco is really a company stuck in 1997, and archaic at that when it comes to decisions like this. (I’m talking about their overseas policy)There’s a balance, be it on DS or Wii against PSP and PS3 support, and both are influential in japan, they really should try to keep it by all means by coming out and saying they’re not discontinuing them. That’s more important than announcing yet another mothership tales on PS3 (second in a row, and overall third) be it yet close to release or somewhere down the road.

        And lastly, they’re oversaturating their own market, as they often do.

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      Plenty of people in Japan purchased ToV for X360 in fact it has one the largest total sales thus far in Japan for an X360 title. Next time don`t talk rubbish why don`t ya.

      • lostinblue

        A lot of nothing is still nothing. Sure not nothing, just really small. X360 is non-existent at major genres in japan, it could sell really well for a X360 game, and it typically would still be way low, which is the case for ToV, and without external variants like ToG had; just the fact the userbase is really dim.

        The overall ToV sales on X360 is really low sales overall though, enough for most people to not having played or having access to it. X360 simply doesn’t have the install bases PS3 and Wii do.

        Also bare in mind X360 owners in japan usually don’t keep their games once they finish them, the second hand market is huge because of that, which makes third party titles to lower their prices in a short ammount of time.

        Not sure what was your point other than being hostile though. Tales of sales have been shrinking year to year because of their overcrowding, I’m claiming the same phenomena could happen here.

        • malek86

          The funny thing is, since it was among the only titles in the series to be localized, TOV360 is still apparently the best selling Tales game this gen, or at least on par with TOS2 and TORM :PPerhaps Namco should take some pointers from that: it looks like the series can sell in the west, if they only tried. Well, that’s their choice I guess. After all, it’s not like they sold all that much, when you think about it.

          • lostinblue

            I remember it sold less than ToS2 in US, and in japan wasn’t even a contest.

            Don’t ask me to get those numbers again though. was something like ToS2 120.000 and ToV 100.000 in us (which is impressive for a low budget spin-off). No numbers for PAL-regions exist, but ToV is now out of print and being pretty expensive on ebay.

            I honestly think worldwide and as an exclusive X360 is the worse platform they can get their titles on, no high budget RPG did particularly well on them, I don’t even think blue dragon/lost odyssey cracked the 1 million sales and they’re second party/microsoft game studios and sold so cheap for so long. if it’s cross platform it’s fine though, mighty fine.

            But yeah, it can sell in the west, the fact they always cop out on the next game(s) that come out is what makes their own established userbase to go away. let alone making the franchise unknown to the masses.

            If you go to a store and see various games of that franchise in different platforms you’ll regard it as popular. I mean… Final Fantasy and Mario are popular, and we didn’t need to run a survey to know that, it’s common sense, brand recognition goes a long way.

  • Hours

    I’ll save my excitement for if they actually release it in English, but Namco USA is about as unreliable as they come, so I’ll wait and see.

    It’s funny, as hard as Namco USA tries to kill the Tales series in North America, there will always be people wanting them to bring the games over. When will they get the hint that people do actually want to play these games?

  • shion16

    Probably all the world expected that

    • epy

      Yep, and we all know it won’t get localized either. Although I would LOVE to eat those words.

  • Natat

    F as in “F you non-japanese speaking people”?

    • Uhhh..you DO realize these games are usually made for a Japanese audience in mind, right? Why the hate? They’re doing what any other company would do.

      I know I sure as hell wouldn’t be worried about the Western audience when making my game for an Eastern audience. If you’re going to blame someone, blame the US company for not picking it up and localizing it for you to play, not the Japanese company that made the game for, you know..Japanese people.

      • You’re supporting a company not releasing their games here. Why not, even if in limited release? Sure Tales is a niche series here but it is a very existent niche, one that doesn’t deserve the shaft it’s gotten from Bamco or Namco Bandai or Bankai or whatever you kids call it now.

        If even Falcom can find money in their coffers to strike up a deal for the US release of the PSP Ys and Sora no Kiseki games(and Brandish DR eventually(please)) then a company the size of Namco could surely throw Tales Studio a few bones to fund an English version of Graces or Vesperia PS3 or, in the best case scenario, Narikiri Dungeon X

        • Or they could put that Tales of VS. trademark to good use, too.

          It also makes no sense when a small developer such as Sting keeps porting their games/making original games (Which get released in North America, with voice work on the PSP games) and yet Namco Bandai can’t even localize a single Tales game.

          • Problem is there is no ‘good’ way to ‘use’ the Tales of VS trademark. Japan can keep that one, it was pretty awful

          • I just wanted to play as Jade in a fighting game setting. ;[

        • Ummm..not really, no. I’m supporting a company, period. I’m not supporting them for, “not releasing their games here”.

          I have bought US Tales titles before, but importing a title has nothing to do with me not supporting a company in the US. I’ve been importing games for years.

          Why do I import? Because I generally prefer Japanese audio over English and I know I’m not getting any content cut (some localizations cut out some dialogue completely or remove content) since I’m playing the game in its original format. As I said before though, someone should never be getting upset at a Japanese branch of a company wanting to focus on making a game for a Japanese audience.

          If anything, they should be upset at the US branch of that company not making the initiative to bring negotiations to the table in order to try and get the game localized. Why should a Japanese company go out of their way to see if a Western audience wants their game? That seems a bit selfish for the Western audience to believe Japan should focus on their interests as opposed to their own country’s interests.

          Now, I’m not against localization or anything of the sort. That’s not what I’m saying here. I just think if you’re gonna hate or whatever, then just make sure you’re getting upset at the right group or person.

          • Okay yeah, but making a game for a target audience is one thing, but refusing to allow people in other demographics to play the same game is an entirely different matter(not to mention the one I’m addressing)

          • You’re not really familiar with how Japanese are, are you? Look up the definition for, “Xenophobe” and you’ll understand, lol.

          • lostinblue

            you’re excusing them too much. On the part that the biggest culprit is probably namco us… you’re right (or perhaps they just don’t have funds/full autonomy to decide those), but I think a software company these days has to think ahead of those things. Nintendo and Square-Enix strategies have outside markets into account, Namco? not so much. It’s like they’re stuck in the past while mostly disregarding a whole market with a lot of their offerings; going by single phrase conclusions like “westerners don’t like rpg’s”… Sounds like 90’s Sega right? that’s the era both divisions are really in, when it comes to mentality. And it sucks.

        • I think the difference between Falcom and Tales is company scale. Xseed is a company that caters to a niche, and sadly aside from Final Fantasy, JRPGs are a niche. JRPGs also tend to be large localization projects too since they tend to have more text and voice acting to manage.

          Namco Bandai wants to publish and localize games with broad(er) appeal. Sure Tales has a sizable fanbase, but the people who would primarily buy a Tales game are Tales fans. There isn’t much crossover, which, perhaps, makes Namco Bandai focus on other titles with their internal teams.

          • lostinblue

            Every new japanese IP, or some IP with not much release periodicity here… starts out as something niche, IMO.

            You have to grow your userbase. When Namco is releasing stuff that’s even more niche, like Magna Carta 2, who’s not even their internal developed game… they really must be mad.

          • thebanditking

            I can explain Bamco bringing out Magna Carta 2, though I can’t offer hard proof (as no one admits to this stuff), Magna Carta is a direct result of all the “deals” MS made with Namco for the 360 (Vesperia, Ace Combat, Dream Club). MS wanted to expand its user base with the 360, not just in other regions but within NA as well, thus for the sake of Japanese sales and American sales of popular Japanese games MS aggressively went after publishers like Namco, Sqeenix, and Konami. Now of course everyone can see that, what most don’t see is how that translated to other titles.

            We all know MS paid boatloads of cash to get some of these games exclusively on 360, but they did not just hand out cash and walk out the door. These cash dowries came with a contract, the contracts basically stated that with this money you not only agree to give us (insert game) for a specified period of time but you will also publish some of our own first party funded games under your name. Here is the only proof anyone will ever see, MS got Tales of Vesperia & Ace Combat, but as part of that deal Bamco had to publish Magna Carta II, which was originally funded and to be brought out by MS games studios. Don”t buy it? Square-Enix signed a deal that gave 360 Star Ocean 4 & The Last Remnant (S-E got the best of that deal huh?) and in exchange S-E published Infinite Undiscovery for MS (Tri-Ace confirmed this). Now Konami, they signed a deal to make the next Metal Gear day and date with the PS3 release and exclusive US marketing for the 360 version, as part of that deal Konami published Ninety Nine Nights 2 for MS.

          • malek86

            thebanditking: technically speaking, I can’t say that’s a bad thing, because as a result we got those games. Some of those would have probably stayed in Japan, weren’t it for MS.

            I wonder if Sony would pay for some Tales. Sounds like the only way we could have them…

          • lostinblue

            @ thebanditking makes sense, and like you pointed out those are a lot of coincidences. thanks for the insigth.

  • Guest

    The F stands for “We’re a bunch of (*thanks for not ever using that word again*) for not releasing more Tales games overseas!”Seriously. It is. Don’t believe me? Then explain how a bundle of sticks can localize a game.

    Spencer here – yes we know you’re unhappy that Tales games have not been announced for North America, but please, try to channel your thoughts without unnecessary insults and derogatory language.

    • Jirin

      I thought you were referring to people who ride loud motorcycles.

    • TomSkylark

      It’s cute that you’ve made with the “LOL, it just means a bundle of sticks! :P” move popular throughout middle schools across America, but you should probably know that the other usage was derived from the historical practice of burning homosexuals (or “sodomites” more generally, to get all early modern about it) on such bundles. So, the term is really about reducing folks to nothing more than kindling, part of that whole “let’s dehumanize folks we don’t like” thing.

      So, let’s leave the unnecessary use of hate speech in place of generic insults for the Kotaku commenting sections or, I dunno, angry, over-caffeinated ten year old boys, shall we? Siliconera deserves better.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    And yet another Tales game NOT coming out here….

  • Well, now I’m really wondering if I should import Tales of Vesperia for PS3 or just wait for this to come out this winter. I wonder which is better. Tales of Graces or Tales of Vesperia.


    • lostinblue

      Do you prefer team destiny or team symphonia titles? providing one or the other, you should have your answer.

  • This is only good news if it gets localized. I’m not going to get my hopes up, honestly. But I think this definitely solidifies what I’ve been saying about how if people really love RPG’s, the PS3 is the system to get.

    • lostinblue

      I disagree. PS3 has some RPG’s, some that are also on X360, and then some; but DS is where it is… by quite a blind mile. And then PS2 since it’s still on sale and RPG’s it has.

      And if we’re counting low profile ones/marvelous ones this gen, the wii probably has a catalog as rich (lot’s of quirky and nice RPG’s, although poor arc rise fantasia got murdered by localization), even if the pattern now, after FFXIII is that PS3 keeps growing releases like that on a faster pace; such quote is too straighminded, I mean ignoring the rest.

      • malek86

        And the PSP, which still has more RPGs than the three home consoles combined.

        • I never count portable systems. lol

          Otherwise, wouldn’t the DS actually have more than the PSP? I don’t know. It just seems that way.

          • malek86

            I don’t really know. Until 2008, the DS was getting the vast majority of the RPGs, but from 2009 onwards developers seem to have changed focus, and right now the PSP might be getting even more support than the DS. In lifetime numbers though, the DS is probably still in first place.

            Either way, this is a good time to be a portable console player. If you don’t like portables, sucks for you, I guess.

          • lostinblue

            Hmmm, exclusive PSP ones (taking square-enix attempts aside) seem to be more like escort titles for home console ones to me, or simply experiments next to the full fledged RPG’s that are being released elsewhere.

            I mean, this week DS got radiate historia from a team of outcasts from radiata stories… and what are we talking about in the psp side of the fence? a Ogre battle remake and Phantom brave.

            It’s fine, but it’s still not quite as good, IMO.

            I agree the PSP is getting more spotlight now, on a regular basis, even because the 3rd birtday looks awesome, and still has high profile stuff like ffxiii agito coming, which is a confidence meter to other developers on the fact it’s not gonna be thrown away overnight, they still have time on that market until it colapses… at least until FFXIII agito releases.

            But it’s still too little too late. It has no chance of trumphing the DS line-up at this point.

        • lostinblue

          You’re right, I’m sorry for that omission.

          Portables are more popular now in Japan than home console’s, and Dragon Quest IX clearly broke a wall of developer acceptance/resistance for putting a flagship title on a underpowered handheld, if they’re smart I actually see lots of RPG flagship titles actually migrating to portables in 1/2 hardware generations, even because the technical gap should shrink a little.

          I don’t prefer it, since I’m a home console guy… but hell, I can’t ignore it.

          I think due to that though, DS turned out to be the best nintendo platform ever, even better than SNES in that regard. Ten years from now I could still be playing RPG’s I hadn’t had the time to do so before, the backcatalog is just so big. On the PSP… while I know what you said, I mostly play ports. (the disgaea ones and now persona 3)

      • As I said below, I don’t count portable systems. They’re not for me and the PS2 is a last gen system. It doesn’t count anymore. I mean, hell, there were a ton of fighting games on the Saturn, but if someone wanted to know what system to buy to play fighting games, I would recommend a CURRENT one.

        • lostinblue

          You don’t talk about portables in the post I’m replying to, so it’s natural to assume you’re talking in general terms.

          I count the PS2 as a platform still, and it’s line-up and the line-up it had with 5 years of RPG’s shamed the 5 years of RPG on the 3 platforms combined. But that’s up for you to exclude or not. If someone wants to play RPG’s on a console I’ll still recommend a PS2 though.

          As for PS3… I gotta say (throwing out the war hammer, you were hostile towards me and I disliked that, but keeping that hostility thing on my account would be stupid, as I just want to give my opinion as everyone else here, not being haunted by comments saying I’m hypocrite beneath them) some of it’s RPG line-up looks good, but it’s still too short, it has more X360 ports than the Wii has PS2 ports when it comes to RPG’s, and most of the time they’re inferior.

          Nippon ichi is getting there but stuff like Last Rebellion is crappy and Cross Edge is pretty much irrelevant. Disgaea 3 and Ar Tonelico 3 though, are not.

          Other than that, there’s Demon Souls and a few more RPG’s, including FF versus XIII (which doesn’t interest me) and white knight 1/2… the future line-up is promising enough, but it’s not looking better than Wii’s own looked in 2008, with new tales, and marvelous rpg line-up looking. It’s still kinda bland though, which is my point.

          And those titles I spoke about, who were coming out in 2008 on the wii, are out already making for a pretty good range of good games.

          If it keeps up, and the wii in the height of the Dragon Quest X thing doesn’t pick up a little, it’ll be the best RPG platform in the end, yes, I agree. but IMO, it’s still not.

          I trully don’t know if I’d recommend it over the wii for RPG’s; I know I’d recomend a DS and a PS2 above both of them though.

          • thebanditking

            Really? Even if PS3 shares some of its RPG’s with 360 I really don’t view the Wii as a RPG heavy console. by my count the Wii has: TOS2, ToG, Arc Rise Fantasia, Rune Factory Frontier, Fragile Dreams, Crystal Bearers (which is stretching it) Muramasa, and Xenoblade and The Last Story for future releases (only counting JRPG’s though the WRPGs are slim on Wii).Where the PS3 has: Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata, NieR, White Knight,Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean 4, Demon Souls, 3D Dot Heroes, Final Fantasy XIII, Enchanted Arms, Disgaea 3, Trinity Universe, Cross Edge, Tales of Vesperia with Trinity: Souls of Zill Oll, Final Fantasy 13 Versus, Tales of Graces F, Tales of Unitia (or whatever they call it) Disgaea 4, Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori, Ar Tonelico 3, Agarest War, and others Im likely forgetting as future releases, and thats again just JRPG’s

          • lostinblue

            You’re missing a few, whereas in PS3 you’re missing none important; including ones I wouldn’t purchase; and some that weren’t released outside japan and it’s unlikely that they will) in short, that’s sort of a inflated list in itself.

            Chocobo’s Dungeon is a nice mysterious dungeon game, albeit with presentation value flaws at times (the sound sync with dialogue) it’s endearing and has nice graphics, shiren 3 is the best mysterious dungeon game this gen, Final Fantasy IV The After is only available on Wiiware as is My Life as a King and Little King Story is awesome.

            Phantom Brave Wii and Sakura Wars V are ports but are worthy to be mentioned and if you mentioned Disgaea you have to count Fire Emblem, the king of “serious” SRPG’s. And if you’re into mysterious dungeon games, there’s also Baroque.

            Lastly but not least: Opoona is a game by artepiazza the guys whoose throughout their whole carrer only did Dragon Quest. The guys that did DQIII and DQVII and were involved in the DS remakes. The result is a game that looks and fels Dragon Quest but was slammed by the reviews because it lacks the name. It’s a great game, albeit light hearted next to a DQ.

            Monster Hunter 3.

            (I am not including Harvest Moons, Valhalla Knights, western RPG’s that feel like JRPG’s like Spectrobes and Monster Lab, upcoming games or games that were left in Japan such as Zangeki, Takt of Magic or Bonds of gold)

            I also don’t know for sure if I consider 3D Dot Heroes to be a RPG, it’s more like old zelda to me.

            There’s lot of good games who were absent from your list on the Wii field. For the record though, I don’t think either console is “RPG heavy” they’re both merely ok.

            I’ll say that Wii RPG’s so far interest me more than PS3 ones though, I have ToV for the X360 so I think namco is stupid for not bringing it over but I’m not hurt by it; ToG and the new Tales probably won’t come, but if they do… Graces is also on the Wii and I count they release it as well. so that’s one game… And other than that, I have a soft spot for Demon Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, 3D Dot Heroes (even though I don’t think that’s an RPG), disgaea III and perhaps Ar Tonelico 3.

    • thebanditking

      I would seem that way now, but a year and a half back it sure didn’t. I agree that while PS3/360 share some of the RPG’s the PS3 version has extras that 360 does not (in most cases). I was glad I held off on buying SO4, and Eternal Sonata because the PS3 ver. ended up with more content. Though with Vesperia I read the writing on the wall and picked up the collectors ed. while Amazon still stocked it and I’m glad too because we still have not seen the “full” version release here.

  • thebanditking

    Well, since Siliconera has not picked up on this yet let me rain on everyone’s parade, Namco Bandai’s official statement regarding Tales of Graces F “Namco currently has no plans to release “Tales of Graces (PS3)” in North America. ” And there you have it folks. The game is barely even announced and the US branch is already giving a big one finger salute to their western fans. Same to you Namco US, same to you………

    • To be fair, “no plans” doesn’t mean much. Namco Bandai said they had “no plans” for Eternal Sonata PS3 when it was first announced and it came out.I didn’t mention this on the frontpage, but I spoke to Namco Bandai about Tales a few days ago. And there are “no plans” for any Tales games (that includes Vs., Vesperia PS3, etc.)

      • “To be fair, “no plans” doesn’t mean much. Namco Bandai said they had “no plans” for Eternal Sonata PS3 when it was first announced and it came out.”

        ^ this

        There has barely even been an announcement made and you think the US branch has already shut down the possibility of localizing it? That’s a bit pessimistic, honestly. They say, “no plans” right now because that’s exactly what they mean.

        There are absolutely no plans to localize it yet because:

        A. It isn’t even out in Japan yet, so they’re probably going to wait to see how well it does, and see if it looks promising enough to bring over here

        B. They don’t want to get false hope floating among the fanbase. If they said, “We’ll think about localizing this in the future” then it makes people optimistic. By saying, “no plans” for now, people don’t have a reason to be pessimistic or optimistic.

        It’s kind of like when you used to ask your parents about something and their answer would be, “We’ll see”. By saying, “no plans” this gives them some leverage so they could go either way. It’s just a placeholder that a lot of companies use very early because they honestly don’t know if they are going to localize it or not. They have little to no information to go on, so even if they DID want to localize it, they couldn’t.

        Anyway, I wouldn’t think much of it yet. If you hear this again months after release, then you can start acting a little pessimistic. As of right now though, you have no reason to worry.

        • Given how they have acted after Eternal Sonata I guess one could say it´s pretty obvious Tales of Grace won´t be translated.

          Even after it is finished.

          Isn´t the first time they don´t release a second edition of the game outside Japan. Tales of Symphonia for PS2 comes to mind once again…

          It will certainly not be the last.

          Makes you wonder though why they even try to make games for the other consoles when it will sooner or later land on the PS3 or PSP with more extras and other stuff that won´t be available in the original version.

          • lostinblue

            that’s a good point. Years from now they could complain why there isn’t audience for their games outside playstation (now there is) and the answer could be that they always do the best versions for playstation so…

            Sony has that extra’s policy for late ports, though, so the extras this game has are probably due to that. they still could fix the bugs in the wii version and release both with the same content overseas though, but they’re probably too dumb to do that.

          • thebanditking

            I honestly don’t care, I’m always going to buy Sony’s next PlayStation so thats fine by me as long as we get the games right? Honestly I think if we want these titles we need to ask Sony. Why? Because they need their fans more then ever, and seem to listen to them too. Does anyone here really think Sega decided to bring Yakuza 3 (and now 4) over because they genuinely thought it was a good idea? Or is it because Sony was hounded on the PS blog repeatedly over the last 2 years with ‘Bring out Yakuza 3″? I swear it was mentioned at least once in every post on the blog and eventually things hit home. I would bet Sony worked with Sega to bring the series back over and look how fast Sony admitted that 3D Dot Heroes was coming.

          • lostinblue

            I agree, I’m not a Sony supporter, but they are making the right moves to ensure the satisfaction of their consumer now that they’re not in a market leading position, going the extra mile in some cases too. Which is a lot different than their last gen stance.

            It’s oh so different than MS too, considering they dropped Xbox 1 after 4 years since it wasn’t profitable (pretty much the same error Sega Saturn committed back in the 90’s); Sony by any means is sticking up to their platform, realizing they better not destroy/outcast their brand and userbase to rush onto yet another bandwagon and having to start anew. They’re taking one for the team basically, and taking it with honor.

            I gotta respect them for that.

            On the Tales complaint account though, I care in the sense that they shouldn’t make these port things as a rule, something expectable, because next gen when they do a “exclusive tales release” elsewhere they might hinder their own sales since the userbase knows “hey these versions are basically beta, bugs and extra content will be added a year from now on ” such rule being established would be bad on Playstation or Nintendo consoles… makes no difference, it’s just bad for the franchise, IMO. Other than that I have no queries with the port. If only it came out here along with the Wii version.

          • malek86

            Seriously. Wouldn’t people eventually catch on to something, and stop buying the first versions?

        • wharcraff

          So by this logic It’s ok to be pessimistic about a US release of Tales of Graces for the Wii then since it’s been out for a while and is getting a PS3 JPN port?

          • thebanditking

            I would say yes, as I said before the Wii game was a buggy mess, they fixed it up to be a “less” buggy mess. It would need more work to be released over here and unless Nintendo is going to offer to help the Dev team is already focused on the PS3 release. Graces on PS3 probably won’t happen Graces on Wii will never happen, in my humble opinion.

        • lostinblue

          The Wii version IS out, they should be thinking about localizing both, if the structure is compatible and how much text there is, etc.

          Also, with ToV they did it while the game was still being worked on, perhaps on ToS2 too, since the translations for those were so quick; the fact they didn’t keep those pipelines going just shows they don’t really care to localize them.no plans whatsoever, and not just said as a PR catchline… Is worrying.

          • thebanditking

            Bingo, Namco had plans to release Eternal Sonata,Tales of Vesperia (for 360) and Symphonia 2 right from the start, and openly stated that fact. Knowing that they are doing nothing right now is more then worrying.

        • thebanditking

          Not true, Namco said “no plans” for Eternal Sonata on PS3 but that was just during the 360 exclusivity period. I had direct confirmation from a Namco employee that Eternal Sonata was releasing on PS3 a good 8 months before the reveal. That same employee says with regard to these new titles “no plans” so I think they really mean it this time. Namco has shifted their business model to be even stupider then the one they used previously. Honestly I think they should just close down US operation for a few years, clean out the Management running US/EU and collectively pull their head out of their ass. They don’t even have PS1 classics up on the PSN (not even in JP yet), these are very, very stupid people we are dealing with.

      • Kris

        No plans ever? Kinda seems like it. :p

        • sambuque

          Maybe a portable port in 10 years

      • thebanditking

        Spencer you can defend them all you want but do me a favor will you? Next time you interview them can you please convey how much everyone hates them? I really just don’t think they understand how much animosity there is for them as a company. I know that sounds like a good way to close the door on interviews for you, but for a website that primarily focuses on JP games and localized releases what good are Namco (with their current strategy) to you any way?

  • Finalstar2007

    I really hope they bring this over, didnt they see how well Demon Souls did? plz namco

  • Jirin

    At least this version of the game is on a freaking non-region coded system. So if I want to I can import it and play with a translation/walkthrough.

  • raymk

    So ps3 once again doesn’t get a completely new tales game but a port, damn whats with there ports. Now lets see if they bring this version over or our we going to miss out again.

    • Wrong. You should take a look at this.


      And what’s wrong with ports exactly? I don’t know about you, but I’m happy that I can actually play these games now (Vesperia and Graces) since I don’t have a 360 or a Wii.

      • Try having bought a game which you liked to play.

        Then a 1 year or so later the same game is released again. But this time with features that you yourself do not gain access to.

        Unless you buy the game again.

        How would that make you feel? I don´t think it would make you happy.

        That´s why people are starting to feel betrayed and are starting to get angry at Namco Bandai for using one console as a “beta” version and then releasing the “full” game for the PS3.

        The change of console I can live with. I didn´t spend so much money on grabbing both a PS3 and X0 for nothing.

        It is the probability of the game not appearing outside of Japan that I´m against and crying for.

        I´d love to buy Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 if they released it in English. But that isn´t going to happen.

        Which I assume is the same deal here with Tales of Grace.

        Which means that Namco Bandai lost 2 games that they would have sold to me. Now they don´t get a penny from me since they don´t release the game in a language I can understand.

  • Mischah


    There is a ray of hope however! (An illegal one though).
    Tales of Graces is currently being translated.. as is Tales of Hearts for the DS.


    It’s illegal, but hey, us western Tales-fans are getting desperate.

    Oh and people already HAVE translated Tales of Innocence (DS)… that’s why is so high on the charts on gamefaqs ATM.

    Note that I have nothing to do with either websites.

  • epy

    Ok, I know a certain site that must be going crazy about this, and I’m sure the word beta is used a lot.

  • joesz

    I just purchased the wii version 1 week and 3 days ago.

  • wharcraff

    It great to see that a enhanced port of this game is coming to the PS3 this year or early next. Hope it sells.

  • malek86

    On a side note, looking at the Nintendo fiscal report, I can understand why Namco is reluctant to localize the series right now.

    • thebanditking

      You know I completely forgot about that, until I went to import something yesterday and was shocked by the massive difference in price (something that was $219.99 was now $357.80!) Still that’s not why Bamco is not bringing these titles out as during the PS2/PS1 days they were just as dodgy.

  • Did I get it right?
    1.) Release a piece of garbage game on the Wii (Dawn of the New World)
    2.) Complain that the Wii doesn’t sell games / Complain about the Wii/DS market
    3.) Release a good game with way too much bugs between FFXIII and NSMBW
    4.) Complain about the sales and complain about the market/Wii again
    5.) Port the good game on the PS3
    6.) Say that the game sold good.

    Is that how Scamco/Bamco works these days?

    • lostinblue

      Pretty much, you only forgot:1b.) To fluster the garbage game on Wii further, announce a main one, made by the team who made the original game to whose the garbage game is a sequel with recycled assets and tout it as “THE NEXT GAME FROM TEAM SYMPHONIA”, put that title on the FPS nest console that sells as much on a weekly base in Japan as the more-than-undead wonderswan in Japan1c.) Watch it crash and burn, be sure to bring popcorn

      3b.) But it’s okay because it’s timed exclusive and now we have a reason to… port the “good”, Team Symphonia HD game to PS3. *happy dance*
      3c.) But don’t release it outside Japan! Let the poor PS3 owners outside burn4b.) Post losses on the subsidiary Tales Studio in your year report, try to give the impression you’re going through bad times to justify whatever stupid move you do next, including stuff like not releasing the last 5 Tales of games outside Japan after Dawn of the New World selling good for what it is, and Vesperia selling more than Tales of the Abyss despite being in the worse platform for RPG’s it can be.7.) Don’t localize BOTH, despite outcries from communities all over the world who’d love to give your company their money.It’s like the sonic cycle, except even stupider.

  • thebanditking

    Anyone else catch Bamco’s latest goof? Check out this post from their facebook page:

    To all Tales fans! We are ecstatic to see all of your responses. Thanks for your loyalty and passion towards the game. Unfortunately we do not have any plans to localize the series at this time. We’ll be sure to let you know if there are any changes to the plans. Thanks again for your support.

    notice how its say “no plans to localize the SERIES” after much fan hate ans nasty messages the post was removed, very concerning to say the least that they would official state something like that regarding an entire series. Looks like Tales fans really are doomed T T

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