An Update On DJ Max Portable 3 (And Other PM Studios Projects)

By Spencer . August 1, 2010 . 7:22pm


Remember when we asked Siliconerites to send us DJ Max Portable 3 questions? Michael Yum, Producer at PM Studios, came back to us with some answers and teases about the upcoming DJ Max game.


Before answering the questions, Yum has a message for Siliconera readers and DJ Max fans.


“Hello, everyone at Siliconera and all the fans. Sorry but the answers to your questions are extremely vague but I assure you we will be announcing stuff very soon.”


Are you planning to license any music for DJ Max Portable 3?


Michael Yum, Producer: Unfortunately we cannot reveal the song list or anything about the music at the moment.


Is there anything you can tell us about the song list? Will there be exclusive tracks for North America?


If you look at the teaser trailer, you can kind of see a short song list. Other than that we cannot disclose any information. As for exclusive North American stuff, all I can say is there will be something exclusive for North American customers.


The mysterious new feature is intriguing. Can you give us any hints about it?


Everyone is wondering about this. The only hint I can possibly give you is to look at the logo. There is a very small hint there.


Can you tell us about the mission mode? Will it have EXP like DJ Max Fever? Is it structured like the Metro Projects or Fever?


Sorry but this is another question that I cannot answer at the moment.


This question came up a couple of times — can auto correct be disabled?


All I can say about this is, don’t worry we fixed everything everyone has hated in Fever and Black Square.


Will DJ Max Portable 3 have online play?


Another question I cannot answer.


Pentavision released DLC for Platinum Crew members in Korea. Are there plans to do something similar or release any DLC in North America?


Another question I cannot answer.


We know DJ Max Portable 3 is coming out sometime this year, but can you give us a more specific timeframe?


All we have announced so far is a Fall release.


Is PM Studios planning a limited edition? If yes, what kind of stuff are you packing in it and will it be available at more sites?


This is another question that I cannot answer however everyone should already know this answer. We are known to make some pretty crazy limited edition sets. Also, if there is a limited edition set, you should also know that most stores won’t carry it due to its size and costs so it will most likely be a preorder item online. And they usually sell out very fast so please keep checking for updates.


Are there any plans to release a DJ Max game for iPhone or any other platforms?


Sorry but no comments.


PM Studios has been a big supporter of PSP with DJ Max, Strikers, and Gunbird 2 Remix. Speaking of that, how is Gunbird 2 Remix going and when is PM Studios going to release their first PS3 game?


Unfortunately, we are running into some trouble with Gunbird 2 Remix and cannot say anything right now. But I have stated this before and will say it again, we are definitely working on high-definition console games.

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  • I downloaded DJ Max of PSN for my PSPGo and it is interesting but can’t get the controls down right.

    • takes time; lots of it. just find the lowest level song you can find and do it over and over again untill you feel comfortable; also believe it or not but setting the speed higher helps because the button presses are the same timing but it lowers the amount of buttons visable on the screen

  • in other words all we got was “no comment” and “just everything you already know” -_-, not a big fan of they’re games but do love some of the MV they got so i was hoping for more info oh well

  • Finalstar2007

    I’ll just wait till they release something on PS3, that’s when i’ll be interested :P

  • Ah, an interivew that’s too early. :P Almost want to ask what the point of … eh, I’ll stop.

  • I hope none of it is like DJ Max Fever… because Fever just kind of sucks. And no one asked them about S4 League Portable?

  • Hate to say this Spencer but this really didn’t look like much of an interview. :( A lot of questions going unanswered and raising even more questions as to why.

    • PM Studios originally said an interview was go and then scaled back responses after we let readers send us questions to them. Sorry! But there is another bit of news you guys will probably hear about soon.

      • Ok cool, I just don’t like how interviews like this tend to feel like grind fest, have to ask the questions over and over before you get that 2% drop chance of an answer.

  • FireCouch

    Thanks a ton for this interview. Although not much was revealed, the “don’t worry we fixed everything everyone has hated in Fever and Black Square.” Was an awesome confirmation that auto correct is out of the game.

    Thanks guys.

  • The logo is the hint to the new feature? I think the new feature could be a rewind/remix feature during game play.

  • discoma

    Wait wait. DM3 is coming state-side?!

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