Tales Of Graces F Includes A Tale About Asbel’s Future

By Spencer . August 2, 2010 . 9:33am

imageAt Namco Bandai’s headquarters, producer Hideo Baba stepped up on stage to talk about Tales of Graces F.


As previously reported, Tales of Graces F is a PlayStation 3 version of last year’s Wii game scheduled for release in Japan this winter. The “F” at the end stands for “future”. Namco Bandai developed a playable epilogue called Genealogy of the Future which takes place six months after the events of Tales of Graces. This appears to be a big chunk of content since Impress Watch reports the voice acting script was 3/4 as long as Tales of Graces. The Genealogy of the Future episode will explain some of the game’s mysteries.


Tales of Graces F also includes new Genealogy of the Future costumes for Sophie, enhanced graphics, and Accelerate Mode.

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  • Dimentionalist


    Quick question. Could please you consider making this a main news story? Also, Namco recently got on Facebook and said their are no plans to localize ToG, and lots of fans went on and started swarming their page with comments…

    • zhemos

      Could you please direct us to the facebook page?

        • I’m not sure if anyone pointed this out before, but that’s the Facebook page for Namco Networks, a subsidiary which handles mobile or cell phone games, and not Namco Bandai Games America.

          • I tried pointing it out to see the reactions of people and they didn’t seem to care since they got two responses(second one came some time after my post) already.

          • thebanditking

            Honestly who cares Spencer, Bamco is a horrible company and every branch of it deserves a good lashing. Also given that its not the right division of Bamco they deserve the hate even more for being stupid enough to open their mouth when its not their place to. From where I sit, Namco Networks just let the cat out of the bag on Namco’s new Tales policy.

  • goronyan

    plus 50000 yen of dlc, right?

  • epy

    So, again the PS3 is vastly superior to the previous version. I’m done with expecting Namco Bandai bringing Tales of Anything to the West, so guess I’m glad they announced this before I imported the Wii version. I’m still happy to see Tales fans get a reaction from Namco Bandai with their perseverance, even if it was something that might as well have been a machine generated PR statement.

    On a side note, I always thought Baba was a funny last name….

  • Zeonsilt

    Tales of Graces and Tales of Vesperia are both great games.
    Why they don’t want to localize it?This is @#[email protected]%@#% -_-

  • malek86

    Well apparently that’s a lot of new content.

    I doubt it will make its way here though. Sony really oughta do something, but i know they won’t… they didn’t even want to do it with Demon’s Souls (though they admitted it came back to bite them in the butt. I loved that one).

  • joesz

    Just read this on famitsu..

    screw you Namco! I just bought tales of grace for the wii one week and 5 days ago and you do this to me….

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Ugh….for every Tales related news article that does not contain a NA release date my hate for Namco rises a little bit more.

  • OKAY, im gonna be optimistic and say our namco bandai hasnt announced tales of graces because they are waiting for the ps3 ver release, WHO IS WITH ME?!

    • Simon

      I’m with you on this one. Why would they not release it on Wii other than there being plans for the PS3 one long ago… better than releasing more Naruto games.

      • Don’t get your hopes up. The same was said for Tales of Vesperia and look at where that got us. Still no US release even announced for that one and I honestly doubt there ever will be.

        • Nope, is not the same, vesperia is already released for xbox, graces isnt released for wii :), so things may turn out differently this time… also, that is why i said im gonna try to be optimistic…

          • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too. Bamco does seem to give the PS Tales games alot more love, so we can always hope. :)

    • I want to be with you, but I feel like I’m taking back an abusive ex or something by trusting Namco.

    • thebanditking

      sadly my pessimistic attitude when it comes to Bamco prevents me from falling for this obvious trap.

  • Way to make excellent use of the Blu-Ray there Namco Bandai. You just bumped yourself up a little higher on my priority list for Christmas :)

  • cowcow

    Why doesn’t anyone ask these clowns why they refuse to release these games outside U.S.

    • thebanditking

      Because most journalists these days refuse to ask the hard questions. They are too afraid of tarnishing their relationship with the publishers, its really sad. I miss the old days when game journalism was taken seriously (like in Next-Gen mag) and editors/writers thought more about their readers then the publisher. The fans always have the best questions but even when fans have input into a Q&A no modern journalist picks the guy(s) asking the hard questions.

  • Times like these make Wii owners think that they have the lower end of the stick in the video game industry

    • epy

      They pretty much always have in my opinion, unless they LOVE dance and party games.

    • Well, you know, if you guys would actually buy the few good third party games that get released for it, maybe you’d have more games. This sold horribly in Japan, on the Wii, where it should’ve been a huge hit. Some people will make ridiculous excuses like, “Oh, it was too close to Final Fantasy XIII” or “Oh, it was too close to Tales of Vesperia PS3,” but they don’t seem to be taking into account that those were PS3 games. They shouldn’t have any effect on Wii sales. They didn’t stop the latest Mario game from selling, around the same time.

      I’m not even going to go into how poor third party sales for the few good games on the Wii are in North America. Do you think there would be the PSN and XBL ports of Dead Space: Extraction if the Wii sales weren’t an embarrassment?

      • malek86

        I gotta concur here. Iwata once showed a graph, where one could clearly see that third party sales on the Wii in Japan are very low, compared to the western territories. It was from a year ago, but i doubt things changed too much – the only notable third-party release this year was MH3, whereas Nintendo launched a pletora of games like WSR, Wii Party, NSMB, etc.What went wrong? Is it just a matter of not enough good games? I don’t think so. There have been a number of good third-party games on the Wii in Japan, but they didn’t really catch on. Maybe it’s a matter of demographics.

        • thebanditking

          Malek, its always been about demographics. The Wii (or most Nintendo home consoles) is just not the place to lauch a big flagship entry to a long running series, Nintendo fans primarily only buy Nintendo’s games. You know things are bad when more fuss is made over an Xbox Tales game then a Wii one in Japan of all places.

      • Joanna

        We do buy them…but that doesn’t mean everyone else will. And things like overlapping with PS3 games matter because the core gamers, those interested in titles like Tales of…, often have more than one system. Usually it’s Wii +PS3/360 (just a general observation from people I know who game). Such gamers will most often go get the game that they are most hyped for aka the one with the most advertising and pre-release hype (and I’m sure you don’t need to think about it too hard to realize which game that would be).As for Mario, you can’t really compare a platformer with massive casual appeal to something like Tales of… with more niche (for lack of a better word) appeal. Obviously games like Mario will do better and it’s not just cause Nintendo fans won’t buy non-Nintendo games. It’s cause casual (and I don’t mean this as something negative, people have responsibilities and can’t commit to every single game that crosses their path) players (and I mean those that play a 1-5 hrs. a week) just buy a game here and there and play it for half a year. Because they only play a game here or there, they go after the most hyped popular titles. So yeah, it matters when something is released, and what kind of game it is.

        • You can’t call the Tales series niche in Japan. In America, of course, but over there, it’s a lot bigger than it is over here. A lot.

          • Joanna

            Did you read what I wrote? I said “niche (for lack of a better word)”. Sure it’s popular in Japan, but it’s still not “main stream” in the sense of Mario, Dragon Quest, etc. These kinds of games get even people who don’t regularly game to turn on their system. I recall an article featuring Nintendo numbers in Japan, where there were a quite sizable number of “lapsed” (I don’t remember the actual term, so I’m using my own) players that picked up the controller for every big name game like Mario, DQ, etc, but would stop playing promptly after. Because this is a sizable number, I can’t call Tales of… main stream, so I just called it niche (for those that game regularly) because I couldn’t come up with a better word.

  • Joanna

    I would have preferred to get the Wii version….but if it’s that much added content, then I’ll be going with the PS3 version…that is if we ever get these games. >__>

  • ..just…give us…this…game.


    Namco, you don’t get to complain about Tales profits being down when you totally refuse to localize them in markets that will buy them.

  • Oh Namco Tales Studio… I wish I could love you but this whole thing is a heaping load of bullcrap. Seriously! It was bad enough when the American audiance was being screwed over with what was practically the “beta” version of Symphonia and Vesperia, and now you’re screwing over your JAPANESE audiance?! You’re making people pay full price for what SHOULD’VE been the original Wii release from the start! I mean, this would be like if you released Tales of the Abyss and cut the game off after the first fight with Van then rereleasing the game to see the rest! It’d be like cutting off Tales of Destiny’s story after you get the Eye of Atamoni back! THAT’S why you’re losing money Tales Studio. Sure, you get a lot of sales, but when you CONSTANTLY rerelease games with added content and all that jazz, you’re spending more then you earn because people decide that it’s not worth it to play Tales of Phantasia on 3 DIFFERENT SYSTEMS! Waiting to release the full game and POSSIBLY going multiplatform is a much better choice.

    • Have you ever looked at the sales of Tales of Graces? It did pretty poorly in Japan on the Wii. So, the “lots of sales” part didn’t happen for this game. That’s why it’s being ported in the first place.

      • Can you really blame it for selling poorly on the Wii? In almost every console tales game, every port has always had more content than the original. As if they’re giving us incomplete games. It happened in Tales of Symphonia, it happened in Tales of Vesperia, and it’s happening again now in Tales of Graces. The players have been buying the original version of the Tales games only to get kicked where it hurts when Namco Bandai (resisting to call them “Namco Baditts”) decides to re-release a newer, better version of the game. Most likely the Japanese Tales players were expecting this to happen again with Tales of Graces and they weren’t disappointed. It would explain why the Wii sales were so low when they were expecting Namco to pull this again.

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