Final Fantasy Legend III Remake Coming To Nintendo DS

By Spencer . August 31, 2010 . 6:23pm

The SaGa team’s next project is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend III, better known as SaGa 3: Ruler of Space-Time in Japan. They turned this Game Boy game into…



… this.





SaGa 3 Ruler of Space-Time: Shadow or Light has been updated with 3D graphics, but uses the same system where characters can turn into mechs or beasts depending on what they eat. Dion, a temporary character in the original game, appears to play a larger role in the Nintendo DS remake. Arthur, the hero who traveled through time, isn’t on the scan.

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  • … =O

    …………… =D

  • Sylveria

    Wonder if Squareenix even knows how to make new/original games anymore. Seems all they are doing is spitting out remakes (this) or knock offs (Four Heroes of Light). But glad to see their putting all their effort into pumping out crap for the DS instead of creating games for those big $300+ systems we have.

    • Sorry, but this is far from crap. A classic RPG that gets a nice update which lets gamers nowadays rediscover it or play it for the first time is perfectly acceptable in my book. I like originality too, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with remaking a game this old. I have much more of a problem with multiple versions/ports of a recent game (like Persona 3) than I do this.

      Also, whether a game is made for a portable system or a next-gen HD system has no bearing on whether it’s a good game or not. I mean, really? Crap in HD is still crap.

      • symytry

        I fully agree! This is by far the best of the trilogy on GB and an awesome story in its’ own right! Never before has time travel been so awesome in an RPG (yes, I thought it was better than Chrono Trigger/Cross). SaGa 3 also has the best airship in any RPG :D

        • Fun fact: I actually named the ship in Chrono Trigger “Talon”, after the one in this game. It’s just more awesome when you can actually use your ship’s weapons in battle, you know?

  • DudeOnly

    Where are my FF V-VI remakes :(

  • evenor

    So is this the game that was teased on the SaGa official site?

    • The site has not been updated yet, but I’d bet on it.

  • Tofuuu

    lol i remember playing a bootlegged version of this when i was a little kid… the game said “Final Fantasy VII Portable” and was in Chinese… thought it was really a fake ass game O.O;; didn’t know it was real!

  • Wasn’t expecting this. I’m pleasantly surprised, even if I have to end up importing a Japanese copy to ever play it.

    • Alrai

      Seconded. I remember sinking so much time into this game way back when.

      • kupomogli

        I didn’t like SaGa 3 half as much as I liked SaGa 2 but even then it’s a really good game. I’ve played through it four or five times.

        Just like I said about SaGa 2 though. These graphics look terrible. Atleast make the character designs look better.

        • Alrai

          I’m personally withholding character design judgement until I see actual footage. I can think of a few things which didn’t really click for me until I saw trailers (4 Heroes Of Light being the most notable recent one) and I’m hoping that’s the case here.

  • Yay, another SaGa game for SE to give the finger to Western fans. >.>

    That aside, I enjoyed the heck out of the Game Boy version. I wonder if this’ll be the last DS game from them w/ the 3DS coming soon?

  • Now if only it leaves japan.

    • Justinzero

      Yeah dude, I hope it makes its way here in the next few years.

    • Joanna

      I still want Saga2. :(

  • max13524

    I was hoping for a remake of Saga Frontier :( but I’d love to own this if it makes it to north america

    • Pichi

      Another vote for Saga Frontier! Remake, PSN, anything really. Didn’t get a chance to play in full, so I would love to one one day along with Threads of Fate.

      • Just in case you actually get around to trying the original SaGa Frontier…play it with a grain of salt. There are great ideas in it, but it’s pretty deeply flawed. I’m more a fan of it for what it wanted to be than what it actually ended up being. :(

        It really NEEDS a remake—one that smooths out the bumps, gets a better localization, and restores the content which got cut due to time/budget/other constraints. IMO, it would benefit from one more than all of the FFs that have been remade at this point.

  • Guest

    Appreciate square enix remaking older games but I think it’s time to make something new for a change?

  • I’d love to see this and Saga 2 in English. I may try the Japanese versions if I don’t have a choice, though…

  • Whoa, wait. Now that my euphoria about this has died down, they replaced Arthur with Dion? I wonder who takes Dion’s role in the story then.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Well that is good to hear. IMHO this was the only Saga game that was any good and thus its a welcome addition.

  • joesz

    wow! suddenly it’s looking more appealing

  • keilysmith

    That’s cool!I m eagerly waiting to get Final Fantasy on Nintendo as its one of my favorite game with multiple superb gameplay.
    Goochland Va mls

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