Whoops, Valkyria Chronicles 3 Announcement Leaked By Sega

By Spencer . September 12, 2010 . 9:56pm

valkyria3Valkyria Chronicles 3 is going to be at Tokyo Game Show, according to Sega’s Tokyo Game Show schedule. Oops!


The publisher posted a stage event schedule on their site, which lists an event at 2PM on September16. A hidden to the public, but now removed JPG reveals the event is for Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Sega is also hosting events for distribution partners since Shiren the Wanderer 5 and Poupeegirl DS 2 will take the stage during the show.

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  • *crosses fingers for PS3*

    • I’m with you there, man.

      *crosses fingers also*

    • SlashZaku

      This. Should find out tomorrow at the earliest (Anoop from Andriasang said Wednesday is a Holiday in JP so Famitsu/Dengeki leaks should be earlier this week). Kind of have this gut feeling SEGA may screw up this announcement…:(

      • The only way SEGA could screw this up, is by announcing that they expect to make one new Valkyria Chronicles game a year… That or, announcing that it’s a 360 exclusive…

        • Won’t suddenly be Xbox 360 exclusive, it doesn’t sell enough to catch Microsoft’s eye.

        • SlashZaku

          I want the series to stay exclusive (really tired of everything being multiplatform) and I know the Producer already said he intends to keep it PS based like Yakuza (PS3 and PSP with wanting to get back to the PS3) but I kind of figure the number crunchers will step in. SEGA has always said they were happy with the sales so it’s not like that’s pushing them to make such moves but with the 3DS also around the corner, I’m kind of dreading that they’d throw a new one on that platform and get it away from the current PS fanbase :|

          In my mind, those are the ways SEGA could mess this announcement up for me personally.

          • I’d rather the next handheld Valkyria Chronicles game be on 3DS than PSP2(assuming VC3 is going to be on the PS3, and that a PSP2 is announced/out by the time they get around to another handheld game.) And my only reasoning for this(and call me an old man if you must) is that if the PSP2 is download-only, like rumors say it will be, then I’m not going to buy it. However, I will be getting a 3DS(for the obvious reasons/the fact that I know games won’t be download-only).

          • SlashZaku

            Really not keen of franchises ‘platform jumping’. I really don’t mind when it’s in the ‘family’, such as PS3 to PSP or Wii to DS but not something like PS3 to DS. Kind of like what Namco did with Ace Combat 6: all the mains were on PS platforms and then 6 went exclusive to 360 :|

            Don’t need to see that happen with another series, no less, one of my favorites this gen. Plus, on PSP2, they can throw in some PS3 Connectivity.

          • thebanditking

            Not going to happen Kaz Harai already stated that the next PSP will not be download only, and that they have learned from the PSP Go’s mistakes.

          • Bruce

            3ds isn’t out yet , some of the trailers were good , but you can’t judge it would be able to handle a valkyria game
            some people are expecting too much of the 3ds ,

          • Bruce

            yeah , recently the 360 and ps3 shares a LOT of the games , it sucks buying a 360 for only dead rising and gears of war .

          • Can’t reply to your other post, so I’ll reply here: I’m pretty sure we already know the 3DS is at least on par with the PSP, so what makes you think it couldn’t handle Valkyria Chronicles? I mean, a lot of people pooh-poohed VC on the PSP, but they pulled that off just fine.

    • thebanditking

      agreed, though I am sure this new one will be for PS3.

    • dont have to worry about that since the director did say he’s gonna leave the series a PlayStation exclusive series

      • That doesn’t mean it will be a PS3 game. >3<

  • Volcynika

    Mobile phone or bust!

    • kupomogli

      So I take it you’re not buying Valkyria Chronicles 3?

    • goronyan

      It’s Sega, not Cave

    • thebanditking

      lol, who do you think this is Square Enix?

  • joesz


    Can’t wait to know more of this game’s development.

  • Zeik56

    I still need to finish the first…

  • u know it PS3

  • zhemos

    Am I the only one that notices the PSP2? :o

    • Nite

      It’s that updated Phatasy Star Portable 2 game.

      • Chow

        lol I know for the past year or so, that always made me double-take whenever I saw that abbreviation.

  • malek86

    Somebody better bring here another Shiren DS game.

  • derp.. not giving credit to andriasang.. fail

    • I read this on Hachimaki and gave credit to them.

  • Its only good if it is for PS3 for me, I hope

  • Jayred_Potter

    REALLY? Sweet!! Though to be honest, its not that suprising that they make a third game to an already successful series

  • Kamion

    I should finally start playing VC2… but KH:BBS keeps me busy.

  • I really hope that this is PS3 and not PSP.

  • raymk

    Yeah i knew that it would be revealed thursday by the site settings. What i didn’t know is what you just told me about it being a tgs.

  • gatotsu911

    Well, that was quick. I hope it’s not for PSP, because I literally JUST bought that.

  • Aaaa! A Poupeegirl DS sequel! YAY~!


    PS3/X360 Plz This game needs the broader audience that can only be provided by being on both systems. This series should not be tied down to any one platform.

  • FireCouch

    Please don’t have a ridiculous story. It ruins the whole game.

  • Jirin

    Just so long as the characters are more like the characters from VC1 and not the characters from VC2.

    I want my characters behaving like adults fighting a war, not like characters from a Tales game. And no high school junk. Actual soldiers, please.

  • Finalstar2007

    PS3 pleaseee

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