Catherine Gets Its First Mysterious Trailer

By Spencer . August 19, 2010 . 8:47am

The first Catherine trailer opens with Vincent talking about a rumor where if you die in a dream you die in real life. An unseen woman says she hasn’t, but has had a dream where she killed someone.



Vincent’s nightmares are populated by lambs wearing ties. One of them falls to their death on top of the Catherine logo and a man is found dead in his bed.


Aside from Catherine, the trailer gives us a glimpse at some other characters in the game, Vincent buddies, a bartender who appears to be watching them, and another woman who is really upset at Vincent.

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  • looking awesome till now!! need battle gameplay screens/vid!! :D

  • Shigenori Soejima’s art style translates even better than I’d hoped into 3D models in HD.

    This bodes well for this game and Atlus’ future HD endeavors. One of my fears is that the personality he brings to his 2D art would not transition well. Glad to see those fears were unfounded.

    I have a lot of confidence in this project.

  • superdry

    The trailer looks more like a trailer for Catherine the anime and not the game. The 3D models of the characters look pretty good…cell shaded? The few dark glimpses of the 3D world look okay at best…pretty dark.I do wonder what the gameplay is like…more puzzle based or action based?I look forward to more gameplay trailers.

  • I hope this will get localized but if it does maybe it will be edited however look at Heavy rain xD!. btw note down it says at a pointThe first HD game from the Persona team.” However, the “D” is a bit hard to see, so it almost looks like “The first H game from the Persona team.

    • Volcynika


      There’s a big chance it’ll get localized (Atlus hasn’t passed on too much on titles from their JP branch), and it doesn’t seem like it would get edited heavily. They’ve given us mature content before, and other publishers have given the same kind of content uncensored. Atlus USA really doesn’t censor much in the titles they bring over, if anything at all.

    • Guest

      It’s ATLUS not BandaiNamco

      It’ll come here trust me

      • LOL! Still waiting for my TOV on PS3, keep debating on if I should or not import it. Then TOG gets announced on PS3! I hope that comes over to the west more so than TOV PS3

    • that’s not something you can see from a video though… (apart that, 70% of the video were just anime scenes), when i see a game’s video and then, after i buy it, and get it on my ps3, is just like 10 times better

    • The two sheep scenes invoke that feeling, but everything else looked HD quality to me when it wasn’t an anime scene. I am sure a more gameplay heavy trailer will do the “HD” element justice.

  • evilmoogle


    • goronyan

      now she’s pregnant…

      perfect trailer btw

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Thank you of experimenting like this Atlus, I love you.

    Just hope that it doesn’t suck like Maken X, another experiment of theirs a few years back.

    I haven’t played it, but I played Maken Shao, which, supposedly is the same, but with a 3rd person perspective. I bought it as soon as I saw Kazuma Kaneko’s artwork on the cover, but it sucked really bad.

    Anyway, I’m sure it won’t happen this time around, these guys can’t do anything bad anymore, even if they try.

  • Trailer cancels out the pathetic pizza spread. If Studio 4ºC pulls out even a tenth of the strangeness of Mind Game (PLEASE PLEASE DO) this could be a hell of a visual trip.

    All that English bodes well for an NA release.

    • Scallion

      This doesn’t look anywhere as impressive as Mind Game…sheep with ties?
      This Vincent guy has some of the most boring dreams ever.
      Still, I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

      • Zeik56

        There’s more to it than just sheep with ties…

      • Not to sound snippy, but…the “if” in my comment is pretty visible from here. As in, if 4ºC goes for a tenth of the strangeness of Mind Game. ;)

  • hadjimurad

    lookin’ sweet, and that last music sounds like Nelly.

  • Hohoho!! just expected from Atlus… but my hopes for a localization are becoming very, very little….

    • Stop worrying. Its rated CERO C (15+).

      • but a 15+ in japan is like a 32+ here T_T, anyway i still have some hope, let’s just wait and see… Atlus can surprise us sometimes, even though is unexpected they still havent announced Luminous arc 3 so far D:

        • Zeik56

          It would just get an M. Atlus has released Cero C games before.

          • Yeah… but never something like this (and i outline, “this”)… also, we have to see if this is more like an “action novel” or what… remember Sony dislike these kind of games for the US ._.

          • B-b-but we did get Disgaea Infinite.. Although I’m not sure of the chances of a vn game on a console, but let us put faith in Atlus

          • Zeik56

            I quite doubt this is actually a visual novel game.

    • Zeik56

      There’s little chance this won’t get localized, given that it’s an actual Atlus developed title.

    • lostinblue

      There’s a X360 build, I’m sure it’ll get localized.

  • Awesome! I really hope they bring this over. While not an RPG, it addresses many concercans I have with japanese developed projects.

    The art-style looks amazing in HD, I like the ingame graphics more than the animated scenes.

    Catherine herself looks like a lamb…and a devil at the same time!

  • masuto

    Wow, HD looks nice.

  • lostinblue

    I wanted them to avoid going high end at all costs but I guess they went.

    Looks good, I just hope the whole polished attention to detail while being detached from the graphics remains in this one.

    Persona 3/4 were all sorts of awesome not because of them after all.

  • Seriously, Meguro should just open up his own production studio. His music and beats are amazing.

  • cj_iwakura

    Maken Shao was inferior. The Dreamcast version was far better.

    That said, this looks amazing.

  • krokounleashed

    Western Release = instant buy

    • This will most likely be the first PS3 game I ever import. I don’t think I could possibly wait the year or so it will take for the localization! :)

  • Ohohoho… did I hear Koyasu Takehitos voice there? <3333

    I love the look of the game… the cellshading looks awesome and I love Studio 4°C, so I am desperately looking forward to this. Even tho I'm not much into actioney gameplay, but… all the sexyness got me interested. XD

    • Yes. Yes you did, heh. Hard to miss that voice!

      Seems they might have a pretty nice VA cast for this one. Vincent’s voice is good too. This trailer is awesome and makes me want more! I want pizza.

      • Miyuki Sawashiro is playing Catherine. She’s one of my all time favorite VA’s <3

        • M’iau M’iaut

          And few can match the breath of work she has done cross oh so many genres, nyu.

        • Hmm… now that you mention her… both Miyuki and Koyasu did work together on the Persona anime too. Coincidence? :>

      • Aoshi00

        Vincent is voiced by Yamadera Kouichi (Spike from Cowboy Bebop / Kaji of Evangelion), w/ that suave voice he can just carry this game all by himself :) Is Koyasu like the bartender or something.

        • Oh, that’s why Vincent’s voice sounded pretty familiar too. :D

          I was hoping he’s not voicing the bartender, but seems like he does? Can’t he voice some sort of sexy character again? That dude he voiced in Ar Tonelico 2 was not much sexy either. D: …I wonder if I’ll ever get my second season of Neuro… now, that was sexy. XD

          • Aoshi00

            yea, 99% of the chars he voiced are so handsome and have long hair :) I loved Neuro too, one reason was Koyasu :), it would be cool if we get a 2nd season.

          • Did you know he also voiced one dude in an otome h-game? XDD He’s using another name tho, but it’s unpossible to not recognise that voice, haha. XD Funny thing: Hoshi no Oujo 3 was my first otome game ever and I wasn’t very familiar with japanese VA’s back then… last year I installed the game again and went all wtf!? when I noticed Koyasu was voicing one of the characters…. it was pretty strange to hear him moaning at me then. XDDD

            I also love all his freaky voice roles… like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo… XDDD or Il Palazzo-sama!!! XDD So awesome! Olivie from Angelique was pretty hilarious too. :D But Neuro really made me go all crazy for Koyasu… *__* Kelpie from Hakushaku to Yousei was awesomely hot too… especially since I’m so addicted to fairy stuff anyways. :D

        • nonoko

          I knew it! I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop so as soon as I saw Vincent I thought “…Spike?” and then I heard his voice.

    • Hahaha, so I was not the only one thinking that <3

  • MisterFoxInc

    The chick at the end is likely Vincent’s wife yelling at him. She looks of middle age. And I just noticed the first victim near the beginning has lamb-pupils. That’s fucking awesome. EVERYTHING about this is awesome. Thanks Atlus, I love you.

    • Aoshi00

      yeah, everyone said Vincent betrayed his girlfriend in P3P, I guess that’s her.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Oh man, the deep-mirror effect with rolling eyes… always creeps me the hell out. So I think we can agree that sex isn’t just a side-theme in his dreams, it pretty much seems to dominate his waking and sleeping life. Along with fear and impotency. Of course, it’s still a little too early to analyze the and conclude anything, this trailer does more to confuse than establish. And I love it.

  • FlamingSausage

    Vincent is voiced by Koichi Yamade, awesome.

  • Day2Day

    It doesn’t really give us much of an idea what genre the game is, but a visual novel without the battle elements would be interesting. I’m feeling multiple endings for sure… And as trippy as this game seems from the trailer, that could be very, very interesting…

  • Hope this one uses SMT style controls…

    • Zeik56

      What exactly are “SMT style controls”? SMT doesn’t do anything unique with it’s controls.

    • Proooocedin


  • Proooocedin

    Pretty interesting.

    Then halfway through, that god-awful rap kicks in.

    From a day one, this game got bumped to a bargain purchase for me. Way to easily kill a seller, Mr. Meguro…

    • You must have little to no experience listening to Meguro-san’s work if you think that, “god-awful” rap ruined the trailer or even changed your mind about purchasing it to a later date. Please go listen to more music from him. Have some appreciation, man.

      Meguro-san is a genius. I wasn’t aware that there were still people out there trying to deny that by calling some of his music, “god-awful” rap, lol.

    • While I generally don’t like rap, it think it suits the trailer.

    • Justinzero

      My thoughts exactly.

  • TomSkylark

    Oh interesting! I’m guessing this is a good chance for them to test out the new engine for P5 (or an otherwise main-line Persona game) and get some money in the process, which seems to be a pretty popular way to do things these days. The great, fantastic news for all of us is that this likely means THAT game will be multiplatform as well.

    I’m not exactly sure what sort of gameplay this will have, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Anyone have any news on that front?

    Like a lot of you, I’d be shocked if this didn’t get a NA release–ATLUS treats their fans very, very well, and they know that Persona games sell like hotcakes on both sides of the Pacific, so.

  • Code

    rar, looks moody and interesting, count me in! rar, Atlus keep up the great work >w< *thumbs up*

    • FireCouch


  • puchinri

    FFF. Thank you Atlus, for experimenting. Love you for it.
    And I’m seriously in love with Vincent’s facial expressions.

    Perhaps that screencap from P3P where he talks of betraying his girlfriend is in reference to that final part of the trailer? Supposing that was his girlfriend and his activity with Catherine are as they seem (how they couldn’t be, I have no clue).

    Pre-Order is go. (I hope there’s a beautiful bonus with it. ♥)

    • Aoshi00

      I’m pre-ordering too, Yamadera Kouichi just sold me the game (you had me at hello). The 3D models in HD look really nice. yea, that must be the gf you mentioned. I think I would import it on the PS3 to continue the playstation tradition and if it come to the US I’d get it again on the 360 (I’ve bought the Jpn & US ver for both P3 and 4 and haven’t even scratched he surface of either of them :(…. I hope it leans more toward visual novel instead of a dungeon RPG.

      • puchinri

        Haha, basically. They do look quite nice already, so I look forward to seeing them in HD. I feel like importing, but if the translation above is anything, I might be better of just waiting for it to be localized. Me and my kanji haven’t been getting along so well.

        I honestly think it’d lean closer to the dungeon RPG style, but it seems like it could be a mix of both. I believe someone in on the Atlus forum said they thought it’d be something like the stairs of Tartarus in P3? I don’t know. But just visnov style, I can’t see them going that route with this game. Maybe blending it with something else, yea. And it’d probably go well. But I also doubt they’d go full on dungeon RPG.

        Oh yea, did you get your Shigenori-sensei artbook on playasia? I’m thinking of checking out Kinokuniya because of the playasia shipping, but if there’s some place better…?

        • Aoshi00

          You’re probably right, w/ the stairs and all it would be dungeon-esque.. I hope it isn’t too much like P3, it was too repetitive for me, I just want to experience the story w/o too much repetition.

          I got my artbook from YesAsia, I think they have the best deal all around. You just need to throw in a manga or something to round up to $40 for free shipping. Their packing is meticulous too, they use 2 pcs of cardboards and layers of bubble wraps. This is strictly for Persona 3/4 fans though, I would probably enjoy it a lot more if I had played more of those games. At the end there’s interview w/ the artist too. I was hoping there would be some Trauma Center art in it :(..

          • puchinri

            It would be worrisome if it did come out like P3. But I think they’ll add enough variety. P4’s dungeons were fun, with all their few and yet many differences. Hopefully they’ll think like that, but still add more variety and innovation to it.

            Oh, I see. That isn’t bad at all. I can think of a few manga. I’ll have to see if they have anything by Fukumoto in stock. And that’s understandable, I heard it does cater to the P3&4 fans mainly, which is sad. Because I would have loved more art from the other SMT series and the other works Soejima-sensei has done. Maybe at another point though~?

            Thanks for sharing the information with me!

  • I so and very hope that EU can get the chance to have a taste of their experiment too… It seems pretty slick…

    • Zeik56

      Well since this is coming to the PS3 there is always the option of importing, since it’s region free. Not sure about those who only own a 360 though.

      • what multiplatform game ever came out in japan? beside nier. I say this will come in the EU/US

        [edit – sentence structure seems wrong to me but im sure you get what im trying to point out]

  • Sheep, walking around in boxers – a recipe for a good time.
    Also got to love the close up shots of eyes. That reminds me of Kubrick’s films where it was a short, but strong theme.

  • Raidou

    Need. I’m hooked already.

  • Pichi

    It has my interest. Would love to see or hear more about the gameplay before I sink in, though.

  • superdry

    What’s the deal going on with disqus? I have another comment that disappeared because it’s waiting for approval? Err?

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    • Yeah I can, sort of, somehow real comments are getting fielded as spam. We’ve been under a spam attack recently so perhaps the system is being overzealous. I’m looking into it though!

      • superdry

        Spencer, thank you for the clarification. =)

  • Vincent (Yamadera Kouichi): say, Catherine. Have you ever dreamed you were… dying? Well, actually… dreamed you were getting killed.
    Catherine (Miyuki Sawashiro): Not getting killed, I don’t think so. I dreamed I was killing, though.
    [The first “adult” game from the Persona team]
    [Animation: Studio 4°C]
    [Character Design: Soejima Shigenori (Persona 3, Persona 4)]
    [Sound Composer: Meguro Shouji (Persona 3, Persona 4)]
    [Director: Hashino Katsura (Persona 3, Persona 4, SMT III Nocturne)]
    Newscaster: A young man living alone was found dead in his apartment, in a way you
    [Mysterious rumors, mysterious death]
    Vincent: I keep getting chased by something…
    Vincent: It’s fucking scary.
    Some guy: Nah, that thing that you die when you see nightmares, that’s just an urban legend man.
    Barman (Koyasu Takehito): There’s still tomorrow, but we might be dead then.
    [Mysterious woman]
    Catherine: You’ve grown quite fond of me, didn’t you? It’s alright… you can do whatever you want to me.
    Vincent: What the hell… is this??
    [And now, they begin… a nightmare on every night…]
    (they used the kanji for “dance” instead of the kanji for “every”, so it’s like they’re dancing every night or smth)

    (is that Catherine?): I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!

    • MisterFoxInc

      I’ll just assume this is accurate because I want it to be. Thank you so much!

  • Well I’m buying this game.

    Also I love the music at the beginning of the trailer. I <3 Bach.

  • Studio 4C did a wonderful job on the animation, it miles better than the work Gonzo did for Blazblue…

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the BlazBlue opening animation was kind of bad, compared to the char portraits, not as bad as the SF IV cutscenes (or stills rather) though, it’s too bad they don’t pull out all the stops for such brief animation sequences..

      • Oh man, I thought the Opening animation was fine, but the cutscenes in CS…made me laugh… I don’t think that was supposed to happen…

        The SF IV cutscenes were bad too. (No wonder…I didn’t know they were done by Gonzo as well).

        Production I.G. does a good job as well, but Studio 4C is more appropriate for this game with their interesting visuals and mindbendy-ness

  • I hope the FeMC of P3P will make an appearance in this game,
    Lol just joking.

  • speedstersonic

    I can’t figure out what that first song is. I’m pretty sure it’s a famous classical piece. Either way, this game looks freaking awesome. Looks more like an interactive movie so far, but even if it was, I’m not complaining one bit. The storyline will be fantastic!

  • Sex, Demons, Knives, Play Naked, and Sheep. I am getting this.

  • pacanug

    I think that it’s easy to forget in the age of sequels, but Atlus deserves immense credit for stepping up to the plate with a new IP. (Which is to say nothing of my bloodlust for P5 ;P)

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