Looks Like Sega Is Getting Ready To Roll Out A New Valkyria Game

By Spencer . September 1, 2010 . 9:44am

imageSega opened a teaser site with a silhouettes of shocktroopers and a tank. Seems like another Valkyria Chronicles game to us. The URL also has a connection to the series. Valkyria Chronicles took place in 1935 and the site is code1935.jp.


Last week, we reported that Sega registered the domain name valkyria3.jp. The site required a password to access it then, but is now open to the public. There’s nothing to see though, just a blank page.

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  • SlashZaku

    VC3 PS3. Come on SEGA.

    • thebanditking

      What else could it be for? It may not be exclusive but it will definitely be on PS3. (watch now they announce it for DS………)

      • malek86

        The first game for PS3, the second game for PSP, the third game for 3DS.

        Now that would be a nice way to kill off a series. Always put it on different platforms.

        • thebanditking

          I see you have been reading Namco’s Tales rule book. ;)

          • kupomogli

            Chapter 3: Tales of Western Releases. #1. If the new (Tales) game is considered for a western release. A coin must be flipped to determine whether or not proceedings take place. Landing on tails three times and the localization process starts while one heads and it is no longer considered.#2. If the previous rule (#1) succeeds, an employee will find and ask to play a game of rock, paper, scissors, with the first person he sees walking out on the streets without giving the reason. If that person refuses then the game is no longer considered. If the employee plays and loses the game is no longer considered. Only when the employee wins three times will we proceed.#3 …Taken from Tales of Rulebook 2010 Edition Revision 34.

            No wonder we don’t see many Tales games here.

          • MisterNiwa

            #4 Profit!

      • SlashZaku

        Andriasang ran an article with one of the team members (Producer or Director) stating they were looking to keep it PS oriented (PS3 and PSP like Yakuza). PS3 was something they really wanted to get back to so I have faith that it’ll remain exclusive. I don’t think they’ll burden themselves with multiplatform development and I really do hope this isn’t announced out of the blue for 3DS :|

        • thebanditking

          I too believe it will remain exclusive I was simply just stating that there is no way the PS3 would be left out.

          • malek86

            Now watch as they announce it for the PSP again.

            How did VC2 do in Japan?

    • It better not be a spin-off, a port to 360, or another portable game. Not even close to finishing the first, but I would be outraged if this isn’t a proper sequel.

    • Please for the love of money be for the PS3, not the PSP, but the PS3, I agree with SlashZaku!!!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hopefully. VC2 is pretty good, but it just feels so… small… compared to the first game. For obvious reasons.

      • even in the story is “small”, compare a civil war againts a country vs. country war xD

  • malek86

    I’m expecting some Famitsu leaks a couple days before 16/9.

    • SlashZaku

      Yep, now that the teaser is out. Famitsu for the most part beats the sites to the announcements.

      • raymk

        How do they even do that? I mean i know their big over there in japan but they get to everything first. Oh well the style from the first game seems like its coming back that should shut up like 100 people.

  • thebanditking

    Awesome, I can’t wait. The first is one of the best RPGs of the last 3 gens.

  • welkin

    Best news of the day.

  • Finalstar2007

    Please make it on PS3

  • Kibbitz

    Still haven’t played either the first or second, I really should get around to it sometime.

  • A VC exclusive to the 360?Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ill wait before jumping of joy XD ,but please make it for PS3 T_T with doubble audio i miss that on psp version !

  • cmurph666

    VC2 Remake for PS3……….?

    Or VC3 for PSP/PS3.

  • Looks like they are prepping us for a VC3 announcement at TGS. I didn’t honestly think we would see something that soon, but if the website opens on 9.16 like that states, then yep. We should definitely see SOMETHING at TGS for VC this year.

    So, let’s bring it to PS3 and have some sort of multiplayer function like VC2 did. Online play with co-op and versus for VC3 on PS3? Yes please.

    • The current system would leave it horribly unbalanced for versus. Any turnbased game tends to be sided more against the opposition as the person who makes the first move sets the pace of the match until the opponent can turn it to their advantage. :( It just would not work unfortunately cause SCOUTS are BROKEN.

  • Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Soon. The heat from VC2 hasn’t even ended yet.

  • PS3! PS3!

  • WonderSteve

    I am going to keep my expectation very low regarding this announcement from SEGA…

    So either I will be very very pleased when a proper VC3 on PS3 (or even 360) is announced, or I will just go ‘meh’ when they announce a VC game on DS or PSP

  • Cloud_ST

    I hope the game gets to be really awesome,whatever the console is.

    However,I think people should stop bashing VC2 because it wasn’t on the console of the first game and/or the experience wasn’t exactly “the same”,the game was great and a good sequel to a good game.

  • lol that was fast, i guess we will expect recycled EVERYTHING, not that i mind though

  • john411

    It might be a ‘VC1+VC2 combined port to 360, set up Valkyria Chronicles 3 up for multiplatform’ which is probably the only way it’d be on the 360.

    Or it’s an honest to goodness sequel, for PS3 or PSP…

  • Chow

    I wonder what’s with that big sword thing in the middle.

  • Pesmerga00

    In the image it has an insignia and the words Altaha Abilia, Latin for “Always Ready”.

    I may be reading to far into this but after a little research. That motto was used by 29th Regiment Advance Individual Training USAR. With Campaigns in WW2 Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe.


    Going on this, I’m thinking that in either a prequelsequel set in 1935. You will be playing as an over seas American squad(422).

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