Nintendo Drops DSi And DSi XL Price By $20

By Spencer . August 30, 2010 . 7:15am

imageNintendo is shaving twenty bucks off the price of the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. The camera capable handhelds cost $169.99 and $189.99, respectively, in North America.


Starting on September 12, a Nintendo DSi will run for $149.99 and the big screen DSi XL has a $169.99 price tag. Leftover stock of the Nintendo DS Lite will not be discounted by Nintendo and stay at $129.99.


Meanwhile, the Nintendo 3DS and its still unannounced release date looms in the background.

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  • Jellybit

    This price drop this early is a good sign that 3DS will be decently priced.

    • it’s not going to be any less then 250$ if you consider that “decently priced”.

      • luckgandor

        Do you have any basis for such certainty?

        • Joanna

          exactly. This individual sure seems certain the price will be 250. Unless they have some insider knowledge, this is all speculation and people should be making stupid remarks like “it’s going to be xxx amount for sure!!!”

          The fact that the price has dropped for the DSi models is a better indication of the price, so unless Jeff can produce some argument or source, he’s just an inflammatory poster trying to make people angry at the 3DS’s supposed “price”. Well I guess you can’t get rid of all the trolls. >__>

      • zhemos

        I will pay $199.99 max for a 3DS, If they decide to go crazy with the price then I can live without it.

    • $199 will be a decent price, unless they want to gouge us and make it 219$, thats like 50$ difference between the three I think

    • Joanna

      I agree with you and I believe this happened before with other Nintendo handhelds, although it’s been too long ago so I’m not too certain. Either way, if 3DS gets even half the games that the DS has, I’d even play 300 for it. xD

      I’ll probably not buy 3DS on launch though. I rather have a library first and than get a system. I’ve always done it that way, so I actually know I’ll get some bang for my buck, and I don’t intend to change that for 3DS even though I’m pretty psyched about it.

  • they wanna get rid of the last loot

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I think Nintendo will surprise us with the 3DS price. It’s a good thing the DSi was just price dropped, maybe 3DS is coming sooner than we had hoped.

  • The smartest thing for Nintendo to do will be to release the console before Christmas.

    All depends on if they (and one or two third parties) can get the games done in time and if they’ll have enough consoles ready.

    They’d need 1.5mill just to cover launch day, let alone the xmas period.

  • thaKingRocka

    Fellas, all this talk of money, yet so many of you insist on putting the dollar sign following the value. The correct format is in the article … and every commerce website you’ve every visited along with every brick and mortar store.That said, I’m willing to pay up to 200 for the 3Ds. (edited for clarity. thanks to Aarachnid)

    • I get confused easily, oh well $199 is 199$ like %20 is 20%.

    • up to 200 for what? The 3DS?

      Assuming it is, does that include tax, i.e. would you buy it if it is $199.99 MSRP?

      • thaKingRocka

        I would be willing to pay $199.99 MSRP. My sense of the value could change, but if it does change, I will be willing to pay less. To avoid tax, I might buy it from Newegg. I’ve been pretty happy with them. I only started buying from them recently. Amazon got screwed over by NYS, so they charge tax now despite not having any brick and mortar ties in the state.

  • I’m guessing the 3DS will be 180 dollars then, like I sayed before :)

  • Draparde

    Nintendo normally has pretty cheap systems compared to its competition, i’d go with $199 for the 3DS…as for buying it…well…..i wana know what games will be out when it releases before i decide to get it for any price lol

    • Well, at this point there is no competition for the 3DS. A PSP2 hasn’t been announced and I don’t think it will be released anywhere close to the 3DS so 3DS has no one to be cheap compared to. Even still, the DS was only 149.99 USD at launch so I don’t anticipate anything more than 199.99 USD, which would still be really funny since the 3DS would be launching more expensive than the Wii

  • I guess they realised announcing the 3DS really would affect sales and so made a price drop to compensate. Seriously, release a new SKU and then, what was it, a month later announce a new system? That was a bad choice

  • Devonian

    Good, I was considering getting one of those…

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