Monster Hunter Tri Moves 690,000 Units In The West

By Spencer . July 30, 2010 . 10:12am

imageSales figures for Monster Hunter Tri are in and, with Nintendo of Europe’s help, Capcom sold 690,000 copies since the game launched on April 20. According to Capcom’s platinum title chart, worldwide sales of Monster Hunter Tri are 1,800,000.


Lost Planet 2 was Capcom’s best selling game during their first quarter with 1,500,000 copies. Sales figures were far away from the projected 2.2 million units. At one time, Lost Planet 2 was expected to sell 3.7 million copies worldwide. Capcom claims the game’s delay from winter to spring and lack of promotion were reasons why Lost Planet 2 didn’t make its sales target.


Super Street Fighter IV sold 1,350,000 million copies worldwide.

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  • neo_firenze

    Is it wrong that, as a huge fan of Capcom for a very long time, I kind of root for them to fail with these misguided “Western focused” projects?

    Bionic Commando, Dark Void, LP2… All of them have been disappointing sales-wise, and all of them have been mediocre games that were specifically targeted at the West. I guess you can say LP2 was a little more of a worldwide focus, but it did have a healthy serving of badly implemented western shooter elements shoehorned into a sci-fi Monster Hunter-like with awful controls (and Capcom did specifically acknowledge it was intended to perform well in the west).

    Inafune’s “Japan is dead” rambling is just so wrong. It’s not Japan, it’s this focus on pandering to the West through the distorted lens of Japan. Be yourself, do what YOU do uniquely well, and people all over will like it. It’s not a coincidence that Capcom’s fighting games and Megaman Universe are more exciting to people these days. Because those are games that aren’t neutered by trying to change what they naturally would be in order to add more international appeal.

    • I remember when I saw the sales projections for Dark Void and I just thought, “You guys are kidding me, right?”

  • Guest

    I would like Monster Hunter Tri to get more sales…so that they don’t end up giving up on the Wii, despite it being a console which does not dwell that well with the more difficult gaming type of titles that require more hours put in (I’m calling the “casual games” appealing to those with short attention spans). =P

    • neo_firenze

      At least MH Tri isn’t doing horribly. Though you’re probably onto something with Wii demographics. It’s an interesting “what if?” to think about how things would have played out if MH3 had been a PS3 game, as IIRC was the original plan.

      I like having some serious gamer games on Wii, but honestly… I probably would have been happier with hi-res MH on PS3 or 360.

      • Guest

        Me too…with better online I’ll bet (that we might have to pay more for =P).

        • Justinzero

          I’d be more than fine with paying a monthly fee to jam on Monster Hunter. Charging would trim off 90% of the kids and morons that make up the only apparent problem with the game: The terrible community.

          • Ereek

            Hmm, I’ve never played MH online before, is the community as bad as what the Demon’s Souls online community is like now? Griefers, people thinking it’s “cool” to be an ass, the like?

          • Asura

            Paying would do nothing to better the community; it will still suck.

            A rather odd assumption, all the annoying little kids still have XBOX Live.

  • RAVENKam

    ‘Capcom claims the game’s delay from winter to spring and lack of promotion were reasons why Lost Planet 2 didn’t make its sales target’.

    That and maybe the game wasn’t very good.

  • Tri has done better than the other Hunter Games in the West. Also this is only after 4 months on the market. I not going to blame the Wii so called audience for it not selling like gang busters. Most people who have Wiis also have HD consoles. If they decided not to buy a game because it’s on Wii. Then that’s their lost

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