The ClaDun Characters The NISA Staff Made

By Spencer . September 8, 2010 . 8:13pm

You could play through ClaDun: This is an RPG with Pudding, but you can also explore dungeons with the pixelated hero of your dreams. ClaDun: This is an RPG lets players design a custom hero by picking a class, choosing a catchphrase, and drawing a face. What kind of heroes did the staff at NIS America create? These.



“Fishman” made by Marketing Coordinator Nao.



“Hero who carries a sword too big for him” made by Localization Coordinator / Translator Eugene.



“Celeryman” made by ClaDun web designer Robby.



“Grouchooooo” by Web Designer Shenin.


In addition to those, there are patterns for Disgaea icons like Laharl and Prinny. Any idea on what kind of dungeon crawler you’re going to make?

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  • kupomogli

    Cloud is here, but the other one on the front page looks a lot like Sephiroth. They even give him the green Mako eyes.

    • That’s the one I made. :D I’m going to submit my custom char. save files as well.

      (BTW: The Seph on the front page looks best if you give him the messy long hair option.)

      • kupomogli

        You made the Sephiroth? It looks good. I think it looks better than the Cloud because you can see the color of his eyes and he has a mouth.

  • xavier axol

    No. I don’t have any idea, since I lack creativity. but just like kupomogli said, cloud & sephiroth is a given. By the way it looks like nis staff clearly lacks creativity as well. ( nis…please! don’t hurt me, I still love you ) TT -TT

  • Kibbitz

    You could always pretend that Cloud was SSJ Goku.

  • I’m bringing back the Half-Minute Hero for another go until the sequel.

  • mach

    I find it disheartening that the localization coordinator doesn’t know the difference between “to” and “too”.

    • That’s why they work with an editor who does.

    • That was my fault, actually. The character’s .PNG was named something else probably copyrighted by another company.

  • Justin

    Anyone knows the maximum dimensions for the characters? I kinda want to try making my hero on Paint before the game is released. :3

    I’ll probably try to make Cave Story’s protagonist. :D

    • We made ours on 18×18 grids… not sure if those are the max dimensions used in the game, but it’s a good limit!

      • Justin

        Aaah, thanks. ^_^

  • i wanna make my characteeerrrrr!

  • neocatzon

    Now, I can play mario in another game

  • I can’t wait to make… oh wait… nevermind, Cladun (horrible re-name btw) isn’t coming out on UMD. :(

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