Nippon Ichi Cancels Three Games

By Spencer . August 6, 2010 . 3:40am

imageNippon Ichi announced three titles, which were in development as of last year, have been canceled.


After evaluating the quality of the titles and current market conditions, Nippon Ichi decided to cease further development. Canceling these games cost Nippon Ichi 21 million yen ($244,000), which was posted as a one time special loss for the company.


No names were given so it seems like the canceled games were unannounced titles.

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  • Schwer_Muta

    *insert Asagi joke here*

    • I bet one of the games canceled was one where she’d FINALLY get to be the star.

  • Hope those were their psp games and not their ps3 games at least.

    Still a shame to see them go, they should have at least shown them to see how people reacted first

  • LastFootnote

    Man, this is depressing. I wish they hadn’t made so many bad decisions. I’m guessing Disgaea 4 and perhaps a La Pucelle sequel were among the games cancelled?

    Why are they completely halting development as opposed to suspending it? I’m not a businessperson; this decision baffles me.

    • There is no way they’d cancel Disgaea 4. It’s been announced—and if there’s one game that could pull NIS out of a financial rut, D4 is it.Given their 2009 lineup (a glut of ports and budget price re-releases…two of these being PS2 games) and how disastrous that was for them financially, I’m guessing most if not all of what got the axe were more PS2->PSP ports originally intended for a late 2010 release. Maybe Soul Nomad and/or Makai Kingdom, or a few of their Japanese-only releases.

      • LastFootnote

        Well, I hope you’re right, but Disgaea 4 isn’t on their site yet, whereas Phantom Brave Portable and two Hayarigami 3 ports have just been officially announced. WTF?

        • I might actually be wrong about it being announced (whoops) but I only see two possibilities here w/r/t Disgaea 4. NIS releases it, or NIS folds before they can release it. I don’t think the latter will happen, but I do think D4 is that important to the company’s bottom line.The Hayarigami 3 news is about a downloadable Flash mini-game being added to the site and a budget price version of the PSP port, so don’t get too het up about that. :) There is a new Hayarigami port for iPhone, but given DS and PSP versions existed prior to that I doubt it required much in the way of resources. (Plus cellphone development seems to be pretty cheap anyway…)

          • Pichi

            It wasn’t formally announced. I know we had a postcard with the possibly main characters of the D4 cast. And I believe NISA themselves informally said something of looking forward to Tokyo Game Show.

          • ZeroBlitz

            It hasn’t been ‘officially’ announced but someone at NIS recently said we’d be hearing about the next Disgaea at TGS.

            Edit: Pichi beat me to it.

    • Methylene

      Well, the sequels to La Pucelle were announced, and this says they were probably un-announced games?

      Hey, I’m trying to stay positive here, but even I have to admit I think LP was cut.

    • Exkaiser

      They’re completely halting development because they feel they weren’t going to be high-quality products and did not feel like printing games that wouldn’t sell in a bad economy.

  • cmurph666

    Not Disgaea 4. Not Disgaea 4. Not Disgaea 4. Not Disgaea 4. Not Disgaea 4.

    • i dont think they would cancel one of the tittles that makes NIS, NIS xD

      • cmurph666

        I wouldn’t think so. In fact I think I recall someone saying keep an eye out at this years TGS… I guess time will tell…

  • evilmoogle

    We ALL know it’s Makai Wars… AGAIN!

  • Methylene

    Please let it not be La Pucelle 2, please!

  • Aw that’s too bad D:, but well, maybe is for the best? As they say, running is also part of the strategy, whatever to stay alive!

  • Exkaiser

    This goes hand-in-hand with what they said earlier regarding Z.H.P.’s development. Develop less games, make better ones.

    But don’t worry, Disgaea 4 definitely didn’t get the ax.

    • ForeverFidelis

      D’aw thanks a lot. Ahaha, You cost me a comment.

      I was going to ask whether or not it was disgaea 4.

      • ForeverFidelis

        Whoops, apparently everyone else already did that..

  • nyobzoo

    maybe it was those 360 titles *oh snap*

    also only cost $244k for the 3 games? wonder how much the PS3 games cost to make for them

    • malek86

      It’s $244k just for the amount of work that had ben put until then. I doubt it was the final cost.

  • I believe one of them was a PS3 game that was a remake of the ps2 one.

    • Kunio_kun

      3, 2, one, contact?

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    This makes me sad

  • kupomogli

    I hope none of those games were Prinny 3.

    • It can’t be… Since Prinny 2 was in production last year. Though that would suck xD

  • Code

    rar, sad news makes me sad T_T’

  • Well…just as long as you guys don’t go down, NIS….

  • I bet it was makai wars poor asagi

  • MizuMikomi

    Makai Wars anyone? *Shot*

    Seriously, I do hope Asagi gets her own game some day and quits being comic relief, and the most epic cameo in Disgaea, and NIS titles… IMO

    • I kinda like that she’s never had her own game. I think it’ll diminish her as a character if she ever gets around to being the main character.

  • mikedo2007

    Very sad to hear NIS is forced to canceled 3 games. I wonder what those were.

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