Namco Bandai Makes AKB48 Dating Game For PSP

By Spencer . September 13, 2010 . 11:14pm

akb48LovePlus has a fierce competitor, a PSP game Namco Bandai calls the ultimate love illusion game starring Akihabara idol group AKB48.


AKB 1/48 Fall In Love With An Idol lets players “date” all 48 idols from the group. The goal of the game is to win the heart of your favorite idol. Each idol did their own voice acting plus posed for photos. Lots of photos. There are 10,000 pictures of the idols and over 80 minutes of video to watch.


AKB 1/48 Fall In Love With An Idol< is slated for December 23 as a standalone game and a handful of limited editions. The biggest one comes with: a limited edition AKB48 pink PSP-3000, 48 lipstick marked battery covers (one for each AKB member), real size kiss mark stickers (x48), ten photos, two making of DVDs with 240 minutes of footage, 24 cover art slips (double sided, one for each girl), a UMD video with unreleased footage (120 mins), and the game in a special box. The AKB 1/48 Fall In Love With An Idol premier pack will retail for 36,729 yen ($440). There’s AKB 1/48 another bundle with all of those items, minus the PSP for 10,479 yen ($125). A plain old game with no extras costs 5,229 yen ($63).


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  • joesz

    ridiculous!! ridiculous!!

  • nyoron

    AKB48 more like 3DPD

    Seriously though, I don’t bat an eye at games like Love Plus or My Wife but this just feels off-putting.

    • Aoshi00

      I would take Love Plus or My Wife over this any day (though I don’t like the art of My Wife too much since it has 3 different artists)… first you had Morning Musume, now this group w/ 48 girls, and there’s SNSD and Wonder Girls from Korea (I know this gal who uses “Nobody” as her ringtone…), don’t really care about girl groups, and 48 people is just silly..A couple members of AKB48 (Team Dragon) are singing the Dragon Ball Kai ending song now. And their voice acting sucks, they were given the chance to do a couple of lines in ep 71 (the girl escaping w/ her brother from Cell) and one of them was used…

      • They’re popular just because of their looks, not because of their singing/acting skills :( And yeah, 48 people in a group is just mind boggling.

        I pity those guys who’re willing to part with 37k yen for the premium pack.

        • Aoshi00

          I heard they have like 3 divisions of 16 girls or something, it’s pretty much just an umbrella moniker to give new idols a revolving door, how convenient… older idols back then actually could sing like Iijima Mari (Minmay of Macross), they also rode on the idol fame, but they were solo and had skills. This is part of the Moe nowadays I guess.. and this thing just screams stalkers for these teenage girls..

    • Hraesvelgr

      They’re all off-putting to me, but I also don’t contribute to the “3DPD” phenomenon spreading throughout the internet, even if I’m not fond of AKB48.

  • Why do I get the feeling this has a better chance of making it to NA than any of the PS3 Tales games?

    • Chow

      Oh, you!

    • Or even better, its US chances are right under Dragonball’s!

  • Looks like an elaborate Love Finder but without a bikini for the special edition.

  • gatotsu911

    Astonishing. Someone has finally managed to come up with a game concept creepier than Love Plus.

  • gatotsu911

    Also, I feel like there’s a good way to segue in to talking about Perfect Blue here, I’m just trying to figure out what it is.

  • maxchain

    I’m looking forward to the inevitable announcement of a fan-translation attempt that ends up tapering out around the 20% mark!

    Yeah, I went there.

  • Soma

    Well, that’s interesting.
    I’m willing to bet that there will be some kind of crazy event in Akiba for the release of this … “game”.

    Anytime anyone mentions AKB48, I just remember waiting in line for the Gundam Cafe to open, while Tim realized that he was in line for AKB48 by mistake. XD

  • doomspeller10

    wait a minute… why would a male otaku want a pink PSP? oh nevermind. I don’t even wanna know where those kiss stickers are going to end up. Japan never ceases to amaze me.

  • Girl in the bottom left picture: Wtf

  • Bah they should use “Tales of” characters in this kind of things XD

    • Type your comment here.
      I would buy that xD

  • Bruce

    dating sims are a waste they all are the same , also i feel that they mock the player by giving him the chance to “date” the idol in the game , but in real life he has no chance with them …

  • Guest

    This wont work. Otakus dont want real looking girls they want fake looking Anime girls. They dont want to be reminded of real girls they cant get in real life. Especially if some are fugly anyway.

  • JustaGenericUser

    A dating-sim with real people instead of fictional characters? That’s, uh… Mm.

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