Vanquish Demo Dated For September 2 [Update]

By Spencer . August 22, 2010 . 11:24pm

imageCurious about PlatinumGames’ hi-speed shooter? Producer Atsushi Inaba brings word of a Vanquish demo.


A demo is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on September 2. Vanquish Official Demo – Velocity Attack lets players try out the beginning and a boss battle with Argos. The demo has two difficulty settings, casual and normal. Casual mode includes auto-aiming.


The announcement was made in Famitsu, but we’re betting that Sega will release the demo, just like the Bayonetta demo, in all regions.


Update: The Vanquish demo launches in North America first on August 31. Europe gets it next on September 1. Finally, Japan and Australia meet Sam on September 2.

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  • Colour me wet.

    I mean excited.

  • godmars

    Feels a bit odd to be getting this demo in a few weeks when it hasn’t been that long since the game was announced.

  • kashiwaba

    Nice finally I can try this game I’ve been looking forward it since it was announced its my 2nd most anticipated game in 210 after GT5.

  • kushalafang

    Awesome finally get to see how messed up the PS3 version compared to the xbox.

    • Actually, they said they were using the PS3 as the lead platform this time, after what happened with Bayonetta.

      • kushalafang

        1.They have not prior PS3 experience seeing as they didn’t even want to touch the PS3 before.
        2.Bayonetta pretty much proves they don’t even like the PS3.
        so 1+2=messed up PS3 version.

        • Kris

          Where did you get that idea?
          When a company says that they are building a game for one console before the other, the first console is usually distinctly better. The PS3 is the LEAD PLATFORM for Vanquish, implying that they will make the game as good as possible there before making the necessary adjustments for the 360.

          • kushalafang

            Actually Mikami said they would get the PS3 version to an “acceptable” level then focus all attention to the xbox. Seeing as their view of “acceptable” means PS3 bayonetta level, then that’s all you pretty much need to know.

          • Kris

            Platinum didn’t port Bayonetta. They only made the 360 version.
            Sega ported the game. The big issue there was a lack of time and the fact that Bayonetta was specifically dependent on the 360’s hardware, doing things that Sega shouldn’t have attempted to replicate on the PS3, but did.
            There’s a lot more info (and a more interesting read) here:

          • kushalafang

            Which brings us back the the beginning they didn’t want to work on the PS3 it wasn’t lack of time or whatever other excuse they wanna use, they also said that the garbage Bayonetta PS3 version was just fine, that’s what I mean by what they consider “acceptable” on PS3. Also lemme ask you a question why would you make a MULTIPLATFORM game that can only run on one console?

  • I’m happy for this as I just haven’t been able to get psyched about this game, at all. I loved their stuff as Clover and I loved Bayonetta, but this just looks so generic so far. Like Halo mixed with Macross or something. Hopefully, the demo changes my mind.

  • lol @kushalafang ignorant fanboy is ignorant. just because a previous game has bugs in it does not mean all subsequent games will be the same, idiot. have fun with skittles the tiger, bitch XDDD

    • kushalafang

      Oh really you know better right smart guy, look its simple Platinum Games does not want to develop on PS3, therefore the PS3 version will suck see simple.Oh and my tiger wont be named skittles smart guy…..she is named mittens.

  • capristrider

    Vanquish Demo! I’m gonna say in a “Nature Boy Ric Flair Style” WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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