Aksys Rumbles On To WiiWare And DSiWare With Two Titles

By Spencer . August 2, 2010 . 8:56am

imageBlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale is finally available for DSiWare in North America. The PowerStone-eque BlazBlue spinoff also happens to be the first BlazBlue or “BlayzBloo” game on a Nintendo platform.


The other game is a WiiWare game we haven’t seen before. Deer Captor, a deer hunting game where players can hunt with a rifle, crossbow, or Wii Zapper, is also online.


Something that surprised me about Deer Captor is it’s developed by the same company that brought you BlazBlue. That’s right, Arc System Works is the developer and I believe this is a localized version of a WiiWare game simple called Hunting in Japan. Both titles are 500 WiiWare ($5) points.


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  • Why won’t Nintendo release some sort of DSiWare flash cart for those of us “stuck” with previous generation DS?? I’d love to try out some of these smaller games but I won’t invest in new hardware until the 3DS.

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      Well surely Nintendo, like any other commercial company, wants you to invest in new hardware so… I guess that’s one reason why.

      • ECM

        I imagine it’s primarily security reasons. (That and trying to market such a device.)

    • Guest

      Microsoft tried it with XBLA and they failed. I’m sure DSi compilation carts would fail just as bad.

      • I did say “flash cart”, not compilation. Basically stick the DSiWare store on a cartridge along with a MicroSD slot.

    • They are doing them…just not for the games you want! They have a retail cart version of Art Academy that they published in Japan recently. I believe Europe will be seeing that soon…

    • Joanna

      Seems like the 3DS isn’t far off and by the looks of things, it seems DSiWare will also be on the it (at least that is the impression I have so far). Hope Nintendo expands DSiWare to include bigger games and hopefully a Virtual Boy as well. :3

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I’m slightly disappointed in the highly limited choice of characters in this game, BlazBlue doesn’t have a massive cast to begin with. But I guess this is what they could squeeze into it. At least Jin is in.

  • I’m glad these little things are being localized. On a similar note, I noticed Arc System works released Blazblue Tools in English, that free iphone app advertised on Buru Raji. It’s just like a clock and stopwatch, etc. thingy but I didn’ t thing it would have an English version

  • Stayed up late just to see if Bloo was announced. Fun little game, something I’d love to see them continue to make with more features. I even like the little theme renditions for the stages. My only wish would be if they included codes or something to play with others far away since it seems you can’t use download play.

    As for the hunting game, I read about this last year, but couldn’t find any videos or even screenshots. Just a shirt they sold at a Comiket. If they made it about hunting Taokakas…

  • No online play?

    Why in the world would you release a title like this without online play?

    Well, explains the 5 dollar price tag. Single player won’t last many more than 20-30 minutes.

  • masuto

    $5 on BBSMBBR.

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