Three More Cave Shooters Coming To Xbox 360

By Spencer . August 15, 2010 . 11:26pm

imageAt the Cave summer festival, the maniac shooter developer announced two new Xbox 360 titles for three arcade shooters.


Dodonpachi: Resurrection is Cave’s next retail game. The Xbox 360 version will have HD graphics and two new arrange modes. Pre-order it and you’ll get a card to download Dodonpachi: Resurrection 1.51. Dodonpachi: Resurrection is scheduled to come out on November 25.


After that game Cave has an arcade double dose of gals shooters on the same disc. Pink Sweets & Muchi Muchi Pork is slated for spring 2011. Details about extra features, if there are any, were not announced.

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  • doubletaco

    See, Cave, this is the right way to go.

    Now let’s get a Dai-Fukkatsu port in the works.

    • godmars

      No, the way to do it is to offer these $80-$90 disc titles as the $10 to $15, $20 if they could actually get away with it, downloads as they should have been.

      • mikanko

        For the people who play these games they’re worth every penny of that 7800 yen as the replay value for score makes up for the short arcade length a hundred times over. There is more depth in replaying some of these 30 minute games than there is in a 6 hour play through of Gears of War or what have you. Not to take anything away from more blockbuster games, but to say one is worth more than another is a bit obtuse.

        • godmars

          I’m just saying that there are SHUMPS out there that don’t have CAVE’s name attached to them that are $10 to $15 DLs. That’s it.

          • mikanko

            There aren’t any shooters coming out at 15$ downloads that’re as recent as Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu. Pink Sweets and Muchi Pork are a few years old each now, and both of them on one disc is a pretty good deal imo too. Hence Guwange being an xbla download for 8-1200 points, it’s not super recent enough to take away from their arcade profits, and for them their arcades are still making most of their income.

          • malek86

            Can’t say I don’t agree, in a way. When I see Ikaruga being put on XBLA for $10, that feels on par for course, because we’re talking about a 2001 game which received no real upgrade. Same deal with Exelica. And thus, Guwange and possibly Dangun Feveron too.So, if Cave makes a new game, and then sell it for $70, fine. So DDPHD gets a pass. But with old arcade ports, they could at least try to lower the range a bit. However, I’m afraid MMP/PS will cost around 8000 yen as usual. Even if there’s two of them, it’s still quite high.To put things in perspective, how would you feel if a company tried to sell you a repackaged MS-DOS port for full price? Sure, if you like the game, you could buy it. But wouldn’t you feel a little… I don’t know, ripped off anyway?Problem is, Cave is putting high prices because they know fans will pay up (and some of the titles aren’t even available anywhere else – notice how the titles being offered for download are almost always the ones playable on Mame). Can’t blame them, it’s business. And besides, perhaps it’s the only way they can keep going in the current market.

          • But any of the arcade shooters I can think of on XBLA—as in, ones not created specifically for DD services—were released prior to this gen for full price.Ikaruga got DC and GCN ports. The GCN port was released not only in Japan but America.Triggerheart Exelica was released for DC and PS2. The PS2 port in particular was only about 1.5 years ago, and had a crazy LE that was like $120+.So it’s not like this is some sort of Cave premium pricing…just that you don’t think these games are worth it. Which is cool—I mean, you couldn’t get me to pay $30 for a visual novel. Different strokes, and all that.

          • godmars

            Its just insulting to hear about a game that wont take any advantage of the console its on, will actually be of less than average quality, is one being sold at a premium price and two not being sold to the general market.

            And then the damn things have game breaking bugs besides.

      • superdry

        If the game was a direct arcade port with no enhancements (like Ikaruga or Trigger Heart…which people did point out did get released on other consoles before), I can see a shmup being a $10 or $15 download.

        BUT, most of these CAVE ports are enhanced with sharper graphics (so at least it’ll look nice on a HD TV) and new gameplay modes which essentially are different games. It does take time and money to code said new gameplay modes, enhance the graphics, and QA the port.

        Before anyone point its out to me…I know Guwange is going to be released as cheap XBLA game that is enhanced (with two extra mode, but dunno if the sprits are redone). All I know is that Microsoft in the past has denied Cave shmups to be ported to XBLA, I have no clue why they let up on Guwange. Cave could be testing the waters again….like Mushi and galuda 2 region freeness.

        Anywho…people complain about the price, but with CAVE shooters in general – do you want pay $80 for a game or $1000+ for the PCB board. Those are your two choices. I would not be surprised if the money made from the arcade version even pays for the console port.

        Just like mikanko said shooters generally give a lot of replay value due to score and pattern memorization. And, the nice thing with this generation….achievements also give a small amount of replay value trying to unlock them.

    • Isn’t Resurrection just an English title for Dai-Fukkatsu?

      • You’re right! Cave’s been using Resurrection as the English title for Dai-Fukkatsu so we’ve been using that too.

  • malek86

    Apparently, we’re also getting Dangun Feveron – no word on the platform, but people say they were playing with a 360 controller, so I guess it’s on XBLA. I don’t think the two retail games will be region free (though DDPHD has a higher chance of coming stateside), so at least that one should be available worldwide.

    If this keeps up, Cave will eventually have their whole catalog on 360. Not bad for shmuppers, I guess.

    But at this point, I absolutely demand for Esprade too.

  • Aoshi00

    Awesome news, that’s what I would like to hear! Cave is having my money again..

    • thebanditking

      which game does the pic (for this article) on the main page go to?

      • malek86

        That’s Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu.

        I don’t know why they went for girls. I’m pretty sure the original Dodonpachi had planes.

        • superdry

          The girls are the Elemental Dolls from Dodonpachi Daioujou. Daifukkatsu is the sequel to Daioujou…hence the girls, which do appear in the game.

          On another note…why did my post I did in the morning does not show up, but it shows up in my profile activity? This has not happened once either.

          • malek86

            Oh… well… why did they go for girls in Daioujou?

            I mean, i can understand the average Touhou player, but the Cave fanbase probably doesn’t care if they’re using a girl or a plane or a bird.

            PS. yeah, that’s happened to me too. Must be some mess with Disqus.

          • Aoshi00

            Because Inoue Junya did the design for Daioujou, and he likes cute girls (Deathsmiles 1&2), in Ketsui they have guy pilots. You still control the planes though, but the elemental dolls are the pilots, so you see them in cutscenes/endings. And I do care about Reco in Mushihime-sama lol :)

          • superdry

            Well…in DaiFukkatsu, you are actually fighting against the girls…which are evolved forms of the Elemental Dolls of DaiOuJou.

            Since I wanted this game to ported to the 360…I watched a lot of videos on youtube, and the boss battles are mostly large military ships that occasionally transfer into the dolls during the course of the battle.

        • thebanditking

          Cool thanks!

  • SupaPhly

    I hope cave makes the right choice and makes it region free :P

    • RupanIII

      Me too. You might say I’d like them to ..cave their Western fans

    • Cave dev already said Espgaluda II is the last region free release. Sorry.

  • Speculation time!Might as well start calling DDPDFK DDPR since it’s almost a given for US localization IMO. Dangun has already seen an international (?) English release as Fever S.O.S., so this new port will probably leave Japan too.The PS/MMP combo has almost no chance though. No re-rendered graphics, ridiculous themes, and Pink Sweets is…very much an acquired taste.(This is pretty frustrating to think about, because out of all these announcements, MMP is the one game I genuinely care about. Guess I’m getting a J360 at some point.)

  • thaKingRocka

    This is why I paid such a premium for imports of their shooters. I just wanted them to keep releasing them … and taking all of my money.

  • masuto

    Aksys…I’m looking at you.

    • malek86

      Aksys better not touch this. Let someone else, someone who will actually make their games compatible with PAL consoles, handle it.

      • mirumu

        Yes! This! The only thing worse than a region locked Japanese 360 game is a region locked US port of the game. You’d think companies would be glad of any sales they could get.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I agree with this, but I don’t think too many companies are really willing to touch shmups as it is. The best way to resolve it would probably be Cave releasing region free games from the start.

        • Code

          Pretty much the way I see it too. I’ve often wondered if there’s any excess cost or issue with companies making games regional free. Because I don’t see why companies would even bother to make any game regionally locked at all, if that weren’t the case.

          • superdry

            I’ve talked to a Microsoft rep and he told me that for games to be region free on the 360 companies just need to fill out extra paperwork. I’ve also read that games need to be approved in all regions too (I forget if the rep confirmed that too).

            For the European fans of the site…what happens if you play a NTSC game that is region free on a PAL SD TV? Does it work? I only ask because of the SD differences in PAL and NTSC.

          • malek86

            Your TV has to support NTSC. But pretty much any recent set can do that.

    • HPN

      I will be joining you in looking at Aksys.

  • Code

    rar, do want >w<~! Just another reason to get a J360, I'm sick of letting all those delicious shmups twist my wrist through regional locking.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Okay, I have to ask. Which is the correct scenario here:

    A) Cave is purposely avoiding PS3/PSN.
    B) Microsoft threw a truckload of cash at them.
    C) Sony is being a dick again.

    Because I want all these shmups on my system. ;_;

    • Cave has released the PS1 ports of Donpachi and Dodonpachi on JP PSN.

      As for PS3 ports…well, Mihara (of Arika, developer of the Daioujou and ESPGaluda ports) talked to an SCEI rep about releasing their failed PS2 Ketsui port as a launch title for PS3. The guy’s response was something to the extent of “We’d like Arika to do something closer to PS3 quality.” << There's no link, but IIRC that's from Mihara's blog.

      Draw whatever conclusions from that you wish. (Though it seems worth noting that VNs/ADVs—another niche genre that tends not to 'wow' anyone with graphics—are also quite rare on PS3.)

  • crunc

    Disappointment for me in finding out you’re talking about a Japanese release. Sigh. Will this see a US release? I like the Cave games on my iPhone, but I like them even more on the 360, at least when I’m at home.

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