Eureka! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Announced

By Spencer . September 7, 2010 . 8:04pm

imageFamitsu has the scoop on Gyakuten Saiban 2 or Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Unfortunately, the scan is too blurry to read. The only legible bit is about the new game system and “chess” is a keyword for it.


Heading to Tokyo Game Show? Then you’ll be among the first to play Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Capcom is bringing a playable build to the Makuhari Messe.

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  • Kris

    I’m loving these TGS leaks so far… Can’t wait for the actual announcements!

    • nyobzoo

      not really leaks, when it’s announced in a famitsu magazine

      • Kris

        I guess you’re right, but I’m sure that Capcom will release a “Reveal Trailer” at TGS. :p

  • I thought it was called Gyakuten Kenji. Gyakuten Saiban is the name for the regular games.

  • Aoshi00

    Great news, especially for Edgeworth fans :) I’m surprised we’re getting this before GS5. I liked this game better than Apollo Justice though because of all the old chars’ cameo, so I don’t mind for this sequel at all. I hope this would have some Maya and Phoenix in it.

  • nyoron

    This is great news and all, but honestly I’d rather have GS/AA5 already…

    • I guess they are trying to bring back old charactrers and throw their asses into these Investigations games. Sorta like a closure thing maybe. I still think Shelley de killer’s making his come back like I said in my earlier post.

    • Me too… i was already kinda sad they took out phoenix from the main cast, (i dont dislike apollo but… nothing can beat phoenix…) then the first ace investigator came, it was pretty cool, but yelling OBJECTIOOON and fighting againts cool prosecutors is way better… also, i was hoping to see more of phoenix (or w/e happened to everyone in all those years phoenix was without his badge) in AA5 xD

      • I just wish they’d fully resolve Phoenix’s story. Explain why his friends all dissapeared on him when he needed them.

        I also want my Iris x Phoenix ending darn it!

        • lol xD, yeah wth, in AC3, they (phoenix and iris) ended up all lovely dovely and then AC4 comes and everyone just left phoenix die and forget about him, leaving him “playing” piano on a pub -.-, it was too soon to change of Main character D:

  • :D

    • I see someone is happy about the release =P

      “EEDGEWOOOOORTH~” *strikes dramatic pose*

  • I thought Investigations was so-so, but if they place the game later in the timeline (like around GS4) and cameo some characters I care about more….I’ll totally be happy.

  • Original game was alright but Edgeworth acted out of character throughout the whole game, it was just as if I was playing as Phoenix Wright.

    Nice that it’s getting a sequel but I might give it a miss, much rather have AA5.

  • The memory of the first game was tainted by the awful final case.

    Way way too long and boring and the villain was rubbish

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the last case was way dragged out too (felt even longer than the last case on the first PW DS port), otherwise I really liked the cameo by all the familiar chars, which I missed in Apollo. Well, I’ll be getting this or AA5 being a big PW fan as this is like my favorite series on the DS (even though I only liked Apollo and ATI okay)

    • fuzzy_hobo

      I agree, going back and forth between the embassies was ridiculous. The developers were caught up in explaining the absurd scenario rather than telling the story.

  • Natat

    While I was sure that AAI would get a sequel, I thought we were going to have AA5 before.

  • hmm..Anyone else notice if that dude in the pink dress shirt is Shelley De Killer ? I see it and im like.. I hope I’m wrong but I hope im right. The hair the top of his head is blue. And Miles never actually met Shelley De Killer/John Doe/Butler

  • FlamingSausage

    I’m always happy for anything related to GS, but really, just WHEN will the real sequel be released it’s been 3 years since Apollo Justice already.

  • YAY

  • I don’t know why people keep differentiating between Gyakuten Kenji and Gyakuten Saiban. There is no “main” series anymore. What Capcom have done (and rightfully so, imo) is established a world, instead of establishing a single character.

    I never thought of Investigations as a “spin-off.” Just another story in the same universe. The only difference between it and Apollo Justice is that Apollo had a number thrown onto it. Aside from the ties to Phoenix, Apollo is also very much its own series, different from the original Saiban.

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