Atlus USA Employees Comment On Management Shift

By Spencer . August 30, 2010 . 4:33pm

imageLast night, parent company Index Holdings announced they were merging Atlus with Index, a mobile phone content provider. While Atlus will no longer be listed on Tokyo’s Stock Exchange, this won’t affect anything done by Atlus USA.


“Don’t worry, guys. This is just some corporate organizational maneuvering and won’t affect anything we do,” comforted Atlus USA site administrator “Inzaghi” in the official forums.


Inzaghi said it would be “highly unlikely” if the management shift affected Atlus Japan and assured “Atlus is not becoming a mobile games company.”


“This is purely a corporate maneuvering so that Index, which is a mobile games company, has easier access to Atlus IPs. That’s all,” Inzaghi closed.


A tip of the hat to suto_vu for the tip.

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    rar, thanks Atlus >ww<' It's taken all day to convince one of my friends that it'd have no impact on Atlus we know, it's just higher up with company management and how Atlus is handled on the Japanese stock exchange.

    • Doesn’t Nintendo also only trade stock in Japan?

      • They’re both Japanese based companies, so the Tokyo Stock Exchange is where they sell their stock. That goes for any of the big name Japanese game companies. You don’t have to be Japanese to buy stock from there though, just in case you’re interested…

  • Im glad they commented, some people were taking the move in the most illogical and rotten ways possible

  • good, i guess we must thanks the legion of japanese fans going crazy there when this happened

    • This was a response from an Atlus USA to the fans here, since the thread was about the first article. I doubt many people in Japan knew, unless they read a business news website. For those, they might have read the letter to investors about how exactly the merger would affect the company.

  • WonderSteve

    Good to hear an official statement from Atlus.

    But if one look at Atlus’ last year can’t help but wonder if the new management will drastically change Atlus’ direction. I want Persona 5 to be on PS3, not PSP or DS.

    It is kind of sad these days when companies that make crappy titles cater to the general mass do well but companies like Atlus struggle to survive.

  • maxchain

    I’m gonna hold you to that, Atlus USA. As soon as the logo on the newest Megami Whatever stops matching the one on the Rockin’ Kats title screen, you can expect a vial of my tears in the mail.

  • xavier axol

    I’m not buying this. every time there is a merge between companies, something is bount to happen *cough ( square enix) cough*
    And if persona 5 become multi platform, meaning coming to the xbox 360. It will ruin the franchise just like ffxiii.

    • Unlike the other merged companies, there’s no clash in projects between Index and Atlus. It’s basically going to be one company with two divisions. The Atlus division will handle the console games, and the Index division will handle the cellphone games.

    • Justinzero

      “And if persona 5 become multi platform, meaning coming to the xbox 360. It will ruin the franchise just like ffxiii. ”

      That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, selling your games across multiple platforms, reaching a higher fanbase, and possibly driving your profit margin up is exactly what Atlus needs to shy away from.

      Final Fantasy 13 didn’t “ruin” the franchise because it was sold on 2 platforms. It “ruined” (and I use the term loosely here. FF is in fine order if you ask me) peoples views on the franchise because it wasn’t fun to play.


      Well, if the Atlus dudes say all’s well, then I’m happy. If this is what they need to do to make running the business go smoothly, then all the power too them.

      • xavier axol

        While I do agree with you, multi does sells a lot. Example, (red dead redemption) it out sold even super mario galaxy. Mmmmmm
        Ok then again I want you to compare red dead redemption to an exclusive game like uncharted 2 or if you are an xbox 360 fan ( mass effect 2) both of those games have better graphics, storyline, and gameplay mechanics than red dead redemption. So where am I goin with this? Well think about it, the word “exclusive” don’t just mean it’s for one counsel only. It means the company it’s willing and committee to utilize every tool in their arsenal to get the most out of that counsel, in hopes to make the best experience for the fans. That’s how a company get it’s name and how fans follow them.

        • malek86

          Now, now. Atlus games were never exactly known for their ground-breaking graphics. They don’t have the budget to make a game that looks like Uncharted or ME2, anyway. As for the storyline or gameplay mechanics, I don’t see how they would be affected by being on two consoles instead of one?So the problem is not a problem, I believe.

          • xavier axol

            Then please explained to me how naughty dog and sucker pouch make such ground braking game like infamous and uncharted. Let me remind you that sucker pouch was also responsible for sly cooper ( a game that to me was pretty much a failure)

          • malek86

            Something a developer makes a good game, sometimes they don’t. It’s how it works. It’s got nothing to do with available platforms, really.

            It’s just that, most times, first-party developers are very talented (rightly so, otherwise they wouldn’t get hired), so it’s easy to see a good game coming from them.

  • MrBushido

    “Index, which is a mobile games company,”
    Correction: Index is NOT just a mobile “games company” – they are a mobile service content provider which are pretty huge in Japan. They have owned Atlus since 2006, so there really isn’t much of a difference, and it happens all the time in Japanese business. This isn’t even a change in management; please learn some Japanese. Take it to the Western media for blowing it out of proportion.

    • Actually, Index Holdings owns Atlus and Index. They’re a holding company structure like Square Enix Holdings, which owns Square Enix Inc., Square Enix Ltd., etc.

      Index is specifically the mobile content division, which merged with Atlus. It’s corporate restructuring similar to how AQIs studios are now internal AQI teams.

      And the section you quoted isn’t from us, it’s a quote from Atlus USA.

      • MrBushido

        Actually, no – Index started out as a mobile content service provider and which is still their main line of business; that’s exactly how they turned out to be such a major company and how they could buy major companies like Madhouse, Atlus & even foreign subsidiaries, they created a holdings firm (like most other major Japanese companies) to keep a hold of them all.
        They are one of the biggest success stories in Japanese business; of how a mobile content service provider could one day become one of the biggest Japanese companies & stocks in the industry. They were first founded and led by a woman who was and still is one of the most charismatic figures in Japanese commerce; her story remains one of its most eloquent. I should know; I’m the person who created & translated the English wiki article for Index from the original Japanese article. Regardless, this was in response to Inzaghi’s post, not specifically your article.

  • lostinblue

    I hope they don’t change their name to… what was it called again?

  • kylehyde

    I really want to belive this statement and I hope that the this become true, but only the time will clear the things.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    *happy tears*

  • Roses4Aria

    So glad to hear this. I admit to being a little concerned when I first read about it, but it sounds like it shouldn’t affect much. Let’s just hope that’s the case.

  • That’s a big relief!

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