Sakura Wars Creator Teases Famitsu Announcement

By Spencer . August 20, 2010 . 1:44am


Sakura Wars creator Ohji Hiroi was the guest of honor at a Sakura Wars pachinko event in Asagaya. The show wasn’t just about pachinko and fan questions. An event report says news about a Sakura Wars game is inbound.


"Next month’s Famitsu might have something interesting to see. Platform or something like…," Hiroi said.


Before you get your hopes up for Sakura Wars 6, the Wii version of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love has not been released in Japan. This news could be about that. The last Sakura Wars game was Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Wars: Because You Are Here, a 2008 dungeon crawler for the Nintendo DS.

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  • bVork

    I’d care more if there was any hope at all of getting another Sakura Wars game here.

    • I think we should be happy with So Long My Love. It’s a damn miracle we got it at all and while I will never be completely satisfied with NIS America, they’ve done yet another incredible service for us (dual audio!), and yet again, are failing to see sales that justify the work.

  • Darn, too bad Sakura wars so long my love didnt do as well as NISA expected T_T, i dont think we will see a Sakura Wars game in english for a good while..

  • androvsky

    I always thought it odd the Wii version wasn’t coming out in Japan. I guess that helps reduce NISA’s burden a bit if they didn’t have to pay for the port on top of the massive localization.

    Still sad it didn’t sell well here, but releasing it in March of this year was doomed to failure. I don’t blame NISA too much, since they may not be in a position to sit on an expensive project for a couple months while they wait for the storm of huge titles to blow over.

  • nyoron

    If they do make a sequel they need to jettison the entire New York cast.

    …with the possible exception of Gemini.

  • I think it’s an entirely new version called Tenma Taisen. Hope it uses the CANVAS engine from Valkyria Chronicles

  • Rarutos

    This makes me happy, even if we’ll never get it. The series coming back to life in Japan? That’s awesome.

  • I hope this means that Sakura Taisen would be sold to more competent hands NOT named Namco Bandai, seeing how the Sammy half of Sega Sammy previously canceled the World Project, which would had easily meant worldwide localization of the project.

  • john411

    My guess? Sega mentioned in this month’s Famitsu360 that Sega Shanghai (their DC2XBLA porting team) is working on another 360-exclusive game, but that this game’s announcement will probably only be special to fans in Japan.

    My bet is they’re porting one of the versions of Sakura Taisen (probably the DC version) to XBLA for Japan. And that’s what they’ll announce for the 15th anniversary.

    • If that’s true, then I can see #SCEA @playstation shooting itself on the remaining foot, since it willingly screwed itself out of a legendary #SEGA franchise, due to SCEA’s high and almighty “MANDATORY ENGLISH DUB!” rule.

      • john411

        I don’t think it has anything to do with SCEA shooting itself… the PSP got the bundled ST1+ST2 port already, and Sega *never* released any of the old Sakura Taisen games on any other Playstation platform (they kept the series exclusive to their own Saturn/Dreamcast).

        (Yes I’m not counting the remake nor STV)

    • nunubx

      If that’s true, then they stole my idea because I thought up of putting SW1 on XBLA (Or taking the SW complete box and putting all that on a 360 disc).

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