Nintendo Gives Mario A Special Logo For His 25th Anniversary

By Spencer . September 6, 2010 . 7:29pm

imageNintendo has something up their sleeves to celebrate 25 years of Super Mario Bros. The Kyoto based company filed a trademark with this anniversary logo.


Super Mario Bros. was originally released in 1985 in Japan which makes this year the 25th anniversary of the mushroom eating, goomba stomping, raccoon tail flying, Princess is in another castle, platforming series.


I suppose Nintendo will use this for the Wii re-release of Super Mario All-Stars (aka Super Mario Collection in Japan) since it comes with a special booklet and costs exactly 2,500 yen. But, a logo just for a port? Nintendo probably has other plans for it.

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  • Im not really liking the logo. Why not use a more contemporary version of Mario instead of the most vintage

    • Because an anniversary is supposed to celebrate the beginning of something. When you have the 10th year anniversary with your spouse, you don’t take him or her out to the restaurant you went to most recently. Go take him or her to the one you went out to on your first date instead.

      I like that they went with “vintage Mario” instead of “contemporary Mario”. After all, this is to celebrate 25 years, not 10 years. Celebrate the beginning of the mustache plumber and his achievements, not just the most recent ones!

      • I guess. I never thought of it in that light.

        When I think of logos for tv shows and game shows that have been around for years, they dont use a vintage type design and what not.

        Unless in Nintendos case, there is more recognition with the vintage mario than with say the mario image with the 3D marios.

        • If you go to, you’ll notice the favicon in the address bar is still vintage Mario. :)

  • malek86

    Nintendo didn’t really use the 20th anniversary Mario logo, they only put it in the back of the Gameboy Micro Famicom Edition.

    Maybe they’ll do the same with the DS.

  • 25 whole years of re-hash and franchise rape…..YEAH!

    • Sure we talking about Mario here? Sounds more like Sonic, Crash, and 3d Castlevania.

      • @bandit well you could start by not having him in literally everything. All of the franchises nintendo owns there is a mario reference in it SOMEWHERE. That and at least try to go in a different direction with the games kinda like zelda or kirby has done.

        @thewon yeah were talkin bout mario, guy XD The same mofo that has had no radical change in story, music, gameplay, mechanics since it made the jump to 3d back in 1996. Yea Yea GALAXY blah blah blah that jump was 10 year too late

        • Maybe the reason Nintendo doesn’t screw with Mario is the last time they did was Sunshine…. and they got crucified for it.

    • thebanditking

      Harsh words, though outside of the main series you do have a point. Mario Party, Mario (insert sports name), Mario & Sonic. Yeah they tend to abuse him just a bit. I suppose its to be expected; I mean what else do you do with a Mascot.

    • I’d hardly call what Nintendo have done to mario “rape” they make alot of games with him in it but they respect the brand and value enough to not run it into the ground.
      Sure there is a few below average games like mario party series but the main line games and stuff like mario kart, the RPG’s or smash bros are generally top quality ( some of them top tier in there respective genres aswell).What activision has done with guitar hero and is now doing with Call of Duty, now thats franchise rape, 3 main lines games in one year?

      The last 3D mario game was 3 years ago and before that you we only got one of those per generation.

      There isn’t many other 25 year old franchises that have consistently good quality games and are still relevant to such a broad audience.

  • thebanditking

    25 years and they can’t even manage to color the logo? Oh gray logo Nintendo how I hate you……

    • I wouldn’t blame that on Nintendo. The logo is from a trademark listing in the JPTO which rarely posts color images.

  • alisa17

    this is cool

  • alisa17

    wow that is just crazy

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