Tetsuya Nomura Has Several Unannounced Titles Coming Before Versus And Agito

By Spencer . August 8, 2010 . 11:47pm

kh_nomWhile Tetsuya Nomura said Final Fantasy Agito XIII voice recording sessions will start after The 3rd Birthday, Agito isn’t the next game on Square Enix’s release list. Nomura said, over Twitter, there other unannounced games will be released first.


"There are several unannounced titles. These will go before Agito and Versus. Some have voice recording completed. Announcements will happen in Japan," Nomura affirmed.


This reminds me of a patent we found, registered to Tetsuya Nomura, for a puzzle RPG battle system. Square Enix, so far haven’t said anything about that idea.

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  • JustaGenericUser

    How about actually finishing the crap you’re working on now instead of having 50000 titles qued? This is why Square-Enix games take 10 years to complete.

  • joesz

    Interesting…..square enix is trying to dominate the main market?They have been very active,especially this year.And yes,I want dissidia 2!

  • “Square Enix is proud to announce: ‘Kingdom Hearts: death through dreams’. A brand new Kingdom Hearts title filled with important plot details to ensure you need to play this in order to follow the increasingly complex plot to the franchise!

    Coming soon, only on that one console you don’t own!”

    • Obvious fakery. That subtitle makes way too much sense to be KH-related.

  • Scallion

    I’ve got an idea for your next game, Mr. Nomura!
    It’s about a video game designer who stamps his name on so many tepid projects and spin-offs of those projects and shameless rip-offs of new trends that after a while, everyone around him tunes out. It’s a puzzle-RPG, and objective is to make a shell in the shape of what his career used to look like by using 10,000 yen notes.

  • Kaoro

    Something has been bothering me for a long time.

    What’s the deal with “KH 358/2 days”? Can someone explain if that title has any real meaning? KH 179 days? KH Almost-a-year-but-cut-in-half days? KH Math Tutor days?

    • Ereek

      It’s actually said as “358 and 2 Days.” Then add 5 more, and you have the week from the beginning of KH2. That’s the year that Sora was. . .well, any more and it would be spoilers.

      • Kaoro

        Thanks :). I’m going to retry the series with BbS, but I tried to complete KH1 this summer and it was too excruciating. I couldn’t take the repetitive gameplay and terrible camera anymore.

        I’ll probably just google a story synopsis of the first few games.

        • KH2 really fixes the camera and tries to add a lot more variety to the combat (hampered by the triangle commands and the fact that most abilities drain MP which you also need in order to heal).

          Also features gummi ship segments that are actually fun (plays like panzer dragoon lite)

  • why did they even tell us about these games if they never intended them to come out….

    • Joanna

      what do you mean by that? If you mean in Japan, yes they are coming out, they just haven’t been announced yet. If they weren’t coming out at all, why would Nomura claim they will be out before Agito and Versus? If you mean in North America, we don’t know yet, so it’s hard to tell whether they will be coming here (unless you’ve been to the future). Either way, your comment is nonsensical.

  • SeventhEvening

    To be completely honest, I don’t even believe Versus exists anymore. It has been so long that I might deny it’s existence even if I held it in my hand.

    If it ever actually ends up in my PS3, armageddon might kick in.

  • PersonaBull

    I can’t wait for everyone to be butthurt about Versus being unsatisfying.

    “Hey guys we’re still working on getting this game just right. We acknowledge we’re taking a while, and we’d like to assure you we are still making progress. Just so you know, there will be a couple more plenty entertaining games coming out in the meantime! Enjoy!”

    Seriously, working on other projects isn’t what’s holding up your precious Versus. They’re just getting it right. Do you want a rushed piece of crap or a well-done fully-satisfying game?

    • I don’t think their “it’s late but it’s because we’re getting it just right” strategy really worked for FFXIII though. Despite all the delays that they claimed were made in the interests of making sure the game was perfect, I’m playing FFXIII right now and finding it breathtakingly gorgeous but utterly souless. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like playing a game was a chore, but FFXIII’s making me feel that way. *sigh*

      So I’d say that their strategy falls short for me. I like my beautiful graphics as much as any other person, but “getting the game right” isn’t just about the graphics, it’s about making a game that’s actually fun to play.

      • PersonaBull

        To me, FFXIII was an enormous step up from FFXII. Yea, it looks pretty, but I genuinely enjoy the battle system, too. I really liked the character development. I liked how they started you right into the fray, not building it up from some would-be hero’s silly venture turned world-saving-epic.

        The game had too many reasons for most people to dislike it because it was strange and different, even though it was mostly an accumulation of my favorite games’ best points.

        Regardless of my opinion of FFXIII, what you said makes my general point I started out with. I can’t wait for people to whine about Versus just like they did FFXIII. It gets hyped up into some specific idea of what the game could be like, so no matter what the game will never meet expectations. All the while, plenty of other games aren’t given a chance to be appreciated (such as Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. That game had quality story and solid gameplay, but people were too hung up on not getting KH3 any time soon that they started playing with a negative attitude). How can you enjoy a game when you’re so busy being pissed at it for not being what you wish it would be?

        Sorry for the wall of text, I just can’t understand why people have to be so greedy and impatient :/

        • Well to be honest I never got around to finishing FFXII either since the story just didn’t draw me in – I liked the characters well enough but not so much the story and the battle system. (I’m not an MMPORPG kind of person at all.)

          And actually I think my point was somewhat different than yours, in that whilst I agree with you that FFXIII was way too hyped up, I personally think that people were disappointed with it not just because it didn’t live up to the hype but simply because FFXIII didn’t even meet the standards of a normal RPG in that it wasn’t even all that fun to play.

          The extreme linearity really got to me, and in fact I was really frustrated because reading the datalog, I could tell that alot of thought had been put into crafting the world, but the world’s potential was just not adequately explored in the game. I didn’t like how I had to actually read the datalog to make sense of the game; to me the game’s events and story progression should have been able to stand alone without me having to read something “extra”.

          So I guess alot of frustration stemmed from the game having so much potential, yet not being executed properly. To me that’s not disappointment arising from hype, it’s disappointment arising from the fact that a game promises something that is realistically achievable but fails to deliver on it.

          But well, since you obviously enjoyed FFXIII much more than I did, I guess I’ll just agree to disagree. :)

  • Joanna

    Now this makes me curious. I wonder what kind of games these will be and for what systems. Hopefully an announcement with these games will show up soon enough.

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