A Tour Of Ruli Island

By Spencer . August 5, 2010 . 6:47pm

The Last Story is set on Ruli Island. While the continent Ruli Island is linked to by a harbor has been devastated by wars, Ruli Island continues to thrive and is rich with resources.


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Elza, the protagonist of The Last Story, lives in Ruli City, the heart of the island. This grand city is more than a plaza and main street. Ruli City has many small alleys to walk through. The layout was inspired by French and Italian villages.


02_1[1] 02_2[1] 02_3[1] 02_4[1] 02_main[1]


Mercenaries came to Ruli Island seeking work and fame. Elza and his friends are part of this group. Mercenaries are given dirty jobs like slaying monsters. People generally try to avoid mercenaries because of their work. Knights, on the other hand, are respected and have a stable life. Elza and other mercenaries dream that one day they will be able to become knights.


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  • Gorgeous!!! This can’t be a Wii game…

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      It just goes to show people once again, that if developers ACTUALLY tried, they CAN make a good looking Wii game.

    • is like a ps2 game >8D

      • Tak Fujii says: not funny.

        • Okay, okay, this is for a nintendo console, so… is like a gamecube game >8D, after all zelda twilight princess could be played in the gamecube as well, haha, darn…, there is so much more the gamecube could do, i wonder what went wrong with it, maybe the mini cds?

    • EvilAkito

      Well, it’s gorgeous in terms of art direction, and the screens look great in thumbnail form, but when you view the full-size image, it starts to look a little more like a Wii game.

      Either way, I see a lot of potential for this game. I haven’t been impressed with too many RPGs this gen, but I’ll remain optimistic about Last Story for now.

  • Aoshi00

    Game looks beautiful, can’t wait.. I like the eye patched guy and the chick w/ the wild red hair :) Pls no delay..

    • vrakanox

      Those were my favorite ones also lol.

      • Aoshi00

        The eye patched guy shaking when he saw the giant monster at the beginning of the trailer left an impression on me, like “oh noes, I have depth perception problem” lol Also the chick looks spunky w/ her tattoo :)

  • hadjimurad

    so far, looks like what i’ve been wanting on the wii. reminds me a bit of FFXII, which to me, is a good thing.

    • lostinblue

      looks like a mix of FFXII with Zelda TP+oblivion.

      I never liked how oblivion looked to be honest, neither do I do like it now, but I gotta say they took only the good bits from it (not the wonky facial system or the overbloom everywhere, and the Zelda TP/FFXII parts compensate over it to make a balance)

      Beautiful game, no doubt.

      • cowcow

        Western developers dont know how to make good looking RPGs. They’re too caught up with trying to make everything photo realistic which just turns out creepy looking and ugly. Games dont have to look like real life. I always said they should team up with popular comic and graphic novel artists so we can get some artistic flair and style on the West side of gaming but no one listens to me…

        • andref

          But not all japanese style art is always that great, alot of times (my opinion) they love to use anime style art or bright palette sets. Personally i prefer a gothic art style the best and I like the art direction that The Last Story has and makes me wonder that if this developer can make graphics on the wii look this good why do very few developers take the time to work on their art a bit.

        • Hraesvelgr

          On the other hand, Japanese developers don’t know how to make good looking RPGs because they try and turn anime into 3D and end up with creepy doll looking characters, a la SO4. I think that style of art transfers to 2D and cel-shading much better than pure 3D, personally.

  • Jeebs

    Anyone else just fall in love with the art style?

    I think the FF Crystal Chronicles series should head in this direction.

  • Roses4Aria

    This looks soooooo good! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it comes to the US or I’m gonna cry. :(

  • Joanna

    I’m still crossing my fingers that this and XenoBlade come here!

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