PM Studios Explain DJ Max Portable 3’s Low Print Run

By Spencer . September 10, 2010 . 1:10pm


Only 6,000 retail copies of DJ Max Portable 3 will be released in North America. 1,000 of those are a special boxed edition. The other 5,000 UMDs will be sold at online retailers like Amazon. Why? I wanted to know, so I brought the question to Michael Yum, Executive Producer at Playmaker Studios.


“We wanted to focus on our next gen games for retail and we felt the PSP market was leading more towards digital distribution. Plus we have been very happy with our PSN results on Strikers and DJ Max Fever so we think DJ Max Portable 3 would also be a great addition,” Yum wrote back in an e-mail.


DJ Max Portable 3 will be available on PlayStation Network on October 19, five days after retail copies ship. Gamestop had DJ Max Fever in their stores, but we hear the mega video game retailer won’t have DJ Max Portable 3.

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  • Idiots

    • FireCouch

      I guess?

  • So what sets DJ Max apart from other rhythm games? Is this game a good one to use to jump into the series?

    • cj_iwakura

      It has a wide variety of music, is easy to pick up, and extremely difficult to master. The higher difficulty charts are the stuff of nightmares.

      Also, nice BGA graphics. Look up some of the vids from Clazziquai and Black Square. Portable 3’s going to put them both to shame.

      • If it doesn’t have First Kiss, no it won’t.

        • First Kiss is sooo 2008

          • First Kiss is FUN. >8[

      • It doesn’t have M2U, no it won’t.

  • Reasonable enough. Already payed for the special edition though, surprised it’s half-price what the previous DJMAX collectors edition were at(better for me anyways).

    • bojay1997

      Not sure why you think this is a deal. The other collector’s editions were far more limited and at least DJ Max Fever Crew was limited to 125 units and only $130. This is “limited” to 1,000 units and $110. I guarantee it won’t sell out and I really wish all these websites would stop hyping this like it’s gonna be rare. The first game to get a US release took forever to sell 5,000 copies, and 6,000 total copies for a very niche PSP game is not a small print run, especially if it will also be available as a PSN download.

      • I’m not being desperate about it because it’s “Limited Edition”. Simply just want it since it’s one of my favorite games. Actually they all were sets of 800-1000(supposedly lol) LE when the others were released – I know it took awhile for the collectors from previous games to sell out. Now with the fact that the only way getting it is through bemanistyle(no more -various- online stores, excluding Korean Retailers probably) things are more limited than ever. You do realize -before- Fever came, the previous were priced $200+overpriced shipping? I do wonder though, why only 125 for Fever?

        $110(shipping included + odd luck contest) is a steal now.

      • The Korean sets are made in much larger print runs than that, and are still incredibly rare. Couple that with the fact that PM is shipping this set worldwide, and that the game is only “niche” in the US and you’re looking at a “limited” release. You must have a really jacked upped perception of what the word means if you think that 1,000 sets to be dispersed among potentially millions of people isn’t limited. Looking at the numbers so far, half of the sets have already been purchased, many of them from people outside of the US. I don’t know if you have some beef with the PM Studios, the DJ MAX franchise, or with bemanistyle itself, but you should stop trying to downplay this so hard. No matter how you phrase it, you’re wrong.

        Note: I’m a direct representative of bemanistyle, not of PM Studios, I don’t speak for them or represent their opinions in the least. I’m speaking as someone who’s a dedicated fan of music games, defending a title against someone who seems to be bitter that a “niche game” is getting significant representation in the gaming press.

  • bojay1997

    I really wish all these video game websites would stop reporting on this like it’s an actual story. 1,000 units of a grossly overpriced LE is not a limited run. Similarly, 5,000 units of an overpriced niche PSP game is not a limited run. The first DJ Max game to get a US release took months to hit 5,000 units sold and then only after Best Buy and other retailers dropped it to $20. It’s a very hard game and appeals to a niche of what is already a niche group of rhythm gamers who also own PSPs. This will be available in both regular and “limited” form for a long time to come. Heck, the “limited” crew edition of only 125 units took a while to sell out and still can be purchased for not much more than original MSRP.

    • u mad bro?

      • Oh he’s mad. Also, I never heard of the DJ Max series until Fever and I was skeptical and purchased it from PSN. Love that game and it has probably gamed the most play of any game I have playable for PSP (about 35 titles).

        • I’d heard about DJ Max from a friend (A hardcore Bemani fan), and picked up a retail copy of Fever after I had gotten my PSP (About a year ago). Imported the Clazziquai and Black Square bundle from PlayAsia at the beginning of this year and haven’t looked back. Best purchase I’ve ever made.

      • bojay1997

        Nope. I just expect a little more investigation by video game journalists into claims about something being limited, especially when it’s clearly a marketing ploy. I own the first one and personally enjoy it, but it’s not for everyone and 6,000 copies of a niche PSP game is actually quite a few. Heck, Atlus’ Hexyz Force only sold a little over 6,000 total and that’s a JRPG. I also know that lots of people have had bad experiences with Bemanistyle, so the fact that this company entrusted them with the ordering process makes me even more skeptical of this whole thing.

    • The problem with using the Crew Edition as evidence of lack of demand is that the release was a total mess. First we heard that Fever would be available in normal and LE packages. Then it turned out it the “Fever LE” wasn’t going to be sold. There were only 30 copies that would be given away in various contests. Siliconera had one.

      Even later—after Fever had been out for four months or so—Bemanistyle started taking preorders for the Crew Edition with absolutely no fanfare. (And no shipping outside of the US, IIRC.) With that kind of runaround, no wonder it took a while to sell out. I personally didn’t know BMS had it until it was gone, haha.

      Maybe you’re right and they’ll be burying unsold copies of Portable 3 and its LE in a New Mexican desert years from now. But using the Crew Edition to support that opinion doesn’t work.

      • When we had the limited editions for Fever (the crew sets) they sold out in a matter of hours. I don’t know where this “it took a while to sell out” came from. Also to clarify, bemanistyle has only ever acted as a storefront for PM Studios due to it’s direct connection to the target fanbase for the DJ MAX franchise. All money collection, shipping, refunds, etc. have been handled by PM directly. Same goes for this upcoming release.

        6000 copies of a game IS limited regardless of it being niche or not, there are more than 250,000 registered accounts on bemanistyle and millions of video game collectors in the world.

        • Thanks for posting some facts. I didn’t know when it sold out, so I assumed that this person was being honest even though they have such a chip on their shoulder about Portable 3 getting some attention…and BMS as a whole, apparently. Silly me.

          BTW, already ordered the LE. Can’t wait, thanks for arranging stuff with PM again. :)

    • Readers in the other DJ Max Portable 3 post asked about the number of physical copies, which is why we brought the question to PM Studios.

    • your also forgetting that Fever was basically the american introduction to the series using a remixed DJ max portable 2; which hardcore fans already had; thus many long term “preorder likely” customers stayed away. This however is a completly new edition; with new mdoes and songs; so the entire fanbase is interested

  • Ladius

    Sorry guys, could you point me a site where I can order the USA Dj MAX releases from Europe?

    • FireCouch

      When you pay, you can either choose shipping to the “U.S.” or “Canada & Mexico” Even though it says Canada & Mexico, it really just means worldwide shipping.

      So, simply just choose Canada & Mexico and they will ship it to you!

      • Ladius

        Thank you for your kindness :) Maybe you also know if the korean Dj Max sold on Playasia have english menu?

        • Yes it does include English option right at the start of loading the UMD.

  • ManaKnight

    Once I saw the news story, I ordered my copy right away. I really must own DJ Max Portable 3. I have not decided whether I’ll switch to the Special Boxed set just yet.

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