Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Limited Edition Packs A Jinouga Pouch

By Spencer . September 9, 2010 . 3:19am

imageCapcom has a set of stylish Monster Hunter gear to go with your copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The e-Capcom limited edition includes a black Jinouga shoulder pouch. In case you haven’t been following the game, Jinouga is the headline monster in Portable 3rd.



Matching Jinouga headphones are also included plus a Felyne Daruma cellphone charm. The bundle costs 7,800 yen ($93). A pouchless copy costs 5,800 yen ($70).


image image image

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  • xavier axol

    I like the headphones, the black jinouga shoulder pouch not so much. Back to the game, exactly what’s new to the series? Will it be localized? And will we get a limited edition as well?

    • Yeah, most probably it will get localized, let’s hope for that, and how would someone know if we will get a limited edition o.o, it hasn’t even been released in japan… what’s new to the series? all i know is, a new town (more “samurai” stylish), obviously new monsters/maps, and of course, i’m expecting some new weapons and sets… I wonder if they will put a new kind of weapon

      • Code

        Pretty much it, MHF3 pretty much takes after Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii, so if you’ve played it you’ll have a decent idea of what it feels like. But yep there’s going to be the new town, kitties will have armor and weapons too, and you’ll be able to take two of them with you, if your playing alone. Kitties also are going to be more similar to Chacha in MH3 support wise, also will have health bars now.

        So far confirmed monsters are, Rathalos, Rathian, Nargacuga, Tigrex, Great Jaggi, Qurupeco, Ludroth, Barroth, Gigginox, Barioth, Agnaktor, Uragaan. And new monsters so far are Aoashira, Urukususu, both are bear-like monsters, Jinouga the flagship wolf-like monster, a new Dosufurogi a new drome, and apparently new subspecies, Black Tigrex.

        One new area called Mountain Stream, the rest of the areas are from MH3, but “altered” like Flooded Forest now doesn’t have any water, and looks more like it takes place during a dry season. It’ll have all weapon classes, from MHFU plus Switch Axe from MH3. Bowguns are going back to MHFU’s system, no longer composed of 3 pieces, instead you just outright buy the whole gun. Most weapons are getting new attacks, Gunlance apparently is getting the most new attacks. And that pretty much sums it up so far. Oh yeah you get a nice bag and stuff with the limited edition +o+

  • I like it when designs are tasteful and subtle enough to actually wear in public.

  • RAVENKam

    Tried and failed to get into Freedom Unite so perhaps this’ll be the MH that hooks me into the series – if it has an infrastructure mode, and really, if Capcom are looking for any kind of success in the west it’s an essential feature.

    Solo was boring as hell and Xlink Kai is more pain than its worth (yes I did play a few buggy sessions).

    • kupomogli

      I’ve played on the PS3 adhoc party with one of my friends in Japan. I assumed the game would be laggy but it didn’t lag one bit.

  • Code

    rar, do want! I really need some kind of bag for carrying my gaming crap from place to place, even if it wasn’t just Monster Hunter, and that pouch looks amply roomy. Can’t say I’m big on the earplugs though, I’ve used earplugs for years for the sake of space, that there cheap, and that they don’t mess up my hair, but I feel like I constantly need to clean them so they don’t get waxy T_T; Seriously I hope that pouch makes it for the North American release, I’d totally approve, although wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

  • i want those earphones, and i want them NOAW!

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