Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin Cancelled For Japan

By Spencer . July 30, 2010 . 10:56am

imageThe grittier sequel to Advance Wars: Dual Strike won’t be released in Japan even though it was developed there. Inside Games reports plans to publish Famicom Wars DS 2 (the game’s Japanese name) in Japan have been canceled.


Advance Wars: Days of Ruin was released way back in January 2008 by Nintendo of America. A European release followed shortly afterwards.


This isn’t the first time an Advance Wars title was cancelled for Japan. Advance Wars, a Game Boy Advance launch title in North America, was not released in Japan. Eventually, Nintendo bundled it with Advance Wars 2 and sold it as Game Boy Wars Advance 1+2 in 2004.

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  • kupomogli

    I think Japan can suck it up. Not like us in the US and Europe haven’t been screwed out of hundreds of games we’d like to see.

    • Guest


    • So much… vengeance? I posted this because I thought it would be interesting to see that, hey sometimes Japan doesn’t get games from their own country.

      Famicom Wars DS2 is kind of interesting especially because it was announced for Japan and there are JP localized screenshots somewhere. It’s quite different than (dare I say) Tales, which just hasn’t been announced.

      • holyPaladin

        haha the vengeance must be caused by Tales…

        Btw is there any other game that got owned in Japan like this?

        • Silent Hill 5 comes to mind, as does, erm, Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters? Only the latter was by a Japanese developer, I think.

        • Lets see… Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Geist, Excitebots, and Acroknights (EU only) are some others. I’m sure there are more though!

  • Sucks to be them, that was the best one

    • mirumu

      Based on the initial PR for the game I’d thought I wouldn’t like Days of Ruin as much as the previous Advance Wars games, but by the time I got to the end of it I thought it was the best one too.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Now you know how it feels, Japan.

    • RAVENKam

      The next PS3 Tales game shouldn’t get a Japanese release. THEN they’ll know how we feel.

      • raymk

        lol good one its sad that they miss out on this version though i wanted to play them in some wi-fi online

      • lostinblue

        the next dragon quest man, the next dragon quest. Then they’ll know and cringe.

  • bjwanlund

    Not surprising. The Japanese weren’t missing much; that game was dreadful, and I loved the prior Advance Wars games, but that game just never did it for me.


  • Advance Wars sells more outside of Japan, so Japan is not losing anything.

  • evilmoogle

    It seems their DAY is RUINED.
    by the bad news.

    • mikedo2007

      I think you should say this: Well it seems their DAY *put sunglasses on* is RUINED.

      YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Play CSI Miami theme)

  • Gilberd

    Japan didn’t really like this series that much anyways
    but still if it goes down it should at least go down with this game
    played every Famicom Wars and I think it is safe to say that out of the 12 games released for the series this at least in the top 3

  • Code

    Personally not my favorite Advance Wars, I liked the rebalancing, and new units, but it just didn’t have the heart or cast like earlier games T_T’

  • Gotta do what is good for naming money. It’s strictly business for nintendo.

  • gatotsu911

    Pretty ironic, considering that the series was Japan-only for years until the GBA version came out.

  • masuto

    Oh wow, they’re missing out.

  • Gilberd

    The Japanese version actually had a subtitle
    Famicom Wars DS2 is actually a working title
    the true title is Famicom Wars DS 失われた光(The Lost Light)
    The Japanese Title screen was discovered in the American version of the game

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