Square Enix And Level 5 CEOs Sit Down For Dinner

By Spencer . August 1, 2010 . 6:28am

imageNews about a dinner meeting with Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix, and Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level 5, chirped on Twitter.


“Dinner with Hino-san. Layton’s dot eyes are amusing,” Wada tweeted.


So why are Japanese message boards buzzing about this? Level 5 developed Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX for Square Enix. Some Dragon Quest diehards hope (dream?) that this meeting is about a new Dragon Quest game.


Square Enix announced Dragon Quest X for Wii back in 2008, but haven’t said anything about it since then.

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  • Ereek

    I’m not the biggest fan of some of Wada’s policies, but damn if his Twitter updates aren’t amusing.

    • They are amusing! What other CEO, aside from Hino-san, would mention Layton’s beady eyes.

  • Scallion

    A *NEW* DQ game?!What are the odds?

    • lostinblue

      If so, the dinner would be with Horii. He commands everything Dragon Quest.

  • krokounleashed

    Dragon Quest X is for 3DS, you will see.

    • Guest

      why do people keep saying this?
      dragon quest x is coming to the nintendo wii.

      old http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2008/12/dragon-quest-x/
      new http://www.gamingtarget.com/article.php?artid=11674

    • lostinblue

      I kinda bet that, “if” 3DS lifts off like DS did they’ll make DQXI for it, even because they like to do games for platforms with a userbase, and after DQX launches Nintendo will surely release a new console in less than 2 years. (meaning developing the next DQ for it would mean it would be coming too soon, for Horii’s way of doing stuff)

  • shion16

    DQ X FOR PS3 /360

    • Why so graphics whore, shion16? Japanese developers find the DS, or for that matter, 3DS, let alone the Wii, as more sensible platforms for DQ X.

      It’s cheaper to develop for any of the 3, in comparison to the PS360.

      • shion16

        its not the graphics, its just that Nintendo have a lot of dragon quest games in the wii and DS, why couldnt we have at least one dragon quest ?And about the price of develop, i dont think they have problems with that, we are talking about DRAGON QUEST

        • Kuza21

          Lol I’m gonna have to say that I would love to see the Dragon Quest world with Awesome graphics. and I’m far from a graphics whore. Agreeing with Shion16, Nintendo has gotten all of the DQ love and it seems like they forgot how great Dragon Quest VIII was. sigh*

        • Scallion

          They’re going to release DQ on the platforms with the biggest market share and the lowest overhead. Period.It’s just common sense. The game sells a lot of copies, so they’re going to put it on the platforms with the most possible users so they can sell even more copies, with the least amount of money spent on development, so they can get a bigger return.

        • lostinblue

          Wii only has spin-off’s so far, building up for a major title. This one.

      • Ereek

        I wasn’t aware that liking a 360 or PS3 automatically made you a graphics whore.

        • malek86

          Apparently so. It’s the new rule of the internetz.

          But as for me, I’m more of a technical whore. That is, I have no qualms at all playing with a Wii, but that Wii has to have the best picture quality possible. I can play with a five polygons Mario no problem, but those five polygons better not have any deinterlacing issues! And even the best of games can be ruined by dot crawling. Ok to bad graphics, not ok to lack of widescreen and 480p: that, my friend, is the true essence of a technical whore.

          On a more serious note (but mind you, what I wrote above is true for me), I don’t see anything wrong with liking good gameplay and good graphics. As long as the graphics don’t come first, of course.

      • Why so serious? He never mentioned graphics.

    • lostinblue

      It’s already on a deal with Nintendo, to promote it outside and stuff too. Stop dreaming, they probably have obligations from the point they announced the game since it’s clearly a deal of sorts.

      And it has a bigger userbase over there too.

      • Joanna

        yeah, I don’t get why people are port begging already when it’s been stated that DQX is on the Wii because of the deal SE pulled with Nintendo. I doubt Nintendo would sign for a timed exclusive after the amount of marketing they put into DQIX. But then again, you never know. Just seems like Nintendo is in a good position, unlike Microsoft, and could pull off a deal with unlimited exclusivity.

  • I don’t know why I’m getting this feeling that SE will ask Level-5 to do a remake of DQVII or hey a Rogue Galaxy sequel or DC3.

    EDIT: Maybe they’ll do True Fantasy Live Online or a DQ MMO.

    • Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud aka Dark Chronicle are properties of Sony Computer Entertainment. Since there is an IP conflict, a direct sequel from Square Enix is (sadly) highly unlikely.

      • Oh I forgot about that but it could be possible that they’re collaborating together for those titles.

    • lostinblue

      I don’t think they will. Artepiazza is there for the remakes and has shown to have the engine for it too, with Opoona. “If” they wanted a DQVII remake they’d go to them not level-5.

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