A Sequel To The 3rd Birthday Would Be In HD, Says Nomura

By Spencer . August 5, 2010 . 6:08pm

imageTetsuya Nomura has been busy tweeting in the wee hours of the night about The 3rd Birthday. After reminding readers of how the game switched from mobile phones to PSP, Nomura discussed the possibility of a console version.


“In the case of a sequel can be made the next one will be a HD version.”


Earlier in the Twitter feed, director Hajime Tabata, discussed the relationship with Hexadrive the company who is co-developing the game with Square Enix. Hexadrive also handled Rez HD. Anyway, they had a multiplatform engine ready and wanted to make a HD console game. At first the studio weren’t interested in making a PSP title, but changed their minds after Tabata convinced them.


Nomura also addressed questions about a hardware bundle on Twitter. “I think there are no plans related to a bundle,” Nomura wrote. Nomura also said a playable demo of The 3rd Birthday is under consideration.


The same goes for downloadable Game Archives versions of Parasite Eve 1 and Parasite Eve 2. “In relation to PE 1, 2 for Game Archives, we’re looking into it, please wait a bit longer. In relation to connections with past titles, the timeline is the same, the setting is carried over, the story starting with this title has the feeling of being new,” said Nomura.

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  • joesz

    A sequel is under consideration even though the game has not been released yet?
    well,My thoughts here is that they should have done it in HD before starting it as a psp title.
    Anyway,this game has some nice graphic.But honestly as for me,I tend to focus on the story rather then the graphic of the games.

  • Ereek

    The mere thought of another PE game drives me absolutely insane.

    I reallyhope this one does well.

  • Finalstar2007

    PS3 please!

    • Joanna

      Chances are it will be. PE has been on a Sony system for all it’s life.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    That’s all I wanted to hear.
    But I’m pretty sure the sales of the PSP version will be the true deciding factor in the end.

  • Hey Nomura. Instead of worrying about a sequel to The 3rd Birthday, how about worrying about what you’ve already got on the table and make a sequel to Parasite Eve 2 already. Christ.

    This guy really needs to quit counting his chickens before they hatch.

    • ShinGundam

      You are annoying : He answered a fan question about sequel , any problem with that ? seriously

      • Oh right. I’m annoying because HE decides to answer a fan question about a sequel for a game that isn’t even out yet and won’t address a sequel for a game that has been out for 10-11 years (depending on whether we are talking about the JP or NA release). Yeah, okay, lol.

        Nice logic you got there, guy.

        • He kind of did address a direct sequel to Parasite Eve. The 3rd Birthday is a new start for Aya and it seems like any future games with her will branch off T3B.

          • Typical Nomura being a troll, lol. Instead of working on an actual sequel, he works on a spin-off, then makes a sequel of that. I’m sure later there will be a spin-off of a spin-off. I really get sick of this guy sometimes, lol.

          • Pretty sure they don’t have the Parasite Eve license anymore.

    • NeoTechni

      Parasite Eve 2 sucked.

      And this game is the sequel to Peve2.

  • xxx128

    Can hardly wait. I so hope this is as good or better than the first two games.

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