Knights In The Nightmare Delayed, Launch Copies Come With Yggdra Union For Free

By Spencer . September 8, 2010 . 10:50am

yggdraunion_screens (4)Knights in the Nightmare is now part of a Dept. Heaven PSP double pack. Launch copies, even PSN downloads, come with a voucher to download  Yggdra Union from the PlayStation Store. Princess Yggdra also appears in the PSP version of Knights in the Nightmare with her own, perhaps more lighthearted, take on the game’s somber story.


Along with the bonus news Atlus announced a delay. Knights in the Nightmare won’t be in stores until November 9, about half-a-month later than the October 19 release date. The game costs $29.99.


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  • The delay is for the best since there a lot games coming out October 19. Fallout: New Vegas, DJ Hero 2 and others. I am pre-ordering on

    • Ahhh, New Vegas is what I was thinking of. Might have been a good idea that they pushed it back.

  • malek86

    Now this is nice. Well, I already have the UMD version of the game, but still… perhaps I should get this on PSN. This way, all three games of the series will be on my memory stick, available for starting whenever I want.

    • Yeah I already have the UMD version of the game too. Im quite intrigued with the Knights in the Nightmare though but putting it at Nov 9 in the super crowded November?! Thats an odd move of date!

      • malek86

        Yep, between GT5 and NFS. It’s a bit weird indeed.

        • Is it really weird or odd? Even if ATLUS USA has a choice I don’t think any of those November releases will affect them. Without looking at the list which handheld games can potentially seize any KitN sales during that period? Almost no one that previously decided to buy KitN PSP will change their minds (even if they’re already getting Fallout, GT5, etc.), and will likely tell others about this promotion.

  • Woooooa O_O 2 games for 30$, i <3 Atlus, all im waiting for is luminous arc 3 *sigh*

  • kupomogli

    I already own the UMD version of Yggdra Union but this is a great deal for anyone that doesn’t mind PSN releases.

  • I was on the fence with the PSP version of Knights in the Nightmare, but a 2 for one deal like this sign me up.

  • Guest

    Hmm starting to feel like all the original releases on Nintendo systems are betas like Tales games.

    • malek86

      Nah, Sting is just used to porting stuff.

      And besides, they also released an improved version of Baroque on Wii, some months after the PS2 version. Same with Dokapon Kingdom.

      • Guest

        Yea…but I don’t care about those non Dept. Heaven games. =P

        Nah I love Sting its just kinda annoying that all of a sudden PSP is getting all these enhanced ports. Sure they may not be THAT great but I still would like to have all these extras because there’s no reason for them not to be on the original platform. I had to go and hunt for a copy of Yggdra Union after I bought KitN just for the little bonus the DS version got. And turns out PSP is getting 2 for 1.

        • well, i prefer these games in the big psp screen than in the DS, if you really like games, is better to have both handleds, you will see the psp is another world compared to DS, the psp is too advanced for its own good, i would prefer all games to be released for the psp, still, the DS is more portable, and it has the touch screen :D, some games just go perfectly with the DS, but the PSP never stops to amaze me.

          • Guest

            Yea calm down a little. I’ve had two PSP’s both were stolen and while its a neat platform there are a ton of issues I have with it. The screen is one of them and it’s not too advanced for its own good but lets not turn this into what system is better. I prefer the DS over the PSP and I wouldn’t buy the same game twice if I still owned both. Im just saying the extras could be on DS and its annoying that they’re not.

  • Scallion

    I don’t care too much about either of those games, (played Yggdra Union on the GBA, and wasn’t too impressed) but *this* is the proper way to treat your fans and customers. And the game’s only $30 bucks?
    I haven’t bought a PSP game in…
    I’ve never *bought* a PSP game before, actually, but I’ll buy this just to show my appreciation to Sting.

    • NeoTechni

      “I’ve never *bought* a PSP game before”

      You’re not a real gamer then.

      • Scallion

        Oooooh. That’s a shame.
        I guess I can’t be associated with basement-dwelling nerds and NEETs with lolita complexes. Let me turn in my “REALGAMER Brought to You by GAMERSTOP: Power to the Players” badge. I never bought one of those, either.

        • NeoTechni

          That’s called Otaku, not gamers.

          • Scallion

            Often times, I don’t see much of a difference.

      • MrRobbyM

        Since when does pirating games mean you don’t play them? Isn’t one who plays video games a “gamer”?

        • NeoTechni

          A real gamer supports the industry.

          • MrRobbyM

            Seriously? While I’m all for supporting the industry I’m sick of hearing the word “gamer” as if it was some club or cult. There are no rules to being a gamer. If you play games, then you’re a gamer. People need to get their heads of out their *bleep*

          • NeoTechni

            A real gamer doesnt contribute to the downfall of gaming.

            It’s not rocket science. A true fan doesnt try to destroy what they like.

          • Sakurazaki

            He’s talking about “real gamers”. Those who do not pirate videogames.

            You’re referring to simply, “gamer”. Those who play videogames regardless of method used to obtain them.

            Though I’d prefer a better term than “real gamer”; it sounds ignorant, I suppose, but that’s just my two cents. “Consumer gamer” maybe?

          • MrRobbyM

            You don’t seem to get it do you? While I agree with you, you still treat “gamer” as if it was something special.

          • Scallion

            I’m “supporting the industry” now, because I feel Sting’s efforts are lauded.
            They fly in the face of the way most companies seem to view their customers: as blind consumers who will settle for less and less.
            Do you remember Working Designs and their collector’s editions with beautiful cloth maps? Or all of the extra content you could unlock in a game based on merit, skill, and a few playthroughs, that most modern companies would offer as overpriced DLC? Or how rare it was to find a game that had been combed over extensively so that you’d have to use a microscope to find glitches upon release?
            I do. I put my dollars where they’re well deserved,and I withhold them where they’re not. If that makes me less of a gamer, then I’d rather be a savvy consumer than a gamer.

          • NeoTechni

            ” Do you remember Working Designs and their collector’s editions with beautiful cloth maps? Or all of the extra content you could unlock in a game based on merit, skill, and a few playthroughs, that most modern companies would offer as overpriced DLC? Or how rare it was to find a game that had been combed over extensively so that you’d have to use a microscope to find glitches upon release?”


            “I do. I put my dollars where they’re well deserved,and I withhold them where they’re not.”

            PSP deserves it, far more than the DS.

          • Scallion

            …When did I say anything about the DS?
            For you information, I own both, and I haven’t bought a game for the DS since… Pokemon SS–and I bought it used, from a locally-owned game store.
            This is exactly what I’m talking about. This “gamer culture” you’re so proud to be a part of, and the console wars and all of that crap is part of a big, sleazy marketing machine, and I’d rather not be a part of it. I want to enjoy my hobby on my own terms, like Yahweh (SMT1 version) intended it.
            A lot of the companies you venerate are trying to stop that, by making rentals and used games fade out of existence, or become relatively worthless.

      • conchobhar

        No TRUE Scotman would kill another person!

  • Pre-ordered at the beginning of August. Can’t wait for my second copy of Yggdra. 8D

    I have a friend I’m going to give it to (if it’s a download code).

    • OOH OOH OOH, IS IT ME? Pleeeeaaaase let it be me!

  • What if I already have Yggdra? Can I get Hexyz Force instead?

  • gatotsu911

    I’m still torn between whether to play this game on PSP or DS. I have Riviera and Yggdra Union for PSP, and I assume KitN will give you starting bonuses if you have save files for those games. For DS, on the other hand, I only have Riviera, and I don’t know if you get a bonus for that. I also don’t know how the control scheme will compare between the two games – many people seem skeptical that KitN will work on PSP.

    • malek86

      Uhm… Riviera and Yggdra Union are best played on PSP. The version of KITN on DS only gave you a small bonus if you had a YU cartridge while playing – you could have Yggdra tutorialing you instead of Maria (for what it counts), and you could recruit Pamela during the game.

      Now, Atlus said that KitN on PSP won’t have any starting bonuses for old savedata – because they will all be unlocked already. The japanese version needed a YU savedata for unlocking a new Yggdra path, but in the american version, it will be unlocked from the start. No words on Pamela, but I’m expecting her to be there as well.

      I don’t know how the control scheme will compare. Some say that it will be worse, and it probably will, but I’ll remain optimistic – I’m used to playing shmups with d-pads anyway, and it’s not like the DS version was very accurate either. Also, I hear bullets have been slowed down in order to make things more feasible with the d-pad anyway.

      • gatotsu911

        I guess I’ll just wait and see how the PSP version is received, then. Truth be told, I already have the DS version, but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.

  • MrRobbyM

    Haven’t played either yet so I will definitely get this. I’m still slightly worried about playing KitN with the PSP analog stick.

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