Dragon Age 2 Dated, Destiny Trailer Revealed

By Ishaan . August 17, 2010 . 1:11pm

Electronic Arts officially announced a release date for Dragon Age 2 earlier today. The game, dated for March 11th in Europe (March 8th in the U.S.), centres around a man named Hawke and his rise to power after the destruction of his homeland.


EA say that the story of Dragon Age 2 spans ten years, and particularly emphasize that the moral choice system from the first game will be making a return.


You can watch a trailer for Dragon Age 2 embedded above. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more in the coming months.

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  • Ereek

    From what I’ve read about the changes in this game, it’s like they took everything that I enjoyed about the first DA and removed it.

    Ah well, we’ll see how it ends up. Hopefully they don’t turn it into ME 2.0 and sway a bit from the KOTR formula.

    • mirumu

      The information they’ve given out so far certainly reads that way. I really enjoyed DA, and like you mentioned a lot of what made it enjoyable for me are things they’re changing or taking out. I’ve read some of that information in disbelief. That said, when playing DA there were a few things I felt it could have learned from Mass Effect 1. Also when playing ME2 it felt like there were things it could have learned from DA. So on that level at least I can sympathize with what they’re trying to achieve here. The gameplay changes concern me, but I can’t imagine they’ll ship a control method that isn’t up to the task.

      If it was another company doing this I think I’d be more worried, but I have enough faith in Bioware to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

    • all they did was give you a personality, and THE POWER TO TALK!!, of course you may feel you dislike the MC, but it may be a flexible MC (changes depending on what you want) counting there is even a Female one…

      • Ereek

        You’re also stuck as a Human character and the Origin stories are gone.

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I play WRPGs because I like the Role Playing aspect. I play JRPGs if I want my character to have astrict personality. WRPGs have just as many tropes and cliches as JRPGs. I’m actually less tolerant of them because books end up doing the cliches better than games do, so if I wanted a “western” story, I’d read a book.

        • Well.. judging from the video, i dont think the dude is entirely human xD… Anyway, i think we can expect here nothing but western style though >8D, im actually interested, because this may be a combination of both sides, and it seems there will be many roads to be taken,… i dont think only JRPG games should have a protagonist with personality, WRPG can try everything, as well as JRPG, of course, each one of them with their own syle. i never really enjoyed being an elf or a dwarf in DA origins though… so that may be why i can’t see your point, it was interesting at the beginning, but i just prefered being human…

  • shion16

    onimusha 3 was the 1st one with choreographic combatsafter that the rest are just copies

    • Hraesvelgr

      what is this i dont even

    • combat choreographies…. the 1st…? game…? .with that…? uh…?

    • shion16

      sry for my bad english ^^
      In spanish
      Onimusha 3 fue el primer juego con combates coreograficos
      despues de es el resto solo son meras copias

  • DDanny

    Who wants to bet they’ll remove same sex romances now that we have a protagonist with a set voice and race?
    Oh wait, lesbian romance is obviously going to stay*cough*Mass Effect*cough*

  • andref

    I have no doubt it will not be vastly unrecognizable from the first game but I’ll wait and see what changes are made for good or bad depending on how i see them instead of reading articles, where the message being sent is based on how the author writes it.

  • andref

    One thought that comes to mind is what is with his right arm, is it an armor effect or something else entirely.

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