There Is, Yet Another, Version Of Disgaea For PSP

By Spencer . July 28, 2010 . 10:35am


Nippon Ichi already released and re-released Disgaea, but those versions were in Japanese or English. Disgaea Portable is different since it’s the first Chinese version of Disgaea.


Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced the game and shared a few screenshots of the Chinese version. No details on if Disgaea Portable will have anything new aside from the localization.


Curious to see if this boosts Nippon Ichi’s bottom line when their financial report comes out since few Japanese RPGs are localized into Chinese.


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  • I give up NIS, you win. It was good with what we had, I guess, but I’m moving on.

    • I don’t get it. Are you from Hong Kong and got one of the other versions already?

      EDIT: Wait a minute, you’re from Michigan. Why does something that’s happening in Hong Kong matter to you? It’s not like NIS is ignoring the rest of world.

      • No, but they can be putting their efforts towards something more meaningful. This is not one of those things. I don’t even know why they even bothered with the original Disgaea when PSP version of Disgaea 2 is more superior to that and the PS2 version of Disgaea 2.

        • To be fair, NIS may not be localizing Disgaea Portable. They could have hired an outside company or maybe SCEH is fronting the bill. SCEH publishes Nippon Ichi’s games in Asia sort of like how SCEK (Korea) publishes Korean localized Atlus games.

        • Maybe they’ll release both PSP games there. It makes more sense to do start the series from the beginning than just to start off from the middle. As for the something more meaningful, this could bring more revenue to fund that something more meaningful and even other something more meaningful things.

          Edit: I also wanted to say what Spencer said, but that slipped my mind.

          • I see your point and I understand what Spencer is saying but gameplay wise it is definitely a better game. Also, as owner of all 3 games of Disgaea it is very easy to say that the games are made kinda like how Uncharted 1 and 2 are in which you need not play the previous games to understand anything going on. Its all really a world unto itself in each game and the story doesn’t involve any of the previous material to any mentionable extent.

        • kupomogli

          I hate the Disgaea series, but if you ask me, they are actually putting their effort towards something meaningful. They’re localizing the game for another group of people to enjoy. You know why I hate Namco Bandai? Because they don’t give a crap about their fanbase outside of Japan.

          While all companies are in it to make profit, it’s nice to know that there are companies out there that care about their fanbase on some level. Sega, NIS, XSeed, Falcom, etc.

          • Honestly, I wouldn’t put Sega on that list. I’m not gonna go into details but I’ve never seen so much hate directed at a company this year than anywhere else. You could probably just google search the games they published and see how that went.

          • kupomogli

            Sega deserves to be on the list. Two games that the previous versions have sold poorly, Yakuza 3 and Phantasy Star Portable 2, has been released or is going to be released due to fans begging for the games releases. Sega didn’t even think they were going profit off Yakuza.

            The comment was basically about getting games regardless. We’ve had the chance to receive Disgaea Portable, so just like us, why should China not be allowed to get a copy of a game they might want to pick up?

          • neo_firenze

            Sega? They don’t deserve to be on the list in my eyes. 7th Dragon, Kenzan!, the lack of VF5:R and FT outside of Japan, Shining Wind… They ignore a lot of stuff while putting out garbage like their licensed movie game crap (Iron Man, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.). Not to mention they’re the ones who are responsible for a lot of their sales issues, with crap marketing for the Yakuza games along with broad content cuts in 3 and god awful English-only voice acting in 1.

  • 好嘢!

  • Pichi

    Wonderful! Hopefully it pays off well and there will be more localizations in the future.

  • I hope the translation will make sense. Disgaea DS for example got a French translation and it…welll…was like someone inserted the script into Google Translate, let it be translated into French and paste it back into the game.

  • Nippon Ichi Software DO realize how poorly these things sell outside of Japan, right?

  • epy

    Ok, cool. Got scared for a moment there…

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