Final Fantasy Versus XIII World Map Feels Like 2D Final Fantasy In HD

By Spencer . August 8, 2010 . 11:09pm

imageFinal Fantasy Versus XIII doesn’t have an open world. The upcoming PlayStation 3 game has the feeling of a 2D Final Fantasy game in HD.


“There have been many questions related to the field, it is not a completely open world, it has the feeling of a 2D FF in HD,” Tetsuya Nomura tweeted. However, the game does not use a top down perspective with a sprite on a map. Nomura says Final Fantasy Versus XIII world looks like the screenshots and players will move through the world from that perspective.


Nomura also said he is casting roles for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. In fact, Final Fantasy Agitio XIII is next after The 3rd Birthday’s voice recording finishes.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII will not be at Gamescom, though. Nomura said, like E3, The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts will be there.

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  • Kris

    Dammit, Nomura, just show the game off already! Your rabid fans are waiting!

  • Scallion

    Oh, so it’ll be only slightly less linear than XIII?Instead of being held by the hand, you’ll have one alternate hallway with a sparkly icon indicating an item hidden behind the walls of a pre-rendered background?

    • mach

      You know, just like every Final Fantasy game ever.

      • malek86

        Except maybe the first one.

  • Happy Gamer

    FFXIII was one great ride. but that’s it. i felt like watching a pretty good movie and not a game. im not bashing really. i had a tremendously fun time playing it and even farmed to get best weapon etc. its just that it felt so empty…
    i loved the item collecting aspects, like weapon, armor, shield etc. in the older ones. and finding items that gave u skills etc. i really miss the exploration aspects of FFXIII.
    if FXIII was more FF IX style in game play but had the combat system of 13 etc. man…it woulda owned so hard.

    i had more fun playing bayonetta this year and it wasn’t even an RPG.
    but all in all XIII was a good game. but i def don’t recommend it to FF veterans who havn’t played it. as a stand alone, “just another game” i think it’s fantastic. hard to say it was a “role playing game” tho…

  • godmars

    I feel that Square can’t boast about anything for Verses – without pictures – because of their excuses for not including towns in XIII or making a FFVII remake in general.

  • malek86

    Why am I finding it increasingly difficult to care about Nomura?

    • hyuver

      Because everytime he said something everyone hype it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But when you play it, it’s pretty generic? Happen to me all the time!

      I think the world map going to be like DQ8, FF12, and SO4, nothing special about it.

      • malek86

        I don’t know, maybe it’s just because the guy appears everywhere lately. There’s a Squenix game, there’s him. I’m getting a bit tired.

        • godmars

          Yeah, he is getting into Peter Molyneux territory. Making grand promises. Over projecting them utterly failing to deliver.

          Its not helping that he’s got his hand in several productions.

      • midgard229

        kingdom hearts series, world ends with you generic? wtf u smokin willis!

        and um uhh u named 3 different world maps…..why the F wud u do that? they are not even alike.

        the world map in this game is going to be big, and u can fly ships and use vehicles, something not done since ps1.

        i dont know how different and unique a world map can be and what ur expecting, but to me being able to even get on skyscrapers is something most games cant do, especially while fighting.

        i think u 16 year old cry baby wanna be gamers just need to stfu and go play COD or mass effect

        • hyuver

          I agree TWEWY is one of his better work, but Kingdom Heart really? :s guess we have different taste then.

          Oh and I am a lot older than 16 years old :p

          • MisterNiwa

            Well, he is one of this fanboys you were talking about.

            But seriously, Kingdom Hearts is one hell of a game. There are qualities about it that most Gamers just skip because they don’t like the concept at all.

            Being a Hardcore Gamer is just like being a Gourmet, you have tastes that normal eating people can’t really tell because they ate the normal stuff with lots of chemical products in it.

            Nothing bad about this, but these people tend to forget something while playing a high quality game as Kingdom Hearts.

            Tetsuya Nomura may be overhyped but only by the people who say “Final Fantasy 7 is tha best RPG evarrr”, which is definetly not the case.

            I say Chrono Trigger is the best RPG of all time, but that doesnt make me hype every single title by the developer of Chrono Trigger, does it?

            Sorry… But I totally forgot what I actually wanted to say in this post…
            I got from being a gamer to being a culinarian… I’m confused so I will just stop now.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

            It couldn’t have been better said :D

    • ShinGundam

      Because there is a lot of rapid haters in this site gunning on any Nomura related, they are very active negative campaign. Personally, I don’t see problem with Nomura because fans ask about games and he answered them, any problem with that : ?

  • Pesmerga00

    Hmm. I’m cautiously optimistic. I want to get excited, but without any real gameplay info, or screenshots its hard to do so.

    I hope Versus will be a more classic take on the FF series. I love exploring, and interacting with NPCs, as long as it has that I will be happy. A good battle system wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Choppasmith

      I’m in the same boat as you. Considering I though KHII was just pure fun to play, and that Versus was going to be the same team of developers, I’m cautiously optimistic that they can deliver an overall solid title.

    • Code

      Yep this about where I stand on it too. rar, I’m optimistic and look forward to see what the game’s like, but until more details, screens, gameplay and information is out, I’m mostly playing/following/watching other stuff. I’m not sure where all the Nomura haters come from with this kind of project, given how unappealing Square’s other (more western influenced z_z;) titles have been for me lately. At least with Nomura kicking around it’ll retain some Japanese flavor.

  • “There have been many questions related to the field, it is not a completely open world, it has the feeling of a 2D FF in HD”Please do your homework, Nomura. I don’t know about YOU, but all of the 2D FF titles I ever played (yes..even the original) was an open world environment. You could walk around, do your own thing and just go explore (this was most noticeable in FFVI).I’m getting a little tired of having to 1UP Nomura after everything he says. The next time he decides he wants to answer, “fan questions” or Tweet about something, maybe he should do a little studying so he doesn’t make himself look like a noob when he gives an answer or says something which is obviously false.

    • chaoticrealm

      I think what he means by that particular statement is that it isn’t open world in the same sense that it has come to be known today, like with recent titles Red Dead Redemption and Fallout, rather they went for the retro feel of older Final Fantasy games..

    • midgard229

      yeeeaaaaah ummmm u obviously havent played the old final fantasy’s then lol. i think he means yes u can go to a dungeon and get owned but u cant skip towns that are meant to be skipped or just get to the final stage just by walking there. obviously there will be things blocking it, like guards saying u cant pas through yet, u need a pass etc…..if u ever even played a jrpg then u wud know what im talking about.

      this is actually going to be a world to explore, not just a city like GTA….maybe mor elike just cause where u can travel all over.

      • Code

        rar, Midgard229 please, oh please, take some time and spell out your posts. I’m not trying to knock you, and I think you have some solid ideas your trying to convey, but they are really getting lost in this chunky shorthand-texting-language. I mean there’s always leeway with shorthand, sure, but this is a little much. @TetsuyaHikari: Well you can always take a break of having to respond to all his comments, lol. I’m sure he’ll shed a single tear when he visits siliconera sees you no longer posting in topics related to him >w<'

        Seriously though I always found older FF's weren't so much open world as they are like a tree branching formula, you can't access everywhere from the get go, but as you progress you gradually gain access to being able to get around the map whole. Then usually around 3/4's through or the end you can access everything. It's not truly open world until a certain point, but all those original FF titles, really did create a strong sense of it being an open world.

    • Please do your homework, Nomura. I don’t know about YOU, but all of the 2D FF titles I ever played (yes..even the original) was an open world environment. You could walk around, do your own thing and just go explore (this was most noticeable in FFVI).

      I totally agree with you, when I read that statement by Nomura I was all, “Uh, does he even know what he’s saying? That doesn’t actually sound like anything new to me.” Essentially I read it to be him saying “Sorry for getting your hopes up but Versus isn’t going to bring any fresh ideas, we’re just going to pretend it will.”

      (And for the record, I’m not actually a Nomura hater, just someone who’s gotten very disappointed with how the FF series has lost its soul in the interests of making money.)

  • karasuKumo

    I’m confused I thought there were scans of an “open-world” area that explained the use of cars even airships. It sounds like a complicated way of saying the areas are split into sections like XIII but larger like the plains of Gran Pulse.

    People need to stop hating Nomura, he went from a basic monster designer to leading projects and being involved in a lot of them, you are seeing a lot of him for a reason. Have some respect.

    • Joanna

      I personally do not like Nomura’s character designs, but I have liked some of the games he’s headed, so I guess you’re right.

  • I was kind of hoping for an actual open world, but this is fine. Anything that isn’t a series of straight, narrow hallways is welcome.

    …And I still like Nomura, mainly due to his work on TWEWY. Look, at least he isn’t rushing this. Remember that this game is still in development, so cut him some slack. Anyway, I don’t think he’ll mess this up. Don’t make me regret saying that.

  • mach

    It’s disconcerting that Nomura hasn’t even cast actors for Versus and Agito. These games have been in development for over four years, yet they haven’t so much as started recording yet? How much longer do we have to wait?

    And why is it that The 3rd Birthday, a game that presumably started development long after the XIII titles, is already well underway with recording? Is Nomura just that slow? Forget renaming it Final Fantasy XV. At this point Versus will probably end up being Final Fantasy IXX.

  • Chow

    It sounds like the world map would be more like a combination of Resident Evil’s pre-rendered backgrounds and FFX/XII/XIII’s “world map”, if it’s the case. Kinda sounds like a downgrade somehow.

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