Take A Look At Bullet Soul

By Spencer . September 10, 2010 . 6:19am


5pb is branching out from visual novels with an original vertical shooter called Bullet Soul. Manga artist Akio Watanabe created the game’s characters. Let’s take a look at them and their ships.



image image



image image



image image


The Xbox 360 game has the usual features you would expect from a shooter: online leaderboards, 16:9 widescreen support, and replay data sharing. Replays should be useful since stages have hidden bonuses. 5pb also says Bullet Soul has hidden characters to find. Bullet Soul is slated for release this winter in Japan.


image image image

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  • Its a shame this isnt on PS3, it looks epic!

  • Code

    rar do want! Looking forward to my J360 arriving so I can start playing all these great shmups T_T’ also hooray SECRET BONUS and SECRET CHARACTERS.

  • Secret characters better also means that each character has his own score table. Too few shoot’em ups do this.

    • I dunno, separate score tables seem pretty common these days. Off the top of my head, Shiki, RFA, Futari and Galuda II all have them. What games are you thinking of?

      • I retract my statement as your examples showed I should think/research harded before posting wishes based on outdated facts.

        To answer you question though, the games that I wanted this feature in are mostly older games from Taito, Raizing/8ing (especially Battle Garegga), Toaplan and Cave games.

  • neocatzon

    sadaharu? I can only think about big giant white dog

    • andref

      My thoughts exactly except there is no unemployed samurai playable character

  • It should be interesting to see how this turns out. Maybe they learned some sweet shooter skills from porting those Cave games.

  • blargh… Honestly, I might get a 360 solely for the shmups…

  • wharcraff

    looks decent. Will reserve judgement till I see some gameplay footage.

  • z_merquise

    Man, am I the only one who wanted to play these kind of shoot-em-up games but ended up staying away from it because it forces you to be HAAARRRDDCOOORRRREEEE, UUURRRRGGHHHH!!!!!!! I mean, I tried some of these in arcade and some in emulators (mostly the one developed by Cave) but as much as I like the design, I always end up not completely enjoying it because of the freaking-crazy bullets coming at you and these super-memorization and patterns and all that.

    Kinda sad for me not only because lots of these games got cool-looking effects, gameplay and character designs but all of them ending up in XBox 360 only and I don’t have one.

    • 5parrowhawk

      You could always try the Touhou games. At least those can be completed by normal people on the default difficulty – although the art style is definitely a YMMV and some of the fans are, well…

      *edit: the demos can be downloaded from quite a lot of places. Try Imperishable Night on easy.

  • TyeTheCzar

    I just hope this game is better than their lackluster ports of Cave games.

    • Though this is no measure of how good or bad Bullet Soul will be, their Ketsui port turned out quite well. Shame it seems to have bombed.

      The third party who was responsible for the DOJ BLEX disaster is no longer developing for 5pb in any capacity, IIRC.

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