Less RPGs, More Shooting Games At Tokyo Game Show 2010

By Spencer . September 2, 2010 . 2:47am

imageA booth info bulletin posted on the Tokyo Game Show website has an overview of what types of games to expect at this year’s show. Compared to last year, there are less RPGs at Tokyo Game Show 2010. Exhibitors brought 52 role playing games in 2009, but only have 26 for 2010. Puzzle games took a sharp drop too from 59 games in 2009 to 18 in 2010. Sports games, adventure titles, and action games took modest declines as well.


The two genres that got a boost are simulation and shooting. There are 25 simulation games this year, three more than 2009. Publishers are packing 19 shooting games compared to 10 last year.


image Here’s a breakdown of the products at the show by genre.

[Genre] / [# in 2010] / [# in 2009]

Action / 102 / 115
Role playing / 26 / 52
Simulation / 25 / 22
Puzzle / 18 / 59
Adventure / 12 / 13
Shooting / 19 / 10
Sports / 4 / 15
Racing / 8 / 8
Development Tool / 33 / 31
Peripherals / 157 / 28
Others / 226 / 103

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  • Well seems like its going to become harder to find games that are not shooters for people who are not shooter fans

    • kylehyde

      100% agree.

    • Or maybe it will just be harder to find more mediocre RPGs?
      If you take a look at the RPGs that are confirmed to have appearances, there are many in the cream of the crop franchises.

  • DDanny

    inb4 “omg western influence sucks!”

    • ShinGundam

      This has nothing to do with western influence, It is just Japanese RPGs are on decline.

      • malek86

        Yeah, but I know somebody will blame it on shooters.

        Even though shooters don’t sell in Japan.

        • midgard229

          yeeaaah thats why thats all they are making now too huh

          • kylehyde

            Every week media create display the week sales and most of the times the shooters don’t appear on it, hell even in the top 50 rarely a shooter is displayed.

            The real reason that they are making more shooters is to sale it to the western market.

        • thebanditking

          The shooter genre has been around a long time, and I would argue that its the Japanese who created and popularized it. Games like Contra, are the very reason we have games like Gears of War, imo it was the natural evolution of the genre. So I don’t blame Japan for wanting to try their hand at it again (Vanquish is amazing)

          Now the FPS, which was popularized by the West on the other hand is one genre that I think has completely dried up (from a creative standpoint) and has only regained popularity due to the ease/desire to shoot people in online multiplayer. Though I don’t blame it for the lack of JRPG’s.

          • malek86

            You think so? It was the opposite for me: I thought FPS were getting pretty good, when suddenly everyone started shifting towards multiplayer, and they became stale. I partly blame Halo 2 because it all started there (as well as popularizing regen shields, though that might be more GoW’s fault).

      • Guest

        Why dont you get the names of those shooters and where they will be marketed to before you make that hasty assumption. Globalization is a key factor here now and clearly we have noticed that desire more from the Japanese developers. It does not have to be ‘FPS’ but still a shooter..

  • midgard229

    this is beyond lame, there werent even many rpgs last yr either, most were handheld…..*sigh, how lame. because of this gen im forced to play shooters or else not game at all………..well i still got a few rpgs i havent played like magna carta…….nier is on its way…..muramasa……dear god that wont last me a year or 2…..crap


      If you don’t like them (I’m talking about First-person shooters), then don’t buy them or play them. I think you should save your money.

      • midgard229

        i enjoy playing videogames when im not working, or with my gf etc. so i dont buy shooters i rent them. but it doesnt change the fact that because of this i’m losing out. just cuz u like pressing R1 (right trigger) for every game u play doesnt mean everyone dislikes variety

        • Still, no one is forcing you to play games.

  • kupomogli

    Development Tool / 33 / 31 I’d like to see an RPG Maker for PS3 and 360. I feel it’s a tie between RPG Maker 2(5) and RPG Maker 2k on which is the best. While RPG Maker 2k was much easier to use and adding different tiles and sets were possible, I’ve felt you had much more control over your game on RPG Maker 2(a bit too much control though to be honest.) On RPG Maker 2 you also had a huge amount of content like shop signs, weapon racks, etc, that not being able to add your own didn’t matter. The amount of character models were pretty impressive too, pair that with being able to change each individual color on them all.RPG Maker 4/RPG Tsukuru 7 please ^_^. I know it will never happen, but with two powerful consoles both with internal harddrives, we could potentially create a game of unlimited size, much more customization, and it’d be much more accessible to other people as all they’d have to do is just download the game off servers or transfer P2P.

  • joesz

    heh! influences…

  • xavier axol

    For me, I would like to hear news from the tales series, a new valkyria chronicles ( for the ps3 off course) and konami’s metal gear solid rising (even though snake won’t appear in this game). Oh and square enix’s ffvsxiii (a trailer would be enough for me) the third and agito are what interest me the most.

  • that sucks

  • Akimitsu

    Don’t forget that this is just from games that have been announced. There still might be some games up some companies’ sleeves that they will, hopefully, surprise us with.

  • ShinNoKami

    D: Well this is… sad.

  • Last year’s show was pathetic. And now it’s becoming even worse?

    • Why do you say “worse”? It’s better this year.

      -Ni No Kuni
      -Versus XIII
      -Agito XIII
      -Epic Mickey
      -The Last Guardian
      -Valkyria Chronicles III

      And plenty of surprises.

  • Genre classifications are getting kind of useless. So many games integrate ideas or concepts from different genres these days.

    Plus, as someone else mentioned, these may just be games playable on the show floor. Videos or surprise announcements might not be included.

    • Hraesvelgr

      clap clap

    • thebanditking

      Though the perspective the game takes place in still matters, so I think the genre classifications help people understand what to expect from a game.

  • shion16

    im sick of all the new rpgs with no imagination at all

    • Hey, me too. Because everyone’s got their own cancer.

  • neo_firenze

    Well, at least if RPG production decreases there’s a chance I might finish my RPG backlog some time before I die (and that’s if I live to a very old age!). I’m really not concerned I’m going to have nothing to play, because frankly even if all companies stopped making games altogether as of today, I could still keep busy for many years. Thanks Square-Enix, Falcom, Nippon Ichi, Atlus, Sega, and all the rest of you!

    • Aoshi00

      Got to agree w/ you there. Even if no more games come out at this point, I don’t know if I would finish w/ my backlog either for this gen and last gen, not just the RPGs :) I just keep buying games and almost never finish any of them.. And when you get older and have a family, forget about it, housechores! lol seriously though, as long as the Gooch makes RPGs, I guess I’m fine, I know I did finish all of his games.

  • Rebochan

    Oh goodie. I was just thinking “Gee, I wish the rest of the world would gain America’s obsession with shooters. It’s such an underrepresented genre!”

  • “Shooter” doesn’t necessarily mean the FPS/TPS genre like many here are expecting and clearly sensitive to.

  • Nei_chan

    i just hope one or two of those 26 RPG’s are gonna be new titles for 360/PS3…

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