Watch The Shining Hearts Opening Movie

By Spencer . August 17, 2010 . 10:15am

Shining Hearts starts on a boat with 3D seagulls and 2D characters.



The male character looking out in the distance is Rick, he’s this game’s lead. Amil is the lady in green sitting on the deck. Neris is standing on the mast and Airy is the girl who reaches out to touch the birds. Shining Hearts, unlike other Shining series games, is a traditional RPG. Sega plans to release the game this winter.

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  • malek86

    I think our chances of this being a dungeon crawler like SitD are pretty slim.Also, keyblades, wtf.

    Edit: that out of the way, I can’t say I’m not interested overall. Bring it on, Sega.

  • Looks cool, i see many girls though, i smell multiple endings >8D

  • neocatzon

    Wait, I think I saw a keyblade

  • goronyan

    an keyblade (゚⊿゚)

  • thebanditking

    Looks cool enough, though I don’t think it will ever see a localized release. Got to love the Tony Taka art as well. He has such a fantastic style, when its not filled up by smut that is, j/k

  • BraveWind

    It doesn’t HAVE to be a keyblade >>
    Maybe it’s just a normal key xD


    The main character actually looks similar to Ar Tonelico 2 protag, Croix…

  • gatotsu911

    Can somebody please explain to me what people find appealing about this guy’s art? To me, it looks utterly indistinguishable from any other generic dating-sim moe art.

    • Sakurazaki

      Referring to official art: Taka has a pretty unique coloring style and eye style compared to other artists. It just stands out.

      If you don’t see it, I can’t help ‘ya there.

      • gatotsu911

        I really don’t. I’m no art afficionado, but I know what art I like and what I don’t especially when it comes to anime. Yoshiyuki Sadamato, Takeshi Obata, Masashi Kishimoto, Akira Toriyama, hell, even Kosuke Fujishima or Rumiko Takahashi – TONS of anime and manga artists can make personable, expressive and striking character designs. I see absolutely nothing distinctive about these designs. Once you’ve seen a certain number of look-alike moe-appeal anime girls in ludicrous costumes, you’ve seen them all. They’re like dolls, pretty but vapid.

        • Sakurazaki

          Well, at least you like something. I’m not in the mood for conversing about anime art, but, hey, if that’s what you like, sure, awesome. I have no problems with those artists as well, especially Sadamoto.

          How someone perceives something is an important part of art anyway. It should be open :

        • I understand your point about bland anime art, but Tony is exception…you just haven’t seen enough. Tony’s art is instantly recognizable from any other artists out there.

          If you don’t like what he does, then I can’t help you. I just know I like what he does and so do thousands of fans. Sega keeps using him because Shining series featuring his art has sold more than any others – says something about Tony’s popularity. Heck, I still see new figures coming out for Shining Wind and that game’s been out for years.

          • gatotsu911

            I actually discovered that I have seen some of his art before, but I didn’t realize it because, again, it was more or less indistinguishable from tons of similar dating-sim artists. It’s not UGLY, but it still seems so generic that only people who have EXTREMELY familiar with this style could pick his works apart from the legions of others.

      • Joanna

        I’ve got nothing against his art, nor this kind of art in general. I enjoy it. But I’ve got to agree with gatotsu here, the art is pretty generic. I can’t really differentiate it from other generic pieces and although I’m no expert, I’ve been exposed to a lot of anime/manga/game art. Again, I don’t think his art is ugly, it just lacks personality and I, personally, don’t really care much about generic looking art. I prefer stuff with more personality. But for games/manga/anime, I don’t mind as much because while the art is important, I can overlook it if it isn’t hideous and the story/characters are good.

    • Aoshi00

      I dunno, to me I think moe art looks more like this,…I never really played Shining Hearts, but I thought the art here looks beautiful, the lines are very thin and detailed, compared to the more simple art nowadays, unless you just don’t like anime art in general.

    • evospace

      Just adding to the Tony Art = awesome discussion.I recently got this wallscroll… girl that appears at 1:16 in the video.

    • As said, Taka’s still art tends to have excellent coloring and detail. His designs also tend to be pretty attractive without being too gaudy or ridiculous (usually).

      Of course, a lot of his stuff also tends to be incredibly fetishistic, which draws in the moe-lovers like moths to a flame. Look up his Shining Tears artbook sometime (at home).

      I’ll keep my opinion of the moe crowd’s attraction to his work to myself, I think.

  • Day2Day

    Looks interesting…
    I’m hoping for a US release… ^w^

  • Aoshi00

    Beautiful song and good art, well, other than the 3D seagulls and boat lol.. then it kind of ruined it for me when I saw “PSP” at the end :(…

  • Is that Nakoruru from Samurai Showdown @ 1:05 lol. The key kinda looks like the wand Sailor Pluto had.

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