Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Playable At Tokyo Game Show

By Spencer . September 2, 2010 . 12:19am

imageCapcom’s booth is sure to be filled with Monster Hunter fans on the public and probably the press days. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will be there and it’s playable.


Of course, it’s not the only game Capcom is bringing to the show. Here’s the list.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Dead Rising 2
Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village (family corner)
Sengoku Basara 3 (special stage event)


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  • i hope capcom will release the demo on psn after TGS

  • xavier axol

    I hope capcom improve the control scheme and added something new to the table. After all it’s monster hunter series, it deserves more than just an update for a sequel. And it’s because of this series that there are so many clones. Cough* (lord of arcana & god eater) cough

    • What do you mean “improve the control scheme”?

      The Monster Hunter games for the PSP are perfection. The formula doesn’t need to change.

      All Capcom needs to do is add some new armor/weapons/monsters.

      • Most definitely not perfection. The whole claw thing they had set up for the camera is atrocious. So I got CWCheat, set up my own alternate control scheme, and use that to play. Being able to control the camera with the shoulder buttons?

        That’s much closer to perfection.

        • First of all, did you even BUY the game?

          Secondly, after playing the game for like an hour or two, you should have figured out how everybody controls the camera (finger position). The camera becomes second nature quickly after learning how to position your fingers on the analog stick and d-pad.

          I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal about the camera.

          Do you lose to a Velocidrome a lot and blame the camera?

          • Wow… you insulted me… what, at least twice? Insinuated I was stupid. And even questioned if I bought the game. What a GREAT way to rebuke me!

            Now to answer the actual points you made:
            1. Doesn’t have any bearing on the point I made. Even if I hadn’t, I still played the game.
            2. I played for 8 hours before deciding my hand didn’t deserve to be punished. Since I switched, not only has my hand been happier and pain/cramp-free, it’s been much more fun. I can now play for periods of time greater than an hour without needing to stop so my hand will feel better.
            3. I make a big deal out of it BECAUSE IT IS A BIG DEAL. The game doesn’t have auto lock-on. Therefore, control of the game’s camera is of utmost importance when targeting enemies, and when controlling said camera can be physically painful, there’s a problem.
            4. Yes, if it makes you feel better I lost to larger monsters such as the Velocidrome fairly often due to not being able to accurately track them in the middle of battle.

            And guess what? Since I switched the controls around that hasn’t happened. 80+ hours in the game (hand-cramp-less), and starting the cat’s rank-9 or whatever the highest level quests is, I feel like my solution was the correct one.

            Also, another solution: Use RemoteJoyLite. Not only can you play the game on a larger screen, you can control it with whatever you want. I play it using a PS2 controller, with everything the same as the PSP with the right stick acting like another DPad and the L2R2 buttons acting like another Left and Right. It doesn’t have a perfect response time, but if you’ve fought the monster enough and know all it’s moves, you can at least partially compensate for it.

  • FireCouch

    Can’t wait for this game. The Rathalos makeover is awesome as well.

    • Code

      Yeah they use roughly the same models from MH3 >w< they look really nice~!

    • Love the new village, too. It reminds me a little of Okami and Shiren.

  • Happy Gamer


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