First Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy Screenshots With Kain And Lightning

By Spencer . September 13, 2010 . 12:52am

imageChaos and Cosmos return for another battle with Final Fantasy heroes and villains doing the fighting. Kain from Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy XIII alum Lightning are newcomers to Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy.


Kain attacks Final Fantasy IV paladin Cecil with Gungnir in one of the screenshots. The other shows Lightning on the offense in a bout with Garland from the original Final Fantasy. Guess that confirms those two as returning characters in Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy.


Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy won’t be out on PSP until next year, but Square Enix is bringing a playable build to Tokyo Game Show.


image imageimage

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  • Kibbitz

    Looks good, though I’d rather see screenshots of Lightning in battle rather than cutscene shots. Still, I’m sure we’ll get to see more soon after TGS.

  • Unless my eyes deceive me, the graphics looks much improved over the first one.

    Lightning looks good as always

    • They have improved, I wonder what are those orange colored gauges below the health bar. I’m guessing there will be two warriors each for Cosmos and Chaos judging by screenshot showing Kain vs Cecil both are the Warriors of Cosmos.

      • Advent_Andaryu

        I’m also wondering what the ATK means under Lightning’s portrait.

        • The role Commando (COM) is known as Attacker (ATK) in the Japanese version of FFXIII since Lightning excels in that role so I’m guessing it’ her Ex-Mode Paradigm Shift.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I’m seeing two Kain vs Cecil screenshots, shouldn’t the second one be the Lightning vs Garland screenshot you mentioned and the one we saw in the scan?

    • Thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed now!

      • Advent_Andaryu

        Awesome these screenshots look great! Can’t wait for TGS.

      • Kibbitz


  • joesz

    My friend complained because the game wasn’t set to be released on ps3.
    Also…wow! Lighting have my father’s hands!

  • Kamion

    I still need to play Dissidia. I just recently sold my PSPgo and got a 2000. I can now play UMDs. YESSS.Can’t wait to play Lightning. I’d love more FF-girls in general in these games…

    The “ATK” makes me wonder if there will be Optima Changes for Lightning. She only had her “Overlimit” Thing as a BLA in FF13 :p

  • Billy Añonuevo

    I like how the hud looks cleaner now. This may sound nitpicky, but I didn’t quite like the markers below the health bar in the first Dissidia that were supposed to stand for every 1000 HP. I wonder what those two extra gauges are at the bottom, though. Will we be seeing some radically different changes to the flow of battle perhaps?

  • Didn’t like the first, doubt I’ll like this, battle somewhat strange.

  • Justin

    Dissidia was pretty nice, but it got boring easily for me after a few days.

    And didn’t really like Cecil much. Hopefully Kain will be nicer to play than him.

  • I can’t help but look at this and think of how much better it’d be on PS3 instead of PSP. Still, I guess I’m just biased against portable systems.

    • I personally find the PSP too… muddy for high-paced fighting games in general.
      I’ve always personally found that developing on portable systems was a cop-out too, helps the developer take less risks by putting a smaller buudget into less-intense handhelds. I mean, I can see why, games cost a bloody ton to develop, so it’s wise to plan a cheaper game for greater return on investment. I just think it’s funny so many developers use the PSP despite the fact it’s own of the easiest systems to hack.

      • RAVENKam

        I don’t think developing for handhelds is a ‘cop-out’ on the part of developers at all. Rather it’s a reflection of the obvious popularity and success of the portable market.

        I love my PS3 but rarely have time to sit down in front of my TV for a lengthy session anymore – an effect of marriage or age, I don’t know. So it’s bite sized chunks of gaming on the subway to work for me these days.

        As a result my PSP and DSi get way more playtime than my home console. I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say I welcome the increasing attention and emphasis the industry is placing on portable titles.

        • I can see this as well. I still stick by my point of a “safety” console; but yeah, I indulge in hand-helds for the sake that they were great distractions for the busy life (lord knows, the main problems with RPGs these days is long cutscenes and hour-apart save points).

          • Bruce

            psp , is treated like a console now days , they’re trying to push it to it’s limits , and i like that ,
            peace walker was insane , it didn’t feel like a portable game at all .
            nds is a perfect example for a hand-held , huge library of games but lots of low budgets ones , but that may change with 3ds

  • karasuKumo

    I though I saw her special before (or something similar): Remember that? Do you think that was the real deal but SE decided it was too soon to put her in?

    I wonder if that is her EX-Mode weapon too, I can’t wait to see what other characters are in it. I really want Tifa, this game needs more females! :D

    • Pichi

      That scan is actually a fake scan from a long time ago. Looks like the faker got some of it right after all, lol!

      • karasuKumo

        They did a bloody good job then haha

    • SE mentioned that Lightning was an idea for the first Dissidia game, but they decided not to put her in it.

  • gatotsu911

    Huh… this doesn’t look like quite as major an upgrade from Dissidia as I was hoping for. I hope it’s not just the same game with new characters and a longer adventure mode.

    • gatotsu911

      Or, god forbid, that the developers felt the natural thing to do in a sequel would be to make the game MORE COMPLICATED. It’s already ridiculously, needlessly convoluted as it is; if anything, they should be simplifying it and trimming the mechanics that add nothing to the game.

      • Guest

        It should be on the PS3/PSN really

  • Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for this! I’ve been dreaming of another installment for quite some time, and this makes me squirm with delight.

    I would like to see a PS3 Dissidia one day, however. But this will do for the time being.


    • Sazh is just an odd fit

      • Masengan

        IF they add Barret he won’t be the token black guy.

        • Guest

          REMEMBER ME?

      • I read he was supposed to be in it in place of Lightning… Lightning is just girl Cloud.

  • ManaKnight

    I’m excited for Dissidia Duodecim. As I played the first one more and more, became one of my favorites on PSP. Who knows when this game will come stateside unfortunately. I wish Hope would be in the game.

  • Bruce

    i don’t really care about lightning , but kain will be great , dragoons are always welcome ,
    also what’s with 012 ??

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