Cave’s Third iPhone Game Is An Original One

By Spencer . September 10, 2010 . 6:46am

imageCave’s first two iPhone games were ports of EspGaluda II and Dodonpachi Resurrection. Their third game? It’s an original title starring Princess Reco from Mushihime-sama Futari.


We’re not sure what kind of game Mushihime-sama Bug Panic is though since the teaser trailer doesn’t say much.



In a press release, Cave says Mushihime-sama Bug Panic “is ready to bomb its way into your heart!” Maybe that’s a clue? Mushihime-sama Bug Panic will be released in English and Japanese on the iPhone app store this fall. Like their other games, you need to have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, or late 2009 iPod touch to run it.

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  • Letiumtide

    It’s really annoying that they’re creating games that cannot be used on previous generations. I’m sorry that I don’t want to upgrade from my 2G, but I have no need to.

    • WonderSteve

      I am sure they want to sell the game to as many people as they can. Their games are not on 2G probably because the 2G has half the RAM of 3GS or iPhone 4. They probably don’t want to scarifies the quality too much

  • krokounleashed

    I hope they port there games to android in near future.

  • godmars

    Really don’t know how CAVE can justify charging what they do for iphone games, and Xbox games. $5 versus $100.

    • …The same way Capcom justifies charging $10 for SFIV on iPhone and $100 on 360/PS3, perhaps?

      • godmars

        Console Street Fighter is $60-$40 with gameplay that varies greatly from its iphone version.

        Meanwhile CAVE is offering shooters, non limited editions, at $80. Its a rip-off plain and simple.

        The only thing worse is that people must be buying them since the games are repeatedly offered at those prices.

        • Street Fighter IV was 8192 yen. All of Cave’s non-LEs save one have been 7140 yen. (ESPGaluda 2 was about 200 yen more.)
          If you want to compare US prices, SFIV was $60. Deathsmiles was $50…with a faceplate and arranged OST.

          As for the gameplay varying greatly from the iPhone versions, that applies to Cave’s shooters as well. The iPhone games are not accurate ports of the arcade games, and are not intended to be. Even if by some miracle they were, they lack the extra modes and other features included in the home ports. Equating DDPDFK iPhone and DDPDFK 360 is just as incorrect as equating SFIV iPhone and SFIV PS360.

          Though I’m curious: why haven’t you said anything about Raiden IV, Bullet Soul, Otomedius Excellent, or any of the other shooters that will be or already have been released for 7140 yen? Again, it’s not just Cave.

          As far as I can tell, you seem to have convinced yourself that games of a particular genre are universally worth less than games of any other genre, regardless of their merit. That’s a pretty big presumption.

        • Code

          From what I’ve seen most new 360 games in Japan are often released for around $80, where as US enjoys a much more friendly $60 price range. Expensive sure, but I don’t think Cave isn’t exactly charging outside the norm for 360 games in Japan. But I have a feeling it has a lot more to do with the fact they have a fairly niche audience, and they only release 1~3 games a year. Because of there audience, releasing games at a cheaper price likely isn’t going to result in marginal more sales for them.

          It’s kind of like how my local Walmart has literally a bin full of Raiden Fighters Aces at $12 — the price doesn’t matter if there’s no audience for it.

        • I think this might be a currency exchange issue. Street Fighter IV retailed for 7,000+ yen when it first came out which would put it at $80-$85 too. I’d blame the relative weakness of the US dollar over Cave, in this case.

  • Why are shmups now synonymous with flying lolis? Whatever happened to hotshot pilots and cool planes/ships? Give me another Raiden Fighters or UN Squadron, seriously.

    • CrisSpiegel

      How about DoDonPachi Resurrection?

      • That’s a good point. I did like the first game and DaiOuJou so I’ll look into Resurrection.

    • Code

      rar, it’s Japan what isn’t synonymous with flying lolis, lol >w<'

    • superdry

      That’s only a perception. But, yea, anything with cute girls in Japan seems like a way to move more units.

      And, Reco in Mushihimesama is far from being a loli.

  • I need to upgrade my Ipod Touch. Between region locking the new 360 games and the system requirements for Ipod touch, I’m completely locked out of new Cave games. I can only play Espgaluda 2 and Deathsmiles so much. haha

  • Kris

    Grrrr… I hate having only a 3G…

    • Me too :( You should be playing these!

    • Code

      I don’t really understand why this universal compatibility is such a big issue with iphone T_T’ Seriously I’d have looked into one if it wasn’t for the fact compatibility issues like this are such a turn off. At least to me it still seems like Apple really just doesn’t understand how to handle a gaming platform.

  • CrisSpiegel

    I thought this game already existed: a multidirectional shooter with no forced screen scrolling.
    This preview is from December of last year.

    • superdry

      Maybe this is now a real formal annoucement. I love how the old trailer you link and this new trailer both use super sugary cute music.

      The game does give a Robotron vibe though. And, Reco look so adorable as a litttle sprite character.

  • SupaPhly

    …freaking iphone :'(

    • RupanIII

      Yar. I don’t get Cave releasing exclusive stuff on iPhone still. I have a hard enough time bullet-dodging on a big screen let alone using a mobile on the train or something. I guess it must be helping to broaden their market or whatnot

  • A must buy for me. All cave’s iOS games been great.

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