Sakura Wars VI Finds Love On Wii

By Spencer . August 30, 2010 . 12:50pm

imageA teaser image is making rounds on Twitter for Sakura Taisen VI: Stronger than Love. The promo picture says a new game in the Sakura series is coming to Wii. Game blog Hachimaki appears to be the source, but it isn’t clear where the picture came from.


Before this image leaked out Sakura Wars creator Ohji Hiroi hinted at an announcement in Famitsu.


While it wasn’t released in Japan, Idea Factory made a port of Sakura Taisen: So Long, My Love for Wii.

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  • Finalstar2007

    Aww why no PS3? :(

    • JustaGenericUser

      I don’t think a game like this really requires PS3 graphics, though having Vesperia/Totori like quality wouldn’t be bad at all.

      • godmars

        And yet there was that Megazone 23 date sim early on.

        • superdry

          But, Megazone 23 was not released in the US as B4ULoveShine mentioned SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). Visual novels is such a huge genre in Japan that any of the three console manufacturers in Japan would be crazy to not allow them to be developed….whether or not developers want to develop on certain systems is up to them.

          I find it funny that SCEA and some people consider a visual novel not a “game” even though some of the earliest computer games were text based.

    • It’s because #SCEA @playstation does NOT consider #SakuraTaisen a game, which has been, since the #SEGA Saturn era.

      • SeventhEvening

        They still had no problem releasing Sakura Taisen V on PS2 in the US. Additionally, this news has absolutely nothing to do with SCEA and SCEA would have no say on whether a visual novel would come out on the PS3 in Japan anyway.

  • I want it in english, but I think that it’s never going to happend

    • JustaGenericUser

      Don’t worry, Nintendo isn’t like Sony. I’m sure someone will localize it.

      • Guest

        Whats Nintendo have to do with anything? They let their own first/second party titles stay in Japan so the game being on a Nintendo consoles doesn’t really mean anything.

        • lostinblue

          You’re obviously out of the loop for this one so I’ll fill you in:

          A few months ago someone wanted to localize the PSP Sakura Taisen remakes that never made it outside Japan, and Sony US blocked the localization claiming they weren’t games.

          Silly Sony USA policies, basically. Such policies don’t apply over to Europe and Japan, but it just canned every chance we had from seeing those over nonetheless; just like they efectivelly canned Atlus USA from localizing both Princess Crown and Devil Summoner PSP versions (games that never came out in US at that)

          • john411

            They blocked them because they didn’t want old ports. Which is essentially all that the PSP games were. No new features (like Silver Story, FF:T, SO Portable etc.) just straight up Sega Saturn ports bundled together.And Nintendo has left so many of their *own* games behind on Japan’s shores, I can’t begin to imagine why you’d think Nintendo is better than Sony at getting things get localized.

          • lostinblue

            Sony also leaves stuff behind, and do developers themselves for both platforms. Nintendo doesn’t have stupid policies being enforced in US though, and the PSP port policy is stupid when they allow crappy multiplatform games like need for speed (essentially a port) come out simultaneously every year and each year sucking more on the PSP.

            The games they blocked because of being “ports with no extra content” were content we still don’t have access to today, and good games at that.

          • Joanna

            I agree that Nintendo isn’t inspiring any more hope than Sony (where is my ASH! I still pine for it!), but blocking a game because it’s a port or a visual novel, or making it PSN only if it has no dub (with the rare exceptions for companies with more main stream appeal) is just dumb. These are perfectly good games, so what if they are ports or VNs. It’s not like Sony’s going to be losing money if a third party brings these over. I still cannot understand why they have these kinds of policies, especially when it’s only a single branch! I don’t usually like to bash companies, but in the rare occasion that they really do something idiotic, I’m not just going to accept it.

            You might say ports aren’t new games and therefore not worthwhile, but some of these games were never even released in North America before, and frankly I (and probably others) missed out on a few older games and we’d like to try them without having to resort to Digital-only services like PS1 Classics/Virtual Console. /rant

          • androvsky

            We only heard about the Sony blockage of Sakura Taisen 1 & 2 a couple months ago, it almost certainly happened years ago, just after the PSP port came out in Japan. Since then, Sony’s loosened up considerably on their restrictions; after all, they let Disgaea Infinite through which is more of a visual novel than Sakura Taisen. And, obviously, they let Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love get published.

            It’s a very old windmill, you don’t have to tilt at it any more.

      • gatotsu911

        Sounds like someone doesn’t know much about how the game industry works.

      • SeventhEvening

        Two things:
        1) Sakura Wars V was release on the PS2 in the US and Sony didn’t do anything to prevent a release.
        2) Sakura Wars V performed very poorly in the US on the PS2 and on the Wii. NISA has made comments about the disappointing performance.

        Thus the chance of localization of this game for any system is pretty unlikely and it has nothing to do with Sony or Nintendo policy.

  • nyoron

    So this isn’t actually confirmed? Image looks kinda fake to me…

    • Considering the world project was supposedly canned ‘m leaning towards fake too.

      Edit: Actually, the article itself says its fake

      • I tired using Google Translator and I see nothing that says it’s fake.

      • nyoron

        コラ = collage = ‘shopped

        Something like that, right?

        • yup it’s slang for shopped, and the subtitle よくできたサクラ大戦コラ画像ひろった = we found a nice sakura wars shop

          • nyoron

            Cool, good to know!

        • lostinblue

          dang, there go my hopes.Anyway, I’d like to see a good sakura taisen for a portable console. I seem to play/like SRPG’s more on handhelds.

  • nyobzoo

    coming to the US, not very likely I think, even though So Long my Love did

  • JustaGenericUser

    This would be the first time since the death of the last Sega console that a new Sakura Wars game isn’t on a Sony platform, I think. Either they think more Wii owners would play it than PS3 owners or they must have found out Sony America’s treatment of the series.

    • godmars

      What did Sony do? It was Sega’s choice to put it on the PS2 well into its heyday.

    • john411

      That doesn’t mean anything. Sega only put the STV and the STI remake on the PS2 after the DC died because they had nowhere else to go. Not to mention you forgot about Sakura Taisen DS.

      They have no ties to the Sony platform. The ST series goes where it wants to go.

  • Guest


  • SEGA, you would be wise to take the Sengoku Basara 3/ Tales of Graces route.

    • lostinblue

      Tales of Graces route and Sengoku Basara 3 route are very different.Sengoku Basara 3 route being the right one for “real” multiplatform, Tales of Graces being the example of how to release a beta for a console and then doing a whole directors cut exclusively not for it.

      Every console needs exclusives though, and it’s not like many people are anticipating this title on any platform outside japan so there.

      Not that I would be opposed to this one being multiplatform, but if it isn’t it’s fine just the same. I think it suits them really good to support the wii after putting a 2004 ps2 port of the franchise on it. Seeing this one is aparently coming they could put more. Wii is the only current gen platform where such ports could get away being released after all.

  • i for one cant w8 since NISA said thy wish thy made a sequel well thy answer to the sell in the US with Sakura War 6 bring it to us NISA ^^

  • Kibbitz

    I’d really be surprised to see this returning after so long. Thought the franchise was pretty dead outside of the ongoing manga. The cafe I think is closed, are the live shows even running anymore?

  • Ohoooo, in Germany this time eh? I wonder if SLML did well enough to justify bringing it overseas. Well, at least the main heroine is a snappy dresser.

    • Ereek

      I’d say ST5 “not performing up to expectations” is not doing well enough to justify bringing it overseas by NISA. SEGA might, but that’s a bit of a long shot.

  • Justinzero

    Neat stuff. I hope it makes its way out here eventually. Anyone know what the sales numbers (including both versions) were for the NA release of 5?

  • Berlin? Sakura?? Wars?! I wonder how SEGA’ll pull this one off

  • androvsky

    Yeah, it looks really fake to me. If it’s real, I weep for the loss of Sega’s graphic designers. Plain fonts, bland photo background, and the character looks like key art of Shinjiro pasted on a woman’s body.

  • Fake, BUT I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!!

  • Joanna

    I’m going to keep my expectations low since even if this isn’t fake, the chances of a localization as slim to none.

    • lostinblue

      Don’t say that NISA person who was involved on localizing Sakura Wars 5! :(

      • Joanna

        I don’t understand what you wrote.

        Well, I’ll just clarify, I really want to be optimistic about the localization prospects and I really want this game to be brought over to North America (if it isn’t fake), but NISA said SW5 didn’t do as well as they had thought and if a company like NISA (which basically caters to niche fans) thinks it didn’t do well, then I can’t imagine any one else localizing this. (Well maybe Sega, but again slim to none since Sega is so hit and miss with localizations – i.e. we got Sands of Destruction but no 7th Dragon or Shining Force Feather).

        • lostinblue

          I confused your avatar with that nice NISA chap one :x sorry.I wouldn’t be optimistic about it coming over too, but I hope it does, as I do for every game worth localizing really. And hopefully not at Ignition’s hands, just that.

          EDIT: True I still want 7th Dragon.

          • Joanna

            oh ok. xD

            Didn’t Ignition pull out from console gaming and onto social gaming? I sure hope so because I’d rather not see any game in their hands!

          • They’re developing their own games now, instead of publishing games from other developers. I think (and hope) that Arc Rise Fantasia is the last game that isn’t from them.

  • If this isn’t fake, Sega really have made a bad decision. Still, I’m always in favor of system exclusives, so I guess good for the Wii, bad for Sega, if this is true.

  • lostinblue


    This is how you make a port worthwhile, by putting the next game on the console instead of using it as a stepping stone for something else.

    Hopefully they can further extend the userbase for Sakura Wars in US before release though seeing there’s no real userbase to speak of.

    Also, shame in the end the Wii port skipped some extras (like the double CD) like NISA had promised initially, but such is life.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    My heart stopped when I read the read the title and saw the image. What a naughty move if it’s fake. PS3 would be the best ground for a sequel I feel, but still…sequel would be amazing.

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