Compile Heart Summons More Neptune Battle Screenshots

By Spencer . August 16, 2010 . 9:48pm


The console goddesses in Super Dimension Game Neptune are preparing to take on Majicon this week, but they aren’t alone. Compa-chan, IF, and some classic Sega characters are joining the fight.


Sega icons like Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone act as summons. Another screenshot show Compa-chan who represents Compile Heart releasing the octopi from Octomania. Want to summon Link, Badman or Wada-Don from Taiko no Tatsujin? You can by using the PlayStation 3’s photo album and Neptune’s make your own summon editor.


Super Dimension Game Neptune makes its debut in Japan on Thursday. Plans for a North American release have not been announced, but NIS America is talking to Idea Factory about licensing the game.


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  • So. Cute.

    • lordryo

      Yes, very cute!

    • goronyan

      cute and delicious

    • kawaii :D

  • neocatzon

    compile hearts should show us battle footage instead these

    • godmars

      I’ve seen battle footage. Not very interesting.

      A doublingly bad thing to say considering NIS being involved, but then I’ve yet to see any polygon based title rival the attacks from Disgaea.

      • lordryo

        I’ve seen battle footage too, it’s actually pretty good. I really want to play this game it looks fun. This game is nothing like Disgaea with or without NIS’ involvement, so I don’t see the comparison.

      • The battle footage released is really awful. Not indicative of battle flow or anything. Just to show off “teh flashy moves”… but whatever. I’ve said this a few times. XD

    • About a month or two ago, battle footage was posted.

      • malek86

        That one didn’t look especially enthralling. Perhaps they should post a better battle footage.

        • The shots here look a lot clearer, at least. Hopefully, now since the game is out this week in Japan, we’ll see more footage that shows how it’s all played out (and more clearer).

    • Check this out – It’s a battle video we posted a few weeks ago.

  • Damnit, the more you show this game, the more I want it!

  • I can’t wait to summon Etna. ^_^

  • maxchain

    NIS America, huh? What’s the name of the guy I should be mailing my Pretty Pleases to?

    • Hello. =)

      • maxchain

        Oh! Uh, hi! Well… Pretty Please?

  • … Argh!

    The game nearly snuck up on me…

    Need to make arrangements, after I finish some other stuff… Yay backlogs?

    • Same here. August and September is just a cloud burst of these new games I want, and incidentally they’re all expensive (Ys, general imports, even XBLA games all of a sudden).
      School tightened my budget so all I can do is look at the pretty covers and deals, but I’ve been binding my time to slash and dash through A LOT of games that have been on the shelf for way to long till I rank up some zeppy.

      • In my case, it’s because of the fact I’m supposed to be working on a couple of playtests, and I also need to do work on the interviews, a couple more videos and the fact that Neptune was a proposed-

        … Er, I don’t think I’m supposed to mention all of that. Spencer would lecture me (Although one of the playtests IS more or less done, honest!), considering I’m that royally backlogged and up to my neck in work.

        I got sick and I’m now working on some of my programming work, trying to play catchup. Being in bed for two weeks kinda sucked.

  • DlanorKnox

    I have been telling everyone about this game. I hope things work out and it does come out in North America! I really want to play it.

  • lostinblue

    I thought this was a PSP game.

    looking good though.

  • I’ve been lookin forward for this 4 a min. I really wish my Japanese was on point cuz I wud have been gettin it this week also but until then… US release HURRY UP! lol.

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