How To Slam Enemies With Spells In The Last Story

By Spencer . August 5, 2010 . 12:30pm

The Last Story has an action based battle system where you control Elza, a young mercenary. During fights, Elza has to draw monsters away from allies casting spells with his mysterious gathering ability.



See the number 16? That’s the amount of time it takes for Jackal, one of the party members to cast a spell. As soon as Jackal starts to chant enemies target him. If they hurt Jackal they can cancel the spell.



Elza uses his gathering ability to draw enemies towards him instead of Jackal. A blue light emits from Elza’s hand when he uses this power.



The enemies direct their attention towards Elza while Jackal continues to go. Only two seconds (? or count?) to go!



Elza keeps the enemies busy long enough for Jackal to hit a group with ice magic.


Lines that connect players and enemies called “pointers” let you know who is targeting who. Players can use this information to their advantage when deciding to use Elza gathering ability.


07_1[1] 07_2[1] 07_3[1] 07_4[1] 07_main[1]


A mysterious power has been simmering inside Elza. On his first mission, Elza enters a cave in Ruli Island and the power is unlocked. What is the nature of this power? Is it the gathering ability?


05_1[1] 05_2[1] 05_3[1]

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  • This looks so cool…. but im worried about wii’s frame rate drops D:

    • There’s much better looking games out that run smooth, I’d worry more about this not leaving Japan.
      I know I am. My Japanese is not solid enough for this kind of game.

  • OneOkami

    Buntar0, Xenoblade looks worse and suffers slowdown. To be fair, though, many of the areas are expansive and that could contribute. Dunno how “wide open” this game will get at times.

    BTW, I can’t see Nintendo localizing Xenoblade but not localizing this.

  • andref

    The only peculiarity i’m feeling now is the name Elza, reading this article makes me feel confused because i keep thinking Elza sounds like a girl’s name….

    • Hraesvelgr

      Elza is a unisex name, as far as I’m aware. It does seem a bit more “feminine” to me, too, though. Perhaps Elza is secretly female.

      • andref

        well that’s the thing with unisex names, but i think it more has to do with who you see more with that name. For one thing the name “Andre” I once found out can also be a girl’s name and i always associated it with men.

        • Aoshi00

          It reminds me of the ship Elsa in Xenosaga. I suppose it depends on which gender you first assoicate the name w/. Like Terry Bogard in Fatal Fury, back then I thought it sounded like a guy name but my cousin said it was a girl name and guy should be Terrence. Unisex names are cool though, I like Ashley or Shinobu as guy names because of Ashley Riot and Sensui Shinobu (YuYu Hakusho’s villain) even though they’re used for girls mostly nowadays. Also I knew a kid named Shannon in school back then, so it doesn’t sound weird to me as a guy’s name. People w/ girl sounding names would probably get made fun of though.. Elza here sounds okay to me, in Jpn it probably makes even less of a difference as Eruza, like the name Shulk in Xenoblade sounds stupid, but said in Jpn, Shuruku it ain’t that bad lol

      • cowcow


  • nyobzoo

    this isn’t really anything new, I mean the whole, magic spells gets cancelled when hit, has been in many games

  • A man named Elza?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Unisex name…

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Ya know, video would be nice.
    But cool nonetheless.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Huh, sounds like the gathering ability is of more importance than I initially thought. Actually that kind of feature rarely “gathers” (sorry) much interest from me, so I’ll hope for more information about other aspects of the game in the future. Like further points of interest in regards to the locals of Ruli Island.

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