Silver Xbox 360 Controller Features Transforming D-Pad

By Spencer . August 31, 2010 . 12:16pm

4944995329_d3bd91d0e7_o Microsoft has a new Xbox 360 controller in the works and fighting game fans may want to give it a look because it can be configured with a raised D-pad. Twist the D-pad on the controller to change it from disc to raised or vice-versa.


The matte silver controller with grayscale buttons will be sold with a play & charge kit on November 9 for $64.99. PAX Prime attendees will get their hands on the new controller at the show.



Here’s a close up of the key feature, the D-pad, and the packaging.


4944995559_233e0e108a_o 4945577766_9cd05997e8_o 4944995611_0a13757158_o

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  • Code

    rar, I thought that was pretty slick, but will really have to try it out to know if it’s any better. Although I have to admit, although it’s a really cool trick, doesn’t making it goes back to the old style 360 pad seem perhaps pointless?

  • I’d have to see it to believe it, but that sounds good!

  • Guest

    Anyone else think its insane a controller costs roughly the same amount as a video game? Hell in this case its costs more. This makes no sense at all.

    • andref

      Yes it does when it comes with the play and charge kit. Normal standard controller is $50 wireless and the play and charge kit is $20 so it is a good deal.

      • malek86

        No it’s not. A controller shouldn’t cost $60, even if it’s wireless. The DS3 has the same problem. As does the WM+Nunchuck combo.

        In fact, my other 360 controllers, aside from the main one I got with the console, are all wired. I don’t use them too often, so at least I saved some money.

        • Read his comment above. He was comparing the bundle with buying the items separately. With that comparison in mind, it is, in fact, a good deal

      • thebanditking

        Sorry but I don’t agree with this logic at all. For one the 360 controllers while wireless are nothing fancy, most wireless home phones use similar tech and they sell for 49.99 for a 3 pack with bases. Second the 360’s controllers do not come with rechargeable batteries, which are a 11 to 20 dollar added expense. Lastly the play and charge kit is nothing more then a glorified USB cord, and it charges so slow its worth is further questioned. To be honest its price gouging and without these “bundles” Microsoft will nickel and dime you to death buying it separately. It has been this way since launch.

        • andref

          No matter the case the bundle costs you more than buying a controller and the play and charge kit separately.

  • What’s the point of the transformation? Why not just make it a Plus sign and be done with it? The real question is… does it work any better? Seeing that the Disc shape wasn’t the problem with the original D-pad to begin with… it was the outer rim that was the problem. Also… why remove the button colors? Most games use Color Button prompts! Seems silly.

    • Most games use Color Button prompts? I don’t think so. QTE aren’t in most games, and even the ones that do show the letter on the button, or they’ll show the button itself, which includes the color, but it’s not a color button prompt, it’s just a button prompt. The colors are irrelevant. Look at God of War. All the QTE could be black and white, but you push the button based on the symbol shown, not the color

    • I’ve always read that Nintendo has long held a patent on the classic cross-shaped D-pad… hence the weird arrows making up a DualShock/2/3 D-pad and the star shape on the Wand (3rd-party Wiimote: )

      I’ve seen 3rd-party controllers that have the cross shape, though (i.e. some for Gamecube), so I’m not sure if that’s totally accurate. Does anyone know for sure?

    • thebanditking

      glad to see I’m not the only one who realized this. Also yeah I kind of miss the colored buttons, for this I think it would look better if all the butons were the same color and were clear with gray inside)

      Also why make the d pad chrome and texture less? Yeah real fighting fans are going to rush out and buy a controller that allows their thumbs to slip off easier…..

      I don’t know who they were making this for, the PS3’s d pad it still going to offer better grip and most fighting game fans likely have already bought an arcade stick for their 360 or buy their fighting games on PS3 (like me).

      :side note: Does Nintendo still own the patents on the cross shaped d pad? I know Sony patented their design back in the day too.

    • Happy Gamer

      Yeah the feel is a weird “lumpy” feel which makes it kindda hard to slide around the thumb. it’s not much of an issue of pressing individual arrows for me it was that feeling..hard to explain but i think u explained it better than me.

    • Aoshi00

      The first thing I thought of was the color btn prompts too, I did better w/ QTE because I recognize the colors rather than the letters :)Even though this might not be that practical (I have the arcade stick for shmups & fighters even though I suck), the silver does looks sleek and the collector in me kinda wants. The thing is I very very rarely use the sucky d-pad even when browsing the dashboard, for sidescrollers like Megaman 10 and Scott Pilgrim, the analog stick plays surprisingly well too.If the d-pad proves to be better and this goes on sale later I might pick it up, I alrdy have the charger though.. I just want to collect this like the wavebird or something..As always, Major is a cool dude.

      • So when a QTE occurs, and a Blue Circle with an X in it appears, you think “oh, that’s the blue button, I need to push the blue button on the controller”? I can honestly say you’d be the first one I knew of who’s mind worked like that. Most people it’s like “oh, that’s the button with an X. I need to push the X button on the controller.”

        • Aoshi00

          I know where the XABY is, but the colors help too. Plus many games’ prompts actually do use colors like Idol Master or Dream Club (there might be more), the choices are presented in the 4 colors instead of letters. On my arcade stick, I also associate color w/ the commands, like green is OK and red is cancel and blue is sign in and out, because the btns don’t line up like on the controller. It’s actually not that weird. I guess it depends, for Sonic Unleashed I remember the XABY. I guess the Dual Shock’s square, x, circle and triangle are more recognizable since we’ve used that for PS1&2.

    • If Microsoft made a working d-pad the first time round, they wouldn’t be able to market this gimmick! :D

  • Justinzero

    Nice to see they are working to upgrade the D-Pad. I still remain skeptical, though. Unless they fix the way the pad rocks on its axis, it’s still going to suck.

  • thebanditking

    Not sure I buy this whole “it morphs into a better d pad” jazz. Its a controller not a Power Ranger….though I could see MS JP marketing it as “NEW 360 controller, HENSHIN!!!”Still the d pad on the current controllers suck not because the d pad is not elevated, but because the stick its mounted to has dead spots. I will likely never buy one of these because to prove its better I would have to use it first, and to do that it would have to be in a store, which it never will (they never change kiosk controllers and if they do its with another one just like it). I also would have to know how much better it actually is. Most will likely rate it on if I push right on the pad the NXE no longer moves up (lol). All things considered this is 5 years too late, I buy all my fighting games on PS3 and I see little reason at this point to change that.Also my first thought after seeing this was, I wonder how many times it will take before the “transform” function breaks :

  • Scallion

    Hey.Heyyyy.Get rid of that lumpy battery pack and those stupid proprietary cables.Making the D-pad twist like that seems like another opportunity to break.I’d rather them be honest about it and just put a timebomb on the bottom that’ll blow up when the warranty’s finished.

    e: I totally want to throw a rock at Major Nelson. Is that so wrong?

  • Aoshi00

    I think I might be getting this, I mean I got a black controller just because I was tired of the white one (well, actually it’s to distinguish btwn the US & Jpn system). I picked up the pink & blue remotes w/ motion plus too when they were on sale for $35.99 even though I don’t play w/ the Wii that often, but they just look so good.. I’m still waiting for the white Dual shock 3 to go on sale or something… for me faceplates and diff. color controllers keep things interesting and this one looks sleek :)

    The gray colored buttons are like the colorful Super Famicom (4 colors) and SNES (purple and gray) now…

  • Geez, 70 bucks because they are forcing you to buy the play and charge kit with it. I already have 2 of the damn kits at home. Nice to know Microsoft is telling us what we need to buy with this controller.

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