Sega’s Shining Hearts Is A Traditional RPG For PSP

By Spencer . August 3, 2010 . 7:54pm

imageSega’s long running Shining series is coming to PSP with Shining Hearts.


This isn’t a strategy RPG like Shining Force or an action RPG. Shining Hearts is a traditional RPG where players help a girl who lost her heart and memory. Famitsu’s article says players can open a door to a person’s heart by living a heartful life.


Rick, the guy with a red scarf, is the main character. Airy, Neris, and Amil are his sisters.

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  • Kris

    SEGA needs to start localizing these! I’m still waiting for Shining Force Feather.

    • Kibbitz

      Well, if they ever localize it, I hope you enjoy it. I loved the scenarios and the voice-acting, but the gameplay mostly bored me, from what I can remember.

  • They’re his… sisters?? Woah mama.

    Kiss×Sis anyone?

    • MizuMikomi

      Its not incest its wincest! *Shot*

      Yay, Tony Taka! I love his character designs, and art style its just so… smooth I guess you could say… I would love for this to be localized, but if not, its on the PSP so I can always import~

    • Hraesvelgr

      Don’t worry, they will probably be unrelated by blood.

      • So were the characters in Kiss x Sis, but that was a borderline hentai show. This will be obviously be much more tamer.

  • joesz

    Yeah its written on the top of the page.
    It’s nice to see some tanned protagonist in the shining franchise.
    I’ve been waiting for some news from them.
    I Liked shining force,but,I liked the second one more.

  • ECM

    For the love of God, give us an SRPG via Camelot!

    • cowcow

      No I want a Virtua Fighter Rpg

      • So… Virtua Quest then? You know, the game released in 2004?

        • cowcow

          NOOOOOOOO!!! That game was horrible and an insult to VF!

          I’m talking about a full on Shenmue like experience

          • Shenmue… is not an rpg. O_o It’s an adventure game…

  • Sakurazaki

    Tony Taka, ftw.

    • Indeed! Didn’t know that others here were familiar with him. Although, I’m more familiar with the other games he was involved with…

  • “Shining Hearts is a traditional RPG where players help a girl who lost her heart and memory.”

    That sounds like a *terrible* story idea. I mean, AWFUL.

    Well… the Shining series was never known for good stories, but “traditional RPG” AND generic story? No way, man. God knows we need another amnesiac JRPG character.

    “players can open a door to a person’s heart by living a heartful life”

    I’m at a loss for words. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds atrocious…?

    • ECM

      No, but I long since gave on JRPGs for their compelling storylines. (Like, circa the early days of 32-bit.)

    • mirumu

      I like traditional RPGs, but I can’t help but agree with you. That’s the worst premise I’ve seen in some time. Of course it’ll likely sell anyway due to Tony Taka’s art.

    • It wasnt a bad idea, some years ago, when it was released, now it does sounds kinda cliche

    • Moriken

      That actually kinda sounds like Tales of Hearts!

  • And don’t forget that it’ll never come out here because Sega West is run by pussies who are only interested in selling crap like Alpha Protocol which rightly got slaughtered and generic Sonic crap. What happened to the old Sega who were willing to take risks and release lots of games from Japan.

    Look at it this way, we haven’t had the last few Shining games in the US (and we haven’t even had the PS2 ones in Europe!)

    • Hraesvelgr

      The last few Shining games were garbage, you missed nothing.

      • They may be supposedly garbage, but it would have been nice for Europeans to have been able to buy legit EU releases instead of pirating them or importing them from the US or Japan.

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          By that logic, why would it be nice to legitimately buy garbage…?

    • Bayonetta and Resonance of Fate would probably like to have a word.

      (Though I don’t completely disagree with you. 7th Dragon would probably have sold well to the Etrian Odyssey crowd, and instead they bring Sands of Destruction…)

  • IF they can make it work better than Shining Tears then they have a winner if they decide to localize it. Love T2 artwork!!

    If they decide to make it like Shining Tears then gameplay wise they lose. But I also need to get going and play it more.

    Storywise I´ve come to terms with that it means more in the mindset you set out with. I might be easy to please but give me some sorrow, love, intruging characters and I´m most often sold.

  • Zanasea

    Hiroki Kikuta is doing the soundtrack!

  • I really hope they release it here in the states and not make it only available in japan like Shining Wind

  • malek86

    Perhaps it’s a kickback to the old days of Shining in the Darkness, or the Holy Ark. That would be pretty cool.

  • d19xx

    The girl in blue looks like Bridget with tits.

  • Dear Sega,

    Please stop, these games are atrocious, not only an insult to the amazing Shining Games of the past but truly straight up awful games in and of themselves. The blandest, most soulless, churned out RPGs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve played a lot of RPGs.

    Yours sincerely, a one-time huge shining fan :(

  • Tony Taka art on my psp? I aprove the idea.

  • gatotsu911

    I like how they’ve “modernized” the character designs for the moe era. Makes me want to… ugh.

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