Valkyria Chronicles II Playtest: Expanded Tactics

By Spencer . September 1, 2010 . 7:18pm


Valkyria Chronicles II may be on a smaller screen, but Sega’s portable sequel is surprisingly deeper than the original. In addition to tank crushing lancers and health restoring engineers, Valkyria Chronicles II includes a bunch of unusual classes such as the fencer and a bard-like melodist. You probably won’t win a lot of battles just using musical engineers, though. Characters, better explained as Avan’s classmates at Lanseal Royal Military Academy, have a branching class tree. Avan, the game’s hotheaded protagonist, has more options since he can choose any of the five base jobs: scout, shocktrooper, lancer, engineer, or armored tech.


The heart of Valkyria Chronicles II is still capture the flag. Enemy units block the goal and you can shoot them using the unique Valkyria Chronicles control system. Unlike other tactics games, Valkyria Chronicles II lets players run on a battlefield with the analog stick as long as there is energy in your character’s AP gauge. When you spot a solider you can switch to target mode, line up sights with the D-pad, and press X to shoot. You get one attack per turn, so make it count.




There are more “flags” to capture in Valkyria Chronicles II. Sega split up the giant maps in Valkyria Chronicles into linked mini-maps. This change, likely done to make Valkyria Chronicles work on the PSP, also introduces another tactical option. You can deploy a different unit in the next area. So, if you capture a Gateway Camp with a lancer, who happens to be low on ammo, you can replace him with another, maybe more useful squad member. Once you complete a mission you can visit the campus store to purchase items or drop by Lavinia’s R&D building develop weapons. Blueprints for new items can be found on the battlefield, if you shoot the right soldier. Lavinia takes care of tanks too and Valkyria Chronicles II has more modification options.




While Valkyria Chronicles II is a sequel and fans even get to see characters from the first game, the story is centered around a civil war. A rebel group wants to overthrow the Archduchess of Gallia after she announces her Darscen heritage. Actually, the story is really centered around Squad G and their day to day lives. Valkyria Chronicles II is driven by its characters, rather than the events. You’ll see skits of Avan and Zeri bickering, Joachim bumbling, and Anisette’s dreams about being an idol. These high school-esque vignettes are told like an animated comic strip with frames bumping into each other. Avan’s coming of age and stepping into his late brother’s shoes story is quite a departure from Valkyria Chronicles. On one hand, players who missed the PlayStation 3 title can jump into Valkyria Chronicles II. However, some fans may be disappointed that Valkyria Chronicles II’s narrative is more lighthearted. Many of the story scenes are optional, you can simply ignore them on the map.


One of the neat additions Sega added to Valkyria Chronicles II is multiplayer. There are two modes, a co-op mode for up to four players and a versus mode. Fights against a friend can be pretty unbalanced, even when a handicap is applied, but versus mode is a blast. Too bad all of the multiplayer modes are only ad-hoc. Sure, you can tunnel through ad-hoc party, but the feature could have been better if Valkyria Chronicles II supported infrastructure mode.


The way Sega scaled down Valkyria Chronicles is impressive. Valkyria Chronicles II uses the same innovative BLiTZ system with more options for unit and tank customization. Missions are commuter-sized bites of a 30-40 hour game. And there’s plenty of fanservice. Not just Valkyria Chronicles fanservice, Sega fanservice.

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  • Oh wow this is pretty intriguing, it didnt mention if it is suggested to actually experience the Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 if one is able too, or should I start with this one for this one seems to be packed with nice character development and interactions which I love in role playing games.

    30-40 hours is a pretty excellent amount of time

    • raymk

      Its actually longer than that if you want to do everything. everyone really should play VC1 despite if they’ve playing VC2 or not its that good.

  • xavier axol

    Downloaded the demo and love it. I preorder the game on amazon, but I’m still waiting for the shipping. :-( On the other news I hope for the next valkyria chronicles to land on the ps3 again and if possible with playstation move add-on. It’s better to have more options other than the dual shock controller. Oh and I want to see squat 7 again, specially eddy? (She is the girl right?)

    • well u wont see squad 7 they retire and living a happy life in VC2 tht take place 2 year after 1

      • xavier axol

        Well I guess you probably know this, but I haven’t finish the first game ( to me it’s darn difficult and I love every minute of it). I seriously hope sega’s tease post is actually valkyria chronicles for the ps3 with some co-op and did I mention the playstation move!

      • Actually, you get to see squad 7 and you can even dispatch them, you just need to unlock them.

        Getting Marina back in action again FTW!

    • Izludicus

      It is possible to see Squad 7 again, there’s some codes that will unlock a few of them in a PDF floating around on SEGAs blog. Edy is one of the characters unlocked.

      Also having a VC1 save on your PSP will unlock Isara.

  • holyPaladin

    I’m playing it right now and it’s awesome :D

    More class option always welcomed!

  • endaround

    Have they improved the ranking system? Having your score depend entirely on speed and the inability to replay story missions was a serious problem with the first game making the scout class way too important and destroying real tactics in order to run through maps

    • Speed is still important and you can still grab the flag to win some missions, but the maps are designed better to support other classes like lancer and armored tech.

      • endaround

        It wouldn’t have been so bad if missing the multiplier didn’t punish you severely or if there was a decent way to grind or replay the last mission but there wasn’t.


  • shion16

    Avan = Philip J Fry

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