Super Mario Collection Special Pack Unveiled

By Spencer . September 12, 2010 . 10:37pm

imageJapan gets two Mario games on Wii this year, but Super Mario Collection Special Pack isn’t exactly new. The Super Nintendo game, better known as Super Mario All-Stars overseas, is being re-released on a Wii disc with bonuses for Mario fans.


Nintendo packed in a soundtrack CD that covers the original Super Mario Bros. all the way up to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The booklet may be the highlight of the package since it contains unreleased artwork. Players can use the Wii remote, Classic Controller or Nintendo Gamecube controller to run through Mario’s history.


Super Mario Collection Special Pack will be released on October 21 for 2,500 yen ($29).


Nintendo is also throwing a 25th anniversary contest for the Super Mario Bros. series by giving away King of Games t-shirts, tote bags, and playing cards.




To enter the contest you need to buy and register a Mario game to a Japanese club Nintendo account. Super Mario Collection Special Pack, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, and Mario Party DS are eligible products.

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  • YoctoYotta

    Oh man, I have no means to play that Japanese-region disc, but I am buying that. Happy birthday to ME.

  • ipatz

    I wish they remake Super Mario Land Series instead.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Oh boy, I hope Super Mario World is in there as well. And of course that it makes it to EU.

    • malek86

      I’m pretty sure All-stars didn’t contain SMW.

      Also, the chances of this coming here? Pretty slim.

      • A version of All-Stars with SMW definitely existed, but I think it was
        a.) bundled with the SNES
        b.) never sold outside the USA

        • malek86

          Actually, I’ve looked around, and it does indeed look like it was also released in Europe. Didn’t know that. I only have the vanilla version.

          However, it was not released in Japan. Which seems to effectively kill the chances of it being available in this specific collection.

      • gatotsu911

        How do you figure? Localizing this game hardly seems like a colossal undertaking, and Mario is just as big a name in America and Europe as it is in Japan.

        • malek86

          I don’t really know if people in USA and EU are so sensitive to nostalgia as to buy a repackaged SNES game.

          The collectibilias would make it easier to swallow, but for some reason, it seems NOA and NOE are far more reluctant than NOJ to do that kind of stuff. One just need look at the difference between the three companies’ Club prizes. Japan is full of cool stuff, while America and Europe get… bags and screensavers?

          • America did get Mario hats…though

          • jarrodand

            Considering how well the Classic NES games sold here, I’d say westerners are just as prone to nostalgia as the Japanese.

            Still, something about this just screams “Club Nintendo” to me… I don’t think it’ll be retail.

  • I never understood why they have these contests, wouldnt they make much money by just having the stuff for sell?

    Anyway, thats a nice looking box to go over the pack. All Stars was a great set of games and definitely deserves purchasing

  • Jayred_Potter

    Huh, thats a rather convenient way for me to be able to get my hands on an older mario title. Sign me up

  • gatotsu911

    I think it’s kind of strange that there’s been no word on this from Nintendo of America yet. It’s not like this is some obscure title, it’s freaking Mario; why wouldn’t they release it? Maybe we’ll hear about it on September 29th. (And hopefully, y’know… a couple other Wii games too. You know the ones.)

    • I think the collectibles in this game would delay any expeditious bringing over of this game. If it did make it over, I guess it would hit in sometime middle of next year. Does Nintendo even bring soundtracks over here?

      • gatotsu911

        After doing a little research, my guess is that they’re waiting until March of next year, since that is the anniversary of SMB’s US release.

  • YoFace

    Like some of us said on other places, it’ too bad they didn’t take advantage of the whole DVD. They could’ve included more, MANY more. Like Mario Sunshine, make it a truly Mario Collection. But seeing as how the thumbnail showed you playing with the Wiimote only, guess this is what they were aiming for.

  • malek86

    Well, I guess the good thing is, they could’ve done worse. They could’ve just put the first Super Mario Bros, and most people would have bought it anyway for the collectibiles.

  • shion16

    Mario all stars……….16:9 version?
    secret levels? extra games?
    cooperative mode? voices version?
    not even sound test???

  • i’d rather it be super mario world+super mario all stars

  • AdamBoy64

    Maybe in the US version they’ll have a built-in level creator for SMB1 and SMB3… where you can send levels to other people.

    lolz! what am I on? that’ll never happen.

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