New Valkyria Chronicles Characters Deployed On Official Blog

By Spencer . September 9, 2010 . 10:51am

imageThe official Valkyria Chronicles blog, the one that usually has Edy Nelson and Homer talking to each other, just celebrated its 100th post, which was interrupted by some surprise guests.


Homer’s older sister barged in with a smug looking fellow behind her. Edy was shocked to learn that Homer had an older sister who has a short fuse. New characters for Valkyria Chronicles 3, perhaps?


A teaser site and domain name registration also hint at a new Valkyria Chronicles game.

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  • Not sure I like the look of them, seriously hoping VC3 steers away from the style of VC2 and its grinding, lack of balance, uninteresting battles and tiny maps

    • Hraesvelgr

      The only thing you need to grind for in VC2 are credits and I will admit that it’s pretty bad at times. Doing the same battle seven times for one credit is not acceptable.

      As for the lack of balance, that was present in the original game, as well. By the end of the game, you needed little more than a team of scouts, especially when one of them was named Alicia.

      Hopefully, they will make the third game a PS3 title and keep the improvements from VC2 (class branches and… class branches?).

      • Scouts in VC1:
        -weak to gunfire
        -weak to explosions
        -weak to mines
        -low attack power
        – Can move far because of a bug in the game that gives them a full movement bar with double move instead of a reduced one like they should have, which can be abused with multiple reloads, this is gaming the system rather than the system being that far out of balance

        Melee classes in VC2:
        -High defence against explosions
        -High defence against bullets
        -Can defuse mines
        -Can kill everything in one hit
        -Have limited movement which doesnt matter because the maps are so tiny

        Not really remotely the same thing :/

        • Hraesvelgr

          Actually, I didn’t know about that reload bug in the first game until just now. Yes, they may not be as broken as melee classes in VC2, but broken is still broken.And if they weren’t broken, then the game was just ridiculously easy; I did next to no side missions in the first game and still owned it using mostly scouts.

          Agree about the tiny maps though, they are just plain terrible. I understand the limitations, but spreading battles across multiple tiny maps is pretty bad.

    • FireCouch

      I’m really hoping VC3 just steers away from the god awful story in VC2. Getting rid of any of the other stuff is just a bonus.

    • doubletaco

      Pretty much this. The generic anime high school setting with cookie cutter characters combined with the addition of grinding merits (thus giving you your “one team” as opposed to being able to switch anyone out in VC1), smaller maps, and generally inferior music really dragged VC2 through the mud.

      I mean, it’s okay, but it can’t hope to hold a candle to the original. I’d like to see something a lot more like the latter.

    • raymk

      lol How did i know people would fly off the handle with just those pics. Relax i’m sure the in game art will be like that of vc3 if its on ps3 that is. Also lack of balance was present in one as scouts or still better for what you had to do in VC1. THe tiny maps add depth to the gameplay regardless of the few who don’t like it.
      I’m just angry that just because it looks anime people assume that it will be typical anime story. I mean as long as they ditch the high school setting it will be alright.

  • Not feeling the art style. Who were the respective artists for each one of the firsts titles? This looks more like two….hope they go more in the first one’s direction!

    • SlashZaku

      ‘Raita’ was the artist for the first. I know he does H work but I’m wondering why he wasn’t contracted for VC2 (I’m guessing the more ‘light-hearted’ approach?) or for this one. Honestly, I’m not bothered by the art style but at the same time, it kind of makes me weary of SEGA’s announcement pertaining to the game at the same time. VC3 = Yes but the details of that particular announcement could go either way from there.

      • Kris

        Although the second game’s art looks different, it was still Raita Honjou who worked on the second. It did take an art style closer to the anime’s though.

        • Yuan

          I wonder why there’s some people who refuse to believe that the character designer for the 2nd is not Raita… Juliana can be said to be a crystallization of his tastes.
          And in-game art for the first one doesn’t ressemble his original art.

          Hmm… They even bother to put various pose for the characters… as if that’s the standing picture usually used by ADV-style conversation… Will the new game use that ADV-style conversation again?

      • z_merquise

        Wow, I never thought that the character designer for Valkyria Chronicles is also a Hentai artist.

  • Wow those that looks pretty awesome! I hope the goodness is kept being brought on.

  • nyobzoo

    where’s the Canvas Engine Character art instead? This is totally VC2 art style which I’m hoping the new VC game is not for handheld again

  • Finalstar2007

    OH please make it VC3 and for PS3

  • Gestahl

    Atrocious art. Will skip this one as well if it’s anything like VC2 abortion.

    • raymk

      so you skipped the game just because of the art style? without even trying to play it, and people wonder why sega never likes to do anything anymore.

  • z_merquise

    Homer’s big sis looked like a dominatrix to me. Maybe that could explain why Homer had a “Masochist” ability in the game.

  • bugmeknot

    Does the guy on the left have a new uniform? Some kind of new country or division (air force/navy) perhaps?

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