Radio Allergy: Noir Massive Shooting For Xbox 360 Release

By Spencer . August 6, 2010 . 12:17am

imageMilestone is joining shoot ‘em up makers like Cave and G.Rev by porting one of their games to the Xbox 360. Radio Allergy: Noir Massive is in development. Its a port of Radio Allergy: Noir, which was released on Wii earlier this year.


The Xbox 360 version, according to an Amazon leak, contains the original arcade game, three new modes, online leaderboards, and a gallery mode for maniacs.


Amazon says they’ll have Radio Allergy: Noir Massive in stock on October 14. Milestone, however, have not announced a release date.



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  • malek86

    I wonder how it’s going to be received. Unlike the Wii, the 360 already has a big park of good shooters… people might ignore this one (if it’s anything like Radirgy, I know I would).

    • Aoshi00

      UFO kinda messed up Radirgy on Ultimate Shooting Collection, w/ part of the screen cut off, it wasn’t that fun for me either.. If there’s a shmup that truly deserves to be sold as a XBLA title, this would be it.. I just got Senko no Rone Duo and it’s hard to play it w/ an arcade stick :(….

      • Code

        rar, do want! If arcade stick isn’t working for you, maybe just try the regular control? Regular control works great for the original imo, shoulder buttons act as shortcuts, although I think the original Senko is a lot slower and methodical from the looks of it. I guess just keep trying til you find what’s comfortable.Although I hear there’s a glitch with customizing controls, that makes it so you can’t do combination inputs, so be careful that you aren’t stuck up because of that. Not sure of the specifics or if it’s been patched yet.

        • Aoshi00

          I think the controller might work better for this game, it’s been a long time since I’ve played the first one. For shmups usually it’s 3-4 btns so arcade stick is great, but Senko has a lot of commands, it’s like you need to use everything including both set of shoulder btns.. I haven’t checked if you could combine btns, will need to look into that. I just used the stick since I figure that’s the real way to play it in the arcades. There are a lot of dialogue/cutscenes to go thru though in the story mode, so controller might be more convenient. I got used to playing most danmaku w/ the stick by now, but still suck at fighters like SFIV and BlazBlue, need a lot of practice..

          • Code

            There are 4 main buttons in Senko which all combine together to activate additional functions, if you can’t assign spare buttons to “button combinations” a standard controller might be more helpful. Plus the shortcut’s on the shoulder buttons are pretty natural, so I wouldn’t sweat it either way >w<'Although, this might be really helpful for sorting out some of those issues though if your going to try and play via arcade stick. yeahh, rar, I can share similar feelings about fighters lately T_T’ I felt like I was just starting to get a leg up on Blazblue, and then Continuum Shift turns everything on it’s ear. rarr, poor Tao, sure you didn’t get nerfed badly, but maan those little nerfs you did get are rough stuff to get use to!

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for the helpful chart, the combos totally work. It would be better to use those on the stick since the shortcuts work better w/ the controller’s shoulder btns, but I’m training myself to play these in the “real way” :) I think the game is still very strategic just like a fighter. There are two free DLCs now for extra scenarios on Jpn LIve, you might want to grab them first :)

          • Ah! That reminds me I need to track down some Japanese Microsoft Points so I can buy the Wartech (Senko no Ronde) DLC! It supposedly works with the U.S. game. Also I just broke down and bought Sengoku Blade (Sega Saturn) from eBay! :)

          • Code

            rar a Senko player +o+!?

          • Aoshi00

            Which DLC do you want to get, I see a lot of them like the SenkoRo Academy or SD costumes, but I don’t really know what they do, make your chars look different in the portraits? You have chked the Jpn DLC works w/ the US game right? Sometimes they are of the same build (like Megaman/Rockman 9 & 10) sometimes they aren’t, giving you two separate sets of achievement like Deathsmiles. I wish all those stuffs were unlockables.

            I don’t have many Jpn points left, like 1850, and they’re not even enough for a Game on Demand that cost like 2000 MS pts.. I see YesAsia is selling it and this guy on ebay which has the best point per dollar ratio, but they’re not cheap..



            Awesome you got Sengoku Blade, the box art is just so nice right :)? I just don’t see them putting it on PSN or XBLA any time soon.. good thing you got the Saturn ver since the PS2 compilation (first game Ace & sequel Blade) cut out the voices in the cutscenes.

          • Thanks for the links Aoshi00! Yes the DLC is for extra costumes I think, I don’t know what the Academy thing is. I’ve read that the DLC is compatible with the U.S. version, I just hope Microsoft can’t ban my console for downloading from the Japanese Marketplace?

            I’m glad I bought the Sega Saturn version too, even though I didn’t realize the PS2 version cut out content. Just something awesome about playing good games on my Saturn as opposed to my PS2… even though I do like having a wireless controller (Logitech PS2).

    • thaKingRocka

      I wasn’t particularly impressed with this game on DC or Wii. I may buy it just because I keep spending money to support a genre I adore, but will never be a contender in. This game would be best published as a downloadable title as Aoshi said. I liked Triggerheart and its price tag definitely contributed to my positive feelings toward it.

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